President Trump
Donald TrumpTim Scott takes in .3 million in third quarter trump calls into Take ago Virginia Rally to hype Youngkin Overnight Defense & nationwide Security — Partisan extreme poses "growing problem" amongst veterans an ext on Thursday posted his full interview through "60 Minutes" front of its booked air time in an evident attempt come undercut the news regime after he walked out on the interview, bristling at questioning from journalist Lesley Stahl.

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The president posted the virtually 40-minute sit-down come his Facebook page with the caption: "Look in ~ the bias, hatred and also rudeness on instead of of 60 Minutes and also CBS."

"Tonight’s anchor, Kristen Welker, is far worse!" trump added, express the NBC News anchor that will middle the presidential controversy in Nashville, Tenn.


Look at the bias, hatred and also rudeness on behalf of 60 Minutes and CBS. Tonight’s anchor, Kristen Welker, is far worse! #MAGA

— Donald J. Trump card (
realDonaldTrump) October 22, 2020

Trump abruptly ended the interview with Stahl prior to a reserved walk-and-talk with the president and also Vice president Pence.

During the interview, he bemoans that Stahl opened the interview by asking if that was prepared for "tough questions," calling the "no way to talk." that complains continuously that Stahl did no ask hard questions to autonomous presidential nominee Joe Biden

Joe BidenSinema fundraising in Europe together reconciliation speak "ongoing": report Mexico urges more US invest in central America to stem migration flows Trump calls right into Take back Virginia Rally to hype Youngkin MORE, come which Stahl responds that she did no interview Biden. Trump corrects himself to speak "the interview" through Biden.

"I think we have actually enough. We have enough," Trump says in the clip, moving to end the interview.

"I think we’re prepared for the vice president now," a production assistant says off camera. 


"OK, that’s enough. Let’s go," trump says.

CBS News said previously this week the the White residence agreed that they would tape the interview “for archival objectives only.” 

“The White House’s unprecedented decision to neglect their covenant with CBS News and also release their footage will certainly not deter 60 minute from giving its full, fair and contextual reporting which presidents have actually participated in because that decades,” CBS News stated in a statement after ~ Trump post the interview. 

“60 MINUTES, the most-watched news regimen on television, is extensively respected for bringing its hallmark fairness, deep reporting and informative paper definition to viewers each week. Couple of journalists have actually the presidential interview experience Lesley Stahl has yielded over her years as among the premier correspondents in America and also we look front to audiences see her 3rd interview v President Trump and also subsequent interview through Vice president Pence this weekend,” the explain read. 

The interview will certainly air Sunday alongside an additional with Biden, that was interviewed by correspondent Norah O’Donnell earlier this week.

The interview is combative throughout, through Stahl frequently interjecting to allude out an easy facts and also question trump on several of his claims and also rhetoric.

“We can’t put on things we can not verify,” Stahl speak the chairman after the repeats his unproven case that the Obama administration spied top top his campaign.

Trump at multiple points insurance claims that Stahl has actually “discredited herself” by not extending allegations in the new York Post around Hunter Biden’s company dealings after Stahl stated “60 Minutes” can not verify them. 

Stahl repetitively tells Trump the his allegations the Hunter Biden influenced his father have been discredited by Republican-led Senate committees, and she pushes that on his insistence that his administration has a wellness care arrangement ready to release in spite of its refusal to release any details on such a plan.

At the beginning of the interview, Stahl concentrates on the trump card administration"s response to the coronavirus and the rising situations in the joined States, questioning him to acknowledge the increase. 

“I think we have done a good job v COVID,” trump card says. 

“Sir, forgive me. Instances are up in about 40 states,” Stahl replies. 

Trump acknowledges the increase in cases however attributes them only to an increase in testing, a claim that public health professionals have stated is misleading. 

“Because we execute so lot testing, the fake news media loves to say, cases are up. The fact is we have done a very great job,” trump says. 

The president additionally continued to firmly insist that the U.S. Is turning the edge on the virus, a claim that is out of action with his top wellness officials’ warnings about the risk of a resurgence. 

“We have actually turned the corner. We know the disease. We recognize the elderly and we room taking care of them,” trumped says. 

At one point, Trump grows agitated with Stahl’s characterization that his recent plea come suburban females to “please choose me” at a project rally. Trump card insists angrily the he made the remark in jest. 

“You claimed the other day come suburban women, "Will girlfriend please favor me?"” Stahl claims in a pleading voice. 

“Oh ns didn’t say that. Friend know, that is therefore misleading the way you stated it. I say jokingly, suburban ladies you should love me due to the fact that I’m giving you security and also I got rid of the worst regulation,” trump card says. 

“See, the means you said that is why human being think the you and also everyone else together fake news," trump card continues. “I said that in a joking way. The means you have it is like I’m begging.”

He has actually targeted Fox News anchor kris Wallace

Christopher (Chris) WallaceGOP leader"s remarks on Fox underscore Trump"s power The Memo: Anti-democratic fears climb as GOP stokes choice doubts  The Hill"s Morning Report - presented by Altria - politics crosscurrents persist because that Biden, Dems an ext over his moderation the the very first debate through Biden; that lashed the end at C-SPAN anchor Steve Scully before he was collection to center the second debate, i beg your pardon was ultimately canceled; and also he decried NBC"s Savannah Guthrie"s dealing with of a city hall event last week hosted in Florida.

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Trump has spent the job leading as much as Thursday"s controversy attacking Welker based on donations she parents made come Democrats.