This picture Thursday, Oct. 20, 2016, record photo reflects Alfred E. Smith IV, left, democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, center, and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, right, during the 71st yearly Alfred E. Blacksmith Memorial foundation Dinner in brand-new York. Organizers the the Al blacksmith Dinner say chairman Donald Trump will be in online attendance and also his autonomous rival Joe Biden is likewise expected to be in digital attendance, Thursday, Oct. 1, 2020, as the annual new York City occasion moves greatly online due to the fact that of the coronavirus pandemic. (AP File/Andrew Harnik)

New York — President Donald trump is expected to it is in in online attendance Oct. 1 as brand-new York City"s annual Al blacksmith Dinner moves mostly online since of the coronavirus pandemic, organizers said.

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Trump has welcomed an invitation to go back to the dinner for the first time in four years. Organizers stated they guess his autonomous rival, Joe Biden, will certainly attend together well.

But Biden"s campaign hasn"t shown he will attend the event.

The white-tie Al smith Dinner, i beg your pardon raises funds because that Catholic Charities, is usually held at a Manhattan hotel top top the third Thursday in October. A scaled down, in-person occasion for 50 civilization at a public garden in the Bronx was scrapped ~ state officials elevated virus security concerns.

This year"s virtual dinner will originate native multiple locations, with Cardinal Timothy Dolan presiding native the Sheen facility for assumed & society in Manhattan and also opera singer Nadine Sierra performing the national Anthem indigenous St. Patrick"s Cathedral.

The event is named for former brand-new York Gov. Alfred E. Smith, a Democrat and also the first Roman Catholic to be nominated because that president by a major party in 1928. He was handily beat by Herbert Hoover.

John F. Kennedy to be the first Roman Catholic elected president when he defeated Richard Nixon in 1960. Biden would certainly be the second if he defeats Trump.

Organizers speak this year"s Al smith Dinner will certainly be devoted to essential workers who assisted save lives and keep the city running during the worst that the pandemic. Typically, once then event is held in an election year, it"s supposed to promote collegiality and great humor among political rivals, organizers said.

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Trump last attended the dinner in 2016, once he drew jeers for attacking autonomous opponent Hillary Clinton together "corrupt" and also accusing her of "pretending not to dislike Catholics." At the event, Trump and also Clinton to be seated in the exact same row, with simply Dolan between them.

Last year"s keynote speaker, U.S. Secretary that Defense James Mattis, joked around Trump, calling the "the world"s many overrated general."

"I"m honored come be thought about that by Donald Trump because he also called Meryl Streep one overrated actress," Mattis said. "So i guess I"m the Meryl Streep of generals, and frankly that sounds pretty an excellent to me."