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Says trump shirts room made in Bangladesh, trump suits in Mexico, trump Vodka in the Netherlands, Trump decision barware in Slovenia and his cufflinks and ties in China.



Bringing production jobs ago to the United claims is a cornerstone that Donald Trump’s campaign.

But comedy actor Ken Jeong and former White residence economist Austan Goolsbee mentioned an noticeable hypocrisy in a Funny Or Die video clip shown at the democratic National Convention: countless Trump-branded products are do overseas.

The video starts out through Jeong praising Trump’s businesses: "Yeah, you do stuff appropriate here!"

Then Goolsbee, who offered in chairman Barack Obama’s management responds, "He didn’t perform that."

Goolsbee and Jeong climate go v a collection of Trump-brand commodities — shirts, neckties, suits, cufflinks, vodka and glassware — to check out where they to be made.

By the end, one exasperated Jeong says, "So Austan, if the is your actual name, Donald Trump says he would certainly bring back jobs come America once he self made millions outsourcing his own Donald Trump ingredient to be made everywhere else."

"That is a pretty astute observation, Ken."

We determined to go with their perform of trump products and also check the "made in" labels. Us found countless of the commodities through Trump’s website, which has actually a web page for the Donald J. Trump card Collection, which has suits, accessories and also eyewear. Us then discover the nation for beginning for each one.

Claim: trump card shirts space made in Bangladesh.

We uncovered Trump shirt on Amazon the were made in Bangladesh and China, and some listed simply as "imported."

Claim: trump neckties room made in China.

We experienced a "made in China" brand on a trumped tie for sale ~ above eBay.

Claim: trump suits space made in Mexico.

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We actually found quite a couple of Trump suits on Amazon the were do in the joined States. However we additionally found ones make in India and China. Us couldn’t immediately find an instance of a fit made in Mexico because that sale, but Trump has recognized he has made several of his apparel line there.