Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton listens come Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump throughout the second presidential debate at Washington college in St. Louis, Sunday, Oct. 9, 2016.John Locher / AP

ISIS, Emails, and also Locker Room Talk: Testy Exchanges in the second Presidential Debate

Oct. 10, 201603:13
ST. Luigi — A presidential conflict whose tone was intended to be shame by Donald Trump"s lewd and also demeaning comments a decade ago fulfilled the billing in a testy back-and-forth Sunday night.

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Hillary Clinton and also Trump created the tenor indigenous the outset, walking onto the phase for their introductions and, seemingly by common agreement, passing on the classic handshake. Transparent the 90-minute exchange, which had questions make by audience members in the town hall setting, lock exchanged insults, safeguarded themselves and even ventured into actual plan positions. After ~ the opened salvos, the specifically, of the ice cream faded into the background.

Here room five rapid takeaways native Sunday"s debate:

1). The Elephant In the Room Topped the Show

Donald Trump had actually the worst weekend the his campaign, and perhaps the worst weekend of any kind of presidential campaign ever. A flood of Republican members of Congress damaged from the nominee saying that he must drop the end or the they wouldn’t vote for the after video surfaced indigenous 2005 the Trump do obscene comments around how he cure women.


Trump upped the tension just minutes before the controversy by stop a short press conference with several women who have actually in the previous accused previous President bill Clinton the various creates of sexual attack — signaling his defense strategy.

And the tapes come up best out that the gate. Moderators Martha Raddatz of alphabet News and also Anderson Cooper of CNN inquiry Trump around the video clip and even if it is his words made up sexual assault.

Trump an initial dismissed several of the video, saying he “didn’t say that all” and said he has actually “never done those things” and then go on to dismiss it as “locker room talk.”

Finally, the said, “I’m really embarrassed and I hate it,” and claimed "nobody has more respect for females than i do” — a insurance claim he has actually repeated transparent his candidacy.

Then he turned towards the accusations versus Clinton"s husband.

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“If you look at bill Clinton. Mine to be words and also his were action,” trumped said. “There has never to be anyone in the background of national politics who has actually been for this reason abusive to women.”

And the attempted to connect the previous president’s faults come the existing Democratic nominee, saying, “Hillary Clinton has struck those exact same women and also attacked castle viciously.”

For her part, Clinton invoked very first Lady Michelle Obama who has said more than when that when adversaries go low, she and also her husband go high.

And she claimed of Trump, "he never apologizes.”

2). Clinton make the efforts to attach All the Dots

Clinton likewise used the leaked video clip as further proof that Trump will only divide the country and is no fit to be president.

“It’s not just women and it’s not just this video clip that raises questions about his fitness to it is in president,” Clinton said, listing a litany the instances that Trump has actually denigrated others.

Clinton pointed come Trump’s mocking the a disabled reporter, his attacks against a gold Star family, his smear that a former Miss Universe, his comments about women, and also questioning the engine of a commonwealth judge and also his labeling of Muslims.

“This is not that we are” as Americans, Clinton said.

Trump responded, “It’s simply words folks. It’s simply words.” the a an answer that intended that Clinton is every talk and no action, a theme through the end the 90-minute debate. But it also could have been a defense for the demeaning things that he’s said to and around others.

3). Trumped Takes email Scandal to one more Level

During the first debate, Trump acquired in no real reliable attacks versus Clinton. That learned his lesson.

Trump said he “probably do not do it say this,” but that if he were to victory the presidency, he’s going to choose a special prosecutor to inspection her.

“There has never been anything like it,” the said, introduce to the deletion that 33,000 emails on her private server when she was Secretary of State.

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Clinton responded, saying, her email server was a “mistake and I take it responsibility.”

“I’m no making any excuses,” she claimed while including that over there is “no evidence” that her email was hacked. Yet instead the dropping the after those concise points, she spent much more time trying to litigate the subject, which regularly makes she look prefer she"s no being truthful or unconcerned.

Trump: 'I am Going come Instruct mine Attorney basic to acquire a special Prosecutor'

Oct. 10, 201600:58
And when Clinton tried to defend an excerpt the a paid speech that was leaked Friday afternoon wherein she said she speaks differently about wall surface Street in public 보다 in personal by saying she was telling a story around former president Abraham Lincoln, trump card interjected in an effective way that made her justification it seems to be ~ absurd.

"She got recorded in a full lie. And she lied," trumped said. "Now she’s blaming the lie on the late an excellent Abraham lincoln."

4). Trump Admits to not Paying federal Taxes

Trump admitted the he took benefit of a loophole that permitted him not to salary federal revenue taxes.

When asked if that didn"t pay federal revenue taxes, trump said, “Of course.”

“A many my write off was depreciation,” trump card said, referring to a new York time story suggested that Trump can have not paid taxes for approximately 18 years because 1995 since of a $916 million loss.

“I absolutely provided it,” trumped said.

5). Trump card Breaks through His own Running friend on Syria

In last week’s vice presidential debate, Trump’s angry presidential candidate Mike Pence damaged with trump on his Syria policy, taking a hard line ~ above Russia and also threatening American pressure if Russia and also Syrian president Bashar al-Assad proceeds to bomb civilians.

But Sunday night, Trump said he doesn’t have actually the same position as his running mate.

“He and also I haven’t spoken, and I disagree,” trump said, which leads to Trump’s recurring defense of Russia.

6). Trump continued to defend Russia

Clinton claimed that Russia should be hosted accountable because that atrocities in Syria and also that she support the examination that Russia, together with Assad, room committing battle crimes in Syria by the barrage the bombings in east Aleppo.

Trump, meanwhile, safeguarded Russia, insisting that they are battle ISIS, i m sorry the international neighborhood does not believe.

“I don’t prefer Assad at all however Assad is killing ISIS; Russia is death ISIS,” trump card said.

Both candidates were asked your strategy for the war-torn nation. Clinton stated she would proceed what the U.S. Is at this time doing — special pressures stationed ~ above the ground, maintain rebels and also counterintelligence objectives — however would also enforce a no-fly zone.

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Trump didn’t lay out a setup but after a rambling answer about Mosul, Iraq and also several various other tangents, he claimed the U.S. Should implement a secret mission.