Donald trump told voters he had a secret, "foolproof " setup to loss ISIS, unlike the rascally Barack Obama. He to be lying.

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It was just a couple of years ago that Donald Trump stated he had a mystery plan to defeat ISIS. "Unfortunately, I"ll probably have to tell at some allude , yet there is a an approach of beating them quickly and effectively and also having total victory," trump said. He added at the time, "All I can tell girlfriend it is a foolproof means of winning."

Soon after, Trump stated he"d choose to share his mystery plan, but if he did, other presidential candidates would certainly steal his amazing national security solution. That told the Des Moines Register in June 2015, "The problem with national politics is if i tell you right now, everyone else is going come say, "Wow, what a an excellent idea." You"re going to have actually 10 candidates go and use it, and also they"re going to forget where it came from, which is me. Yet no, I have actually an absolute means of defeating ISIS."

As consistent readers know, Trump to be lying. The president properly admitted as lot in January, when he signed an executive directive ~ above the matter, asking his nationwide security team to come up through some type of anti-ISIS plan for him.

There have actually been hints in current months that Trump"s setup would winter the Obama administration"s arrangement -- i beg your pardon is to say, the setup Trump claimed was a fail -- and the New York Times reported in march that, with limited exceptions, Trump administration officials showed tiny interest in abandoning Obama"s strategy.

With the "new" plan practically complete, the Washington Post reports this day that the coming policy looks an dreadful lot like the old policy.

The Pentagon is putting the last touches top top a promised new counter-Islamic State strategy because that Syria and also Iraq, and it looks very much like the one the Obama administration pursued, according to an elderly defense officials.

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As retired Admiral James Stavridis, one NBC News analyst, put it a few months ago, "The current arrangement to defeat the Islamic State is as with that old saying: setup B is just, "Try more tough at setup A.""

And what about voters who thought Trump seriously had a secret, "foolproof" means of ruining ISIS? Circling earlier to our previous coverage, they"re welcome to commiserate with voters who believed Trump was going to replace "Obamacare" with a plan that consist of "everybody," those who meant him to keep his promise not to reduced Medicaid, those who assumed his spending plan would advantage working families, those who believed he"d combat the opioid epidemic, those that took serious his rhetoric about standing up to wall Street, those who thought he"d "drain the swamp" and also weaken lobbyists" influence, and those who thought he wouldn"t go golfing every the time.