As promised, president Trump has released footage from a recent 60 Minutes interview that he walked out of and also has claimed was "FAKE and also BIASED."


As promised, president Trump has actually released clip from a recent 60 Minutes interview that he walked the end of and has said was “FAKE and also BIASED.”

The president released 37 minutes of the interview ~ above his Facebook page on Thursday, mere hrs after CBS released its own clips that the 60 Minutes interviews through Trump and also Biden. “Look in ~ the bias, hatred and also rudeness on behalf of 60 Minutes and also CBS. Tonight’s anchor, Kristen Welker, is far worse! #MAGA,” that wrote. (Lesley Stahl performed Trump’s 60 Minutes interview.)

In a statement around Trump’s relax of the footage, CBS said, “The White House’s unprecedented decision to ignore their commitment with CBS News and release your footage will certainly not deter 60 minute from giving its full, fair and contextual reporting which presidents have actually participated in for decades. 60 MINUTES, the most-watched news regime on television, is commonly respected for bringing that is hallmark fairness, deep reporting and also informative context to viewers each week. Few journalists have the presidential interview experience Lesley Stahl has yielded over her decades as one of the premier correspondents in America and we look front to audiences seeing her 3rd interview with President Trump and also subsequent interview through Vice chairman Pence this weekend.”

The video clip shows Stahl asking before the interview begins, “Are you prepared for tough questions?”

Trump said Stahl, “Just it is in fair.”

Stahl replied, “But critical time i remember you speak to me, ‘Bring it on, carry it on."”

“No, I’m not searching for that, I’m in search of fairness,” trumped said.

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Stahl then told him, “You’re walk to obtain fairness.” She later on questioned why the wasn’t amenable to difficult questions, and Trump countered that she “wouldn’t questioning Biden difficult questions.” The interview then officially commenced.

The interview thrived testy at number of points. At an early stage on, Stahl questioned why the president wouldn’t admit to COVID-19 instances increasing in the U.S.; trump card said case numbers are high since “we do more testing” than various other countries. Trump later on admitted, “cases space up.”

At one more point, Stahl addressed Trump’s appeal come suburban women and also Trump objected to her tone. “That’s therefore misleading,” he claimed of she question. That added, “The way you stated that is why people think the you and also everyone else as fake news.” He claimed he wasn’t “begging” but was “kidding.” They climate sparred on unemployment in America, with Trump suggesting that the U.S. Had just “picked up” 11.4 million jobs and also Stahl questioning why unemployment claims were rising.

When it concerned their discussion on Trump’s medical care plan, trump insisted that human being with preexisting problems will it is in “protected” by the plan with Stahl asking, repeatedly, “How?”

As Stahl asked an additional question, trump card interrupted her, saying, “I great you would interview Joe Biden favor you interview me. It would certainly be therefore good,” suggesting that Biden remained in the middle of a “scandal,” which Stahl objected to.

Later, Stahl asserted that Trump as soon as told her the he calls news story “fake news” come “discredit” journalists publishing an unfavorable stories about his administration. Transparent the interview, Trump said Stahl to be “discrediting herself” through her journalism.

At the really end the the interview, Trump said Stahl had asked a many questions the were “inappropriately carried up, appropriate from the beginning.” that added, “Your first statement to me: ‘This is going to be challenging questions. But when you collection up the interview, girlfriend didn’t speak that.” as soon as a crew member brought up that Stahl and Trump had five minutes till the angry president would tape one appearance, trump card said, “I think we have sufficient of one interview here. That’s enough. Let’s go” and also left.

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After walking the end of the CBS interview top top Oct. 20, Trump endangered to relax footage native the interview, a case thatWhite home chief of staff note Meadows echoed.

Early top top Tuesday morning, 60 Minutes released a clip the the interview that confirmed Trump talking about America’s domestic priorities and also economy, v Stahl daunting Trump’s dispute that the trumped White residence “created the greatest economy in the history of ours country.”