President Donald Trump spent Thursday morning angrily lashing out versus Fox News, the president’s most vocal rift so far with a traditionally Trump-friendly cable network the he appears to think is insufficiently loyal — and also possibly setting the phase for Trump come launch a competing media agency after he leaves office.

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U.S. Chairman Donald Trump reaction to the group after being interviewed through Fox News Channel and also ... <+> radio talk show host Sean Hannity (not pictured) prior to a project rally at the las Vegas Convention facility on September 20, 2018 in ras Vegas, Nevada.

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Trump tweeted Thursday that ratings have fell down on Fox News’ daytime shows, and claimed the network “forgot what do them successful,” seemingly acquisition credit because that the network’s years of solid ratings (Fox has actually beaten its cable competitors handily because that months, though its audience to be uncharacteristically smaller than CNN or MSNBC’s in the hours adhering to President-elect Joe Biden’s win on Saturday).

The president additionally retweeted more than a dozen complaints indigenous disaffected supporters that feel Fox is harboring a left-wing bias, possibly as result of the network’s acknowledgement that Biden’s victory and some (but not all) hosts’ pushback versus Trump’s false and baseless voter fraud conspiracy theories.

Trump’s recent spat through Fox began on choice night last week, when the network’s decision to project Biden together the winner that Arizona do Trump’s project furious and reportedly drove some Trump allies to contact the network and also demand a retraction (the network has stood through its projection).

What To clock For

Trump is privately flirting v the idea of starting his very own conservative media agency to rival Fox, Axios reported. Media watchers have speculated for years the Trump can parlay his political complying with into a post-presidency media career, but he is now reportedly informing friends a subscription-based digital outlet could launch ~ he leaves the White House, bolstered by several of his supporters’ newfound apprehension of Fox News. Fox corporation CEO Lachlan Murdoch told investors last week he is confident that new competition native a Trump-backed network would certainly not reason Fox News to take a significant viewership hit.


Trump steered his supporters Thursday towards Newsmax and also One America News, two smaller networks that offer an also heavier pro-Trump spin 보다 Fox, yet without any kind of of Fox’s journalists and outwardly impartial news-side anchors. In recent days, the 2 fringe networks have indulged your viewers in the false narrative the Trump rightfully winner last week’s election and could still stay on together president. Newsmax — i m sorry is own by Trump’s an individual friend, chris Ruddy — has spent job peddling debunked voter fraud claims, and the network is loyally refusing to speak to the gyeongju for Biden (though the network walk not show up to have a math-based decision desk with the credibility to make such a call).

Key Background

Fox News was as soon as Trump’s favorite cable outlet. He typically called in for interviews through friendly hosts choose Sean Hannity and also Maria Bartiromo, privately consulted through Tucker Carlson, hired number of Fox staffers for duties at the White House, and seemed come spend hrs at a time city hall the network. In current months, however, he has actually grown frustrated with the network’s in the name of attempts to offer well balanced coverage, even reportedly phone call Fox copy, group founder Rupert Murdoch end the summer to complain. After ~ the election, Trump-friendly opinion hosts favor Hannity and also Carlson ongoing to press myths around widespread voter fraud, but news anchors have actually openly told viewers the Trump’s attempts to delegitimize the election space meritless, infuriating Trump.

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Big Number

16. It is the variety of times Trump has actually tweeted around Fox News in the critical week, according to data native Factbase. By comparison, he has actually mentioned Covid-19 in just 10 tweets and the election in a chuck 168 tweets, many of which were later on flagged because that misinformation.

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