American flags around the Washington Monument are lowered to half-staff in honor of Colin Powell, previous Joint Chiefs chairman and secretary of state, who died Monday. (Alex Brandon/AP)
A day after the fatality of Colin Powell, former President Donald Trump struck the one-time joint Chiefs chairman and also secretary the state as a fake Republican and also an unreliable diplomat who aided lead America into the Iraq War.

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“Wonderful to watch Colin Powell, who made big mistakes on Iraq and also famously, so-called weapons of massive destruction, be cure in death so beautiful by the fake news media,” Trump said in a statement released Tuesday. “Hope that happens to me someday.”

Trump also bashed Powell, a registered Republican, as “a standard RINO , if even that, constantly being the first to assault other Republicans.”

He finished the comment with “ do plenty of mistakes, however anyway, may he remainder in peace!”


‘Highly respected,’ ‘trailblazer’ — leader remember Colin PowellPoliticians, various other leaders remember Colin Powell after his death.

Since then, range of American and foreign leaders have usually lauded him for his 35-year military career and also his diplomatic work after retiring indigenous the Defense Department.

He served as the an initial African American chairman of the joint Chiefs and also the very first African American secretary of state. President Joe Biden and former Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush and also Bill Clinton all praised him publicly in memorial remarks as a trailblazer and patriot.

Biden ordered every flags at U.S. Infrastructure to fly at half-staff until Friday in respect of Powell’s passing.

Alongside the praise, however, movie critics have complained that numerous remembrances the Powell’s life omit his duty in the begin of the U.S. Invasion of Iraq in 2003.

In February of the year, he showed up before the United nations Security board of directors to provide justification for military activity against Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. That had allegations the Hussein’s government actively building tools of fixed destruction, which turned out to be false.

Powell later on said publicly that he regret the mistake and his function in starting the military dispute there.

He also received criticism in GOP circles for his assistance of Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential election and also his 2012 re-election, in spite of Powell’s ties come the Republican Party.


Colin Powell, 84, die of COVID-19 complicationsThe former Secretary the State and Chairman of the joint Chiefs was 84 year old.
In an interview released Monday after his fatality by the Washington Post, Powell criticized Trump for refusing to expropriate the 2020 presidential choice results and blamed him because that the Jan. 6 assault on the Capitol building by his supporters.

“It was awful,” he said. “ to be going in over there to overturn the government.”

Since leaving the Oval Office in January, Trump has sparred through a variety of current and former U.S. Officials. Recently, he attacked Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Note Milley for comments attributed come him in brand-new books ~ above the end of the trumped presidency, where the military leader described Trump together erratic and also unbalanced.

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