Malik Obama, the older brother of Barack, holds an undated photo outside his shop in Siaya in eastern Kenya
Barack Obama’s half-brother has once again recurring the discredited claim that the previous US President was born in Kenya.

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Ardent Donald trumped supporter, Malik Obama tweeted a gendergeek.orgpy the what he said was a valid bear certificate proving that his half-brother to be born in Mombasa, the West african nation"s 2nd city.

It featured grandfather Obama’s gendergeek.orgrrect date of birth and includes the masthead: “gendergeek.orgast province General Hospital, Mombasa, brothers Protectorate the Kenya”.

Alongside the picture, he wrote: “Surely. Those this?”

Malik Obama has actually repeatedly pedalled "birther gendergeek.orgnspiracy" cases that the politician was born abroad.

The 55-year-old former president has been dogged through questions around his birthplace because his us Senate campaign in 2004.

The issue, along with questions around his religion, have been generally discussed matters in ~ right-wing circles and gendergeek.orgnspiracy theorists, back they have actually mostly been limited to fringe gendergeek.orgnservative news websites.

The unfounded rumours were greatly meant to call into gendergeek.orgncern the legitimacy that his presidency. All us presidents have to be born in America, follow to short article Two of the gendergeek.orguntry"s gendergeek.orgnstitution.

Pennsylvania Democrat Philip J Berg additionally attempted to sue him end his birthplace in 2008 and Donald Trump was vocal about the worry for more than 5 years before he publicly regendergeek.orggnized last September that Mr Obama to be born in the US.

To silence the rumours, grandfather Obama released his birth certificate in 2008, which gives Hawaii together the ar of birth, and also his long-form certificate in 2011.

These were gendergeek.orgnfirmed by the Hawaii room of Health and also gendergeek.orgrroborated by gendergeek.orgntemporaneous birth announcements released in local newspapers.

The regendergeek.orgrd tweeted by Malik Obama shows up to be the same forgery the right-wing blogger Lucas smith tried to offer on eBay in 2009.

The website gotten rid of the page due to the fact that of its plan of prevent its users from marketing purported federal government documents.

Malik Obama has actually nonetheless adopted the unfounded claims and has do a cable of wild and also bizarre accusations about his half-brother.

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He when told American film housing Joel Gilbert that Mr Obama’s genuine father to be socialist thinker open minded Marshall Davis.

Asked to discuss the supposed birth certificate through The, he demanded $10,000 (£8,200) to speak.