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Social media short articles erroneously suggest that president Donald Trump’s project hats space made in China, while those for former Vice chairman Joe Biden’s project are make in the U.S. The official hats sold by both projects are make by American companies.

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Social media write-ups are wrongly saying that president Donald Trump’s project has its iconic red hats do in China, while previous Vice chairman Joe Biden’s project uses a U.S. Manufacturer for its hats.

The criticism levied by the posts hits in ~ the main point of Trump’s article of “America First,” yet it’s wrong.

The short articles in question use image comparing a pro-Trump and a pro-Biden hat, and also their particular labels.

But if the red “Make America great Again” cap pictured in the short articles does show a brand indicating it to be made in China, that doesn’t mean it was a cap that come from the campaign, together the various articles either explicitly or implicitly claim.

A on facebook page called “Trump Sucks” posted the image on Oct. 19 through the caption: “Typical Trump.” It to be shared almost 3,000 time from there and also later deleted. However we found that the same claim has been repeatedly mutual in recent weeks and also months on Facebook and also Twitter. One tweet post in august reads: “It’s classic: Trump campaign hats make in China. Biden project hats make in USA.”

The trump card campaign’s website, however, touts every one of its “official” hats together being “Proudly made in USA.” and also reports filed with the commonwealth Election Commission display the project regularly pays two suppliers in the U.S. Because that the production and also distribution that its hats.


A 2018 service Insider video spotlighted the Cali-Fame manufacturing facility in California whereby the campaign’s official “MAGA” hats space made. It detailed that the hats are then transport to Ace Specialties in Louisiana. Ace is the official merchandise distributor for the Trump do America an excellent Again Committee — a share fundraising committee run by the trumped campaign and also the Republican national Committee. The committee operates the campaign’s online store and also all purchases v the shop are considered a donation to the committee.

Between 2019 and also 2020 alone, the Trump do America an excellent Again Committee reported payment totaling $17 million to Ace Specialties. 

The Trump project in that period also report disbursements totaling $840,900 come Cali-Fame for hats and delivery services. The paid one more $1.7 million come Ace for purchases that hats and other items — such together signs, shirts and buttons — according to disbursement descriptions.

Other fact-checkers have actually addressed the false case that Trump has his MAGA hats make in China prior to — as far back as 2015. Meanwhile, there have been reports over the year of unofficial hats gift made overseas.

In 2018, readers asked us whether trumped 2020 banner were being made in China. As we composed then, there were reports the such banners being make in China, but the Trump project said lock were no their orders. It to be unclear who had actually ordered those banners.

“We have actually made it clean all along that every one of our was is 100% made in the USA. Any vendor who cases to have a partnership with us otherwise is lie or violating our safeguarded trademark rights,” the campaign’s chief operating officer said in a statement at the time. “This uses to all of the recent fake news about Made in China assets for the 2020 campaign.”

As much as the Biden campaign’s “JOE” hat displayed in the society media posts, the label shows it was made through Unionwear in new Jersey. Unionwear CEO Mitch Cahn told united state in an email that his company manufactures the hats sold for the Biden project though BumperActive, i m sorry manages the campaign’s online store.

But Cahn’s agency has make hats donate of Trump, too.

In the 2020 election cycle, he said, the agency has produced hats “for merchandise providers selling to an ext decentralized campaign offices, such as California because that Trump or females for Trump.”

“We execute not do any kind of work for the trump card national campaign or its was company, Ace Specialties — however at any type of given time we have actually 20-30 pro-Trump orders in house,” Cahn said.

Editor’s note: gendergeek.org is just one of several organizations working v Facebook to debunk misinformation mutual on society media. Ours previous stories can be found here.

This fact inspect is easily accessible at IFCN’s 2020 united state Elections FactChat #Chatbot ~ above WhatsApp. Click here for more.


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