‘You Were one of Trump’s correct Men,’ Fox’s kris Wallace tells Mick Mulvaney

“Why not resign as soon as the Trump administration separated parental coming throughout the border from your children? Why no resign when the president protected the white supremacists in Charlottesville?” the host asked the president’s former chief of staff

Following this week’s insurrection, chairman Trump’s former chief the staff, Mick Mulvaney, resigned as distinct U.S. Envoy to north Ireland saying, “I can’t do it. I can’t stay.”

But top top Sunday, Fox News’ kris Wallace challenged the ex-Trump aide asking if the felt any responsibility for permitting the president.

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“You claimed you feeling ‘embarrassment and shame.’ perform you feel any responsibility?” Wallace asked.

After Mulvaney stated he feel “a many emotions this week,” that absurdly tried come tell Wallace the Trump was a different person simply months earlier when he to be chief of staff.

“I’ve seen the president be presidential before and I know that he has the capacity to do it,” Mulvaney said. “He did it every solitary day. I don’t understand what’s different. If it’s different about him now — if it’s different about his advisers.”

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Mulvaney surmised that Trump may have actually surrounded self with civilization who won’t disagree with him like Rudy Giuliani and also Peter Navarro, that “simply tell Trump what he desires to hear.”

After playing a clip of one more of Trump’s previous chiefs of staff and also Mulvaney’s predecessor, man Kelly, saying that before he left, he warned Trump no to surround himself through yes men. Wallace said, “Kelly states specifically the you and others didn’t have the spine to tell the chairman no.”

After Mulvaney recognized Kelly’s advice had merit, Wallace go in ~ above Mulvaney, “But Kelly claimed you were among the correctly men.”

Mulvaney ignored Wallace’s comment and also instead rambled about those “who constantly thought the president to be a monster.” The former Trump aide go on to repaint a rosy photo of the president Trump that he served under — but said everything adjusted on Wednesday, the job the Capitol structure was attacked.

Wallace tried to pin Mulvaney down around his sudden readjust of heart once it concerns Trump.

“You to be a optimal member that the management when the president safeguarded the white supremacists in Charlottesville. You to be a peak member of the administration, no the cook of staff, when the Trump administration separated parental coming across the border from your children. Why not resign over those?” Wallace asked.

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Mulvaney danced roughly those difficult questions and instead blamed the Obama administration for immigrant children being organized in cages close to the border, come which Wallace swatted back, saying that it was “nothing choose with a plan under Donald Trump.”

The previous Trump aide would just concede the Trump may have actually misspoken in ~ times, prefer with Charlottesville. However praising white supremacists “was not something human being resign over.”

“These are distinctions of style — the means the chairman speaks. Did the misspeak at Charlottesville? Yes. Need to he have actually corrected it? Yes. Go he take care of it poorly? Yes. Yet it was not something that civilization resign over,” Mulvaney said.

Mulvaney has actually a history of not letting what he in reality thinks that Trump was standing in the method of whatever is at this time motivating him. Just days before Trump was chosen in 2016, Mulvaney stated the chairman is “a destructive human being.”