President Donald Trump throws the coin prior to the begin of the Army-Navy college football video game in Philadelphia top top Dec. 14, 2019. (Jacquelyn Martin/AP)
ANNAPOLIS, Md. — chairman Donald trumped is booked to attend this weekend’s Army-Navy football game in new York, the U.S. Navy Academy’s strong director stated Monday.

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The video game on Saturday in ~ the U.S. Military Academy’s homefield in West Point, brand-new York, will note the very first time the storied rivalry will be organized at an academy’s field due to the fact that 1943, Chet Gladchuk called the navy Academy’s plank of Visitors.

“The president’s walking to do it,” Gladchuk said. “I just discovered out a few moments earlier he’ll be in ~ the game.”


Army-Navy video game to be hosted at West suggest for very first time due to the fact that World war IINavy leader in the collection 61 wins matches Army’s 52.
The video game generally takes ar at a neutral field. It had actually been scheduled to be played at Philadelphia’s Lincoln gaue won Field, but limits on the size of the crowd as result of the COVID-19 pandemic would have actually prevented every midshipmen and also cadets indigenous attending. Students from both colleges will be at Michie Stadium, but no fans.

While the video game is usually played at a neutral stadion to accommodate a large crowd, the academies take transforms as main hosts. This year taken place to it is in Army’s turn.

This will only be the sixth time the Army-Navy game has been hosted at the ar of among the academies, Gladchuk said. This video game will even out the variety of times the game has to be played on one academy’s home ar at three each, he said.

Even despite the video game will be hosted at West Point, the stadium will certainly still have actually an waiting of neutrality.

“The ar has been changed,” Gladchuck said. “The means we’re seated, spacing, also the hospitality accommodations, space all break-up right under the middle.”

Saturday’s encounter will certainly be the 121st game in between the two service academies.


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