Charlamagne Tha God, co-host the “The Breakfast Club,” gets political and also breaks under his strategy to interviewing Hillary Clinton.

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*’s john Avlon looks at the relationship in between music and also politics, speak artists do not do it be assaulted for playing at political rallies.

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Angela Yee, Karen Civil and also DonMonique reflect on how social media is a double-edged sword for females in hip-hop. For more, inspect out #GetPolitical.

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before 2015, Donald Trump’s surname was frequently used positively in hip hop. However now, the mentions from artists favor Eminem and Kendrick Lamar are more caustic.

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“There quiet is a large gap in the conviction rate of policemans that kill innocent people, absolutely black men, especially,” BJ the Chicago kid tells’s #GetPolitical.

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“Getting to know my city v me is hear the church in my voice, come hearing the slang in mine language … the covers Chicago,” BJ the Chicago son told’s #GetPolitical series.

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Rapper chuck D of publicly Enemy and Prophets of fury tells’s #GetPoltiical collection that that time for brand-new voices to enter American politics.

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chuck D the Prophets of fury performs onstage at Hollywood Palladium top top June 3, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.
legend rapper chuck D, that wrote the book, “This work in Rap and Hip-Hop History,” mirrors on America’s love-hate relationship with hip-hop in an interview through’s #GetPolitical.

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Rapper chuck D performs at Prophets of Rage and also Friends" Anti Inaugural ball on January 20, 2017 in Los Angeles, California.
Pussy revolt member Nadya Tolokonnikova talks through’s #GetPolitical around Trump’s worship of Putin and also explains why she’s against US sanctions versus Russia.

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large Boi talks with’s #GetPolitical series about his album, “Boomiverse,” which touch on police brutality. “The police space not play by the rules,” the said.

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Singer Macy Gray discusses just how the present political climate affected her brand-new single “White Man” and her upcoming album.

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NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 08: Singer Macy Gray performs at the Lupus structure Of America nationwide Gala in ~ Gotham hall on October 8, 2013 in brand-new York City. (Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty pictures for Lupus foundation of America)
Hillary Clinton has actually long to be a rather unlikely rap and also hip hop icon, popping increase in the text of artists from ice cream Cube to Jay-Z.

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Rap icon Jeezy talks through around gun laws, prison reform and marijuana.

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Rocker Alice Cooper ~ above why being the president isn’t as easy as that sounds.

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Charlamagne Tha God teamed up with the i know good Hop Caucus" "Respect mine Vote!" campaign

He stated Donald trump represents every little thing that"s "wrong" and "right" through America

No one has irked Charlamagne Tha God throughout the 2016 choice cycle much more than Donald Trump, prompting the radio organize to award his well-known “Donkey of the Day” compensation to the Republican presidential nominee over and also over again.

“When I experienced the increase of the anti-Christ Donald Trump, ns was like hell no,” Charlamagne told “We can not be in a country where we love celebrities so much that we let the executive producer that ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ become the GOP nominee.”

What hip hop lyrics tell us around Hillary Clinton

“Donkey of The Day” is the segment the concludes each show, wherein Charlamagne calls out celebrities, artists and also politicians for what he considers stupid behavior.

Calling trump a “habitual donkey of the job offender,” the co-host that the hip hop radio present “The Breakfast Club” has been really outspoken in criticizing Trump and awarded him the very first “Donkey the the Day” award as soon as the billionaire claimed his presidential operation in June 2015 and also said some Mexicans space “rapists.”

Charlamagne said that “Donkey that the Day” does not discriminate once he additionally awarded democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton the label for “pandering to black civilization in the worst possible way,” mispronouncing Beyoncé’s name, and for act the “dab” and dancing come “Trap Queen” on “Ellen.”

cases that motivated Charlamagne to choose Trump because that the designation include – but are not limited to – the following:

when Trump claimed a temporary ban on every Muslims entering the country;

once he stated “Second amendment people” might have the ability to do something about Clinton ending up being president;

as soon as he asked “How’s Joe Paterno?” (who happen away) in ~ a Pittsburgh rally;

when he kicked Univision’s Jorge Ramos the end of a push conference;

once he said Hispanics “love” him;

and when he stated he would certainly have fought the female black Lives issue protesters if castle had got his mic like they did as soon as they interrupted Bernie Sanders critical year.

A message left v the Trump project seeking comment was not returned.

Charlamagne stated that if Trump’s article “fuels hate” and represents “everything it is wrong v America,” Trump also represents “everything that’s right with America.”

“He’s everything that’s appropriate with America since Donald trump card is the best case scenario when you’re trying to build a instance for optimism,” Charlamagne said, adding that to many, Trump’s success in business and also politics to represent the American dream.

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“Donald trump card is the summary of that, because he was the executive producer the “Celebrity Apprentice,” and now he’s the GOP nominee, potentially about to be president through no political background whatsoever,” Charlamagne said.

“That’s the beauty of America – the fact that every one of us deserve to be something we desire to it is in if we placed in the work,” that added.

Charlamagne, whose legal surname is Lenard McKelvey, teamed up through the i know well Hop Caucus’ “Respect my Vote!” campaign to encourage millennials to gain to the polls in November.

check OUT: #GetPolitical — a national politics original collection

while the project is non-partisan, Charlamagne claimed he plan on voting for Clinton.

“I feel like the heart of the country is in ~ stake and we really need to do our due diligence in picking our next head of state,” that said. “I feel favor Barack Obama was a phenomenal president and also we just want someone to continue to store his heritage going.”

He said that he supported Clinton indigenous the start due to the fact that he want to watch a woman president, however after the learned about her policies and also interviewed she on “The Breakfast Club,” along with co-hosts Angela Yee and DJ Envy, he can now say that he supports she for the appropriate reasons.

Charlamagne said their technique to interviewing Clinton to be different due to the fact that they made decision to questioning her part non-political questions that could sway her means from rehearsed talking points and allow viewers to watch a different side that her.

Clinton phone call Trump ‘donkey the the decade’

form confronting her about her “super predators” comment and the 90s crime bill, to asking her why she no shout out Jay Z when in Brooklyn and also what she always carries in her purse (hint: hot sauce), the trio obtained Clinton talking.

“I feel like I acquired a real person interaction from Hillary. I chosen her,” Charlamagne said. “I’m an power person. No politician is a an excellent enough BS-er the they can forge their energy. Power is one thing that’s real …. Ns felt prefer she’s actually a an excellent person.”