last night top top the Daily Show, Jon Stewart went on one absolutely epos eight-minute rant about Donald trump card taking sarah Palin acquire some pizza in new York.

crimes include: 1. Going come the Albanian chain famed Famiglia (there"s likewise a location at a Phoenix airport), 2. Stacking 2 slices of pizza ("Maybe all those year of making her hair do every little thing it does, you think you deserve to layer any type of fucking point you desire to, and also no one"s gonna to speak anything about it."), and also 3. Eat pizza v a fork ("Donald Trump, why don"t you simply take the fork and also stick the in new York"s eye?"). After ~ listing a totality bunch of great pizza areas to visit in brand-new York (it"s "a little bit of a pizza Mecca"), Stewart then provides a pizza slice-eating tutorial. Watch:

Video: Me Lover"s Pizza with Crazy Broad

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