So nice, say thanks to you very much. That’s really nice. Give thanks to you. It’s good to be in ~ Trump Tower. It’s an excellent to it is in in a exorbitant city, new York. And it’s an respect to have everybody here. This is beyond anybody’s expectations. There’s to be no crowd like this.

You are watching: Donald trump announces run for president

And, I can tell, several of the candidates, they go in. They didn’t recognize the air-conditioner didn’t work. Lock sweated favor dogs.

They didn’t know the room was too big, because they didn’t have anybody there. How are castle going to beat ISIS? ns don’t think it’s gonna happen.

Our nation is in severe trouble. We don’t have victories anymore. We used to have actually victories, but we don’t have them. Once was the critical anyone saw united state beating, let’s say, China in a trade deal? They kill us. Ns beat China every the All the

When did we beat Japan in ~ anything? they send their cars end by the millions, and what execute we do? when was the last you saw a Chevrolet in Tokyo? it doesn’t exist, folks. They beat us all the

When perform we beat Mexico at the border? They’re laughing at us, at our stupidity. And now they room beating us economically. They are not our friend, believe me. Yet they’re killing us economically.

The U.S. Has become a dumping ground for everybody else’s problems.

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thank you. It’s true, and these are the best and the finest. Once Mexico sends out its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have actually lots of problems, and they’re pass those problems with us. They’re happen drugs. They’re happen crime. They’re rapists. And also some, i assume, are an excellent people.

But i speak come border guards and they tell united state what we’re getting. And also it just makes typical sense. It just makes common sense. They’re sending us no the best people.

It’s comes from much more than Mexico. It’s comes from everywhere South and Latin America, and also it’s coming probably— probably— from the center East. But we don’t know. Because we have actually no protection and we have no competence, us don’t know what’s happening. And it’s got to stop and also it’s obtained to prevent fast.

Islamic terror is eat up big portions that the center East. They’ve come to be rich. I’m in competition with them.

They just built a hotel in Syria. Deserve to you believe this? They built a hotel. When I have to develop a hotel, ns pay interest. Lock don’t need to pay interest, because they take it the oil that, once we left Iraq, I said we should’ve taken.

So now ISIS has the oil, and also what castle don’t have, Iran has. And in 19— and I will certainly tell girlfriend this, and I stated it very strongly, years ago, ns said— and I love the military, and I desire to have actually the strongest military that we’ve ever before had, and we require it much more now than ever. Yet I said, “Don’t fight Iraq,” due to the fact that you’re walking to completely destabilize the middle East. Iran is going come take over the center East, Iran and somebody rather will get the oil, and also it turned the end that Iran is now taking over Iraq. Think that it. Iran is acquisition over Iraq, and they’re taking it over large league.

We spent $2 trillion in Iraq, $2 trillion. We shed thousands the lives, thousands in Iraq. We have wounded soldiers, who I love, i love — they’re good — anywhere the place, thousands and thousands the wounded soldiers.

And we have nothing. Us can’t also go there. We have actually nothing. And every we give Iraq equipment, the first a bullet goes turn off in the air, they leave it.

last week, I check out 2,300 Humvees— this are large vehicles— to be left behind for the enemy. 2,000? You would say perhaps two, maybe four? 2,300 advanced vehicles, lock ran, and also the foe took them.

Last quarter, the was simply announced our gross domestic product— a sign of strength, right? however not because that us. That was listed below zero. Whoever heard of this? It’s never below zero.

Our labor participation rate was the worst due to the fact that 1978. But think of it, GDP below zero, terrible labor authorized rate.

And our actual unemployment is all over from 18 to 20 percent. Don’t believe the 5.6. Don’t believe it.

That’s right. A lot of human being up over there can’t get jobs. Castle can’t get jobs, because there space no jobs, because China has our jobs and also Mexico has actually our jobs. They all have actually jobs.

But the real number, the genuine number is anywhere from 18 to 19 and also maybe even 21 percent, and also nobody talks about it, due to the fact that it’s a statistic that’s full of nonsense.

Our adversaries are gaining stronger and also stronger by the way, and also we as a nation are obtaining weaker. Also our atom arsenal doesn’t work.

It came out recently they have tools that is 30 year old. Lock don’t know if it worked. And also I believed it to be horrible when it was transfer on television, because boy, does the send signals to Putin and all of the other human being that look in ~ us and also they say, “That is a group of people, and that is a nation that truly has no clue. They don’t understand what they’re doing. Castle don’t know what they’re doing.”

We have a disaster dubbed the large lie: Obamacare. Obamacare.

Yesterday, it come out that expenses are walk for civilization up 29, 39, 49, and even 55 percent, and deductibles are through the roof. You need to be hit by a tractor, literally, a tractor, to use it, since the deductibles room so high, it’s basically useless. It’s basically useless. The is a disaster.

And remember the $5 exchange rate website? $5 billion we invested on a website, and to now it doesn’t work. A $5 billion website.

I have actually so many websites, I have actually them almost everywhere the place. I hire people, they do a website. It costs me $3. $5 exchange rate website.

Well, you need somebody, since politicians room all talk, no action. Nothing’s gonna get done. They will not bring us— think me— come the promised land. They will certainly not.

As an example, I’ve been on the circuit make speeches, and also I hear my other Republicans. And they’re wonderful people. I like them. They all want me to support them. Lock don’t know how to bring it about. Lock come up to my office. I’m conference with three of them in the next week. And they don’t know— “Are friend running? are you not running? might we have your support? What perform we do? just how do we carry out it?”

I prefer them. And also I hear their speeches. And also they don’t talk jobs and also they don’t speak China. When was the last girlfriend heard China is killing us? They’re devaluing their money to a level that you wouldn’t believe. It provides it impossible for our carriers to compete, impossible. They’re killing us.

But you don’t hear that from everyone else. You don’t hear that from anyone else. And also I watch the speeches.

I clock the speeches of this people, and they say the sun will rise, the moon will certainly set, every sorts the wonderful points will happen. And also people space saying, “What’s going on? I just want a job. Just obtain me a job. Ns don’t need the rhetoric. I want a job.”

And that’s what’s happening. And also it’s walking to acquire worse, due to the fact that remember, Obamacare really kicks in in ’16, 2016. Obama is walk to be out play golf. He could be on among my courses. I would certainly invite him, i actually would certainly say. I have the ideal courses in the world, for this reason I’d say, you what, if he desires to— I have one right beside the White House, best on the Potomac. If he’d like to play, that’s fine.

In fact, I’d love that to leave early and play, that would be a very good thing.

But Obamacare kicks in in 2016. Really large league. The is walking to it is in amazingly destructive. Physicians are quitting. I have a girlfriend who’s a doctor, and also he said to me the other day, “Donald, I never saw anything favor it. Ns have more accountants than I have nurses. It’s a disaster. My patient are beside themselves. They had actually a plan that to be good. They have no arrangement now.”

We need to repeal Obamacare, and also it deserve to be— and— and it can be replaced with other much much better for everybody. Let it be because that everybody. But much much better and much less expensive for people and also for the government. And we have the right to do it.

So I’ve watched the politicians. I’ve faced them all my life. If girlfriend can’t make a great deal with a politician, then there’s miscellaneous wrong v you. You’re absolutely not an extremely good. And that’s what we have actually representing us. Castle will never make America good again. Lock don’t even have a chance. They’re managed fully— they’re controlled totally by the lobbyists, by the donors, and also by the one-of-a-kind interests, fully.

Yes, they regulate them. Hey, I have lobbyists. I have to tell you. I have actually lobbyists that can produce anything for me. They’re great. But you understand what? that won’t happen. That won’t happen. Since we need to stop doing things for some people, but for this country, it’s damaging our country. We need to stop, and also it needs to stop now.

Now, our nation needs— our nation needs a truly great leader, and also we need a truly an excellent leader now. We need a leader that wrote “The arts of the Deal.”

We need a leader that can bring earlier our jobs, deserve to bring ago our manufacturing, can bring earlier our military, can take treatment of our vets. Ours vets have been abandoned.

And we likewise need a cheerleader.

You know, as soon as President Obama was elected, ns said, “Well, the one thing, i think he’ll carry out well. I think he’ll be a good cheerleader for the country. I think he’d be a great spirit.”

He was vibrant. He was young. I really believed that he would be a great cheerleader.

He’s not a leader. That’s true. You’re right about that.

But the wasn’t a cheerleader. He’s actually a negative force. He’s to be a an unfavorable force. That wasn’t a cheerleader; he to be the opposite.

We need somebody that can take the brand that the unified States and make it great again. It’s not an excellent again.

We need— we require somebody— we require somebody the literally will take this country and also make it an excellent again. We have the right to do that.

And, I will tell you, i love my life. I have actually a exorbitant family. They’re saying, “Dad, you’re walk to perform something that’s walking to be so tough.”

You know, all of my life, I’ve heard the a truly effective person, a really, really effective person and also even modestly effective cannot operation for publicly office. Simply can’t happen. And also yet that’s the sort of attitude that you should make this country good again.

So ladies and also gentlemen…I to be officially running… for president the the united States, and we space going to do our country an excellent again.

It can happen. Our nation has tremendous potential. We have tremendous people.

We have human being that aren’t working. Us have civilization that have actually no incentive to work. Yet they’re going to have incentive to work, since the greatest social regimen is a job. And they’ll be proud, and they’ll love it, and also they’ll make much more than castle would’ve ever before made, and they’ll be— they’ll it is in doing for this reason well, and also we’re going come be growing as a country, thriving. It can happen.

I will be the greatest jobs president the God ever created. Ns tell girlfriend that.

I’ll bring back our jobs from China, indigenous Mexico, native Japan, indigenous so plenty of places. I’ll bring earlier our jobs, and I’ll bring ago our money.

Right now, think the this: us owe China $1.3 trillion. Us owe Japan much more than that. Therefore they come in, they take it our jobs, they take it our money, and also then they loan us earlier the money, and we pay them in interest, and then the dissension goes increase so your deal’s also better.

How stupid room our leaders? just how stupid room these politicians to allow this to happen? how stupid room they?

I’m going come tell you— give thanks to you. I’m going to tell girlfriend a pair of stories around trade, since I’m totally against the profession bill for a variety of reasons.

Number one, the people negotiating don’t have actually a clue. Our chairman doesn’t have a clue. He’s a negative negotiator.

He’s the one that did Bergdahl. We get Bergdahl, castle get 5 killer terrorists that everybody wanted over there.

We get Bergdahl. We get a traitor. We acquire a no-good traitor, and also they acquire the five civilization that they wanted for years, and those world are now ago on the battlefield make the efforts to death us. That’s the negotiator we have.

Take a look in ~ the deal he’s making v Iran. He renders that deal, Israel probably won’t exist really long. It’s a disaster, and we have actually to safeguard Israel. But…

So we require people— I’m a complimentary trader. However the problem with totally free trade is you need really talented human being to negotiate because that you. If friend don’t have talented people, if friend don’t have great leadership, if you don’t have world that recognize business, not just a political hack that obtained the job since he do a donation to a campaign, i m sorry is the method all jobs, simply about, are gotten, free trade terrible.

Free trade deserve to be exorbitant if you have smart people, but we have human being that are stupid. Us have world that aren’t smart. And also we have world that are regulated by special interests. And also it’s just not going to work.

So, here’s a couple of stories happened recently. A girlfriend of mine is a great manufacturer. And, you know, China comes over and they dump all their stuff, and I to buy it. I buy it, because, frankly, I have actually an duty to purchase it, because they devalue their currency so brilliantly, they simply did the recently, and nobody assumed they could do the again.

But v all our difficulties with Russia, through all our troubles with everything— everything, they obtained away through it again. And also it’s difficult for our people here to compete.

So I desire to tell you this story. A girlfriend of mine who’s a good manufacturer, calls me up a couple of weeks ago. He’s an extremely upset. I said, “What’s her problem?”

He said, “You know, ns make great product.”

And i said, “I know. I understand that due to the fact that I purchase the product.”

He said, “I can’t acquire it into China. They won’t accept it. I sent out a watercraft over and also they actually sent it back. They talked about environmental, they talked about all species of crap that had nothing to perform with it.”

I said, “Oh, wait a minute, that’s terrible. Does anyone know this?”

He said, “Yeah, they perform it all the moment with various other people.”

I said, “They send the back?”

“Yeah. Therefore I ultimately got it over there and also they fee me a huge tariff. They’re not an alleged to it is in doing that. Ns told them.”

Now, they do charge you tariff ~ above trucks, when we send trucks and also other things over there.

Ask Boeing. They want Boeing’s secrets. They want their patents and also all your secrets prior to they agreed come buy planes indigenous Boeing.

Hey, I’m no saying they’re stupid. I prefer China. I market apartments for— I simply sold an apartment for $15 million to somebody from China. Am I an alleged to dislike them? I own a huge chunk the the bank of America structure at 1290 path of the Americas, that I acquired from China in a war. Really valuable.

I love China. The biggest financial institution in the human being is native China. You recognize where your United claims headquarters is located? In this building, in trump card Tower. I love China. Civilization say, “Oh, girlfriend don’t choose China?”

No, i love them. But their leaders are lot smarter than our leaders, and we can’t sustain ourself with that. There’s also much— it’s like— it’s prefer take the new England Patriots and Tom Brady and have them play your high school football team. That’s the difference in between China’s leaders and also our leaders.

They are ripping us. We are rebuilding China. We’re rebuilding many countries. China, you go there now, roads, bridges, schools, you never ever saw anything prefer it. They have bridges that make the George Washington leg look like tiny potatoes. And they’re almost everywhere the place.

We have all the cards, however we don’t know how to use them. Us don’t even know that we have actually the cards, due to the fact that our leaders don’t understand the game. We might turn off that spigot by charging them tax until lock behave properly.

Now they’re going militarily. They’re structure a army island in the middle of the southern China sea. A army island. Now, ours country can never execute that since we’d need to get ecological clearance, and also the environmentalist wouldn’t let ours country— we would never construct in one ocean. They constructed it in around one year, this enormous military port.

They’re building up their army to a allude that is very scary. You have a problem with ISIS. You have a bigger difficulty with China.

And, in my opinion, the new China, believe it or not, in regards to trade, is Mexico.

So this guy tells me around the manufacturing. I say, “That’s a disastrous story. I dislike to hear it.”

But ns have one more one, Ford.

So Mexico take away a company, a car agency that was going to develop in Tennessee, rips the out. Everybody believed the transaction was dead. Report it in the wall Street journal recently. Everybody thought it to be a done deal. It’s going in and also that’s walking to be it, going right into Tennessee. Good state, an excellent people.

All that a sudden, at the last moment, this huge car manufacturer, foreign, announces they’re not going to Tennessee. They’re gonna invest their $1 billion in Mexico instead. No good.

Now, Ford announces a few weeks ago that Ford is going to construct a $2.5 exchange rate car and also truck and parts production plant in Mexico. $2.5 billion, it’s going to be among the largest in the world. Ford. Good company.

So i announced that I’m to run for president. Ns would…

… one of the at an early stage things I would certainly do, probably before I even got in— and I wouldn’t even use— you know, ns have— I know the smartest negotiators in the world. I know the an excellent ones. I understand the poor ones. I know the overrated ones.

You obtain a lot of them that space overrated. They’re not good. They think castle are. Lock get an excellent stories, since the newspapers gain buffaloed. Yet they’re no good.

But I know the negotiators in the world, and I put them one for each country. Believe me, folks. We will carry out very, really well, very, an extremely well.

But ns wouldn’t also waste my v this one. Ns would call up the head of Ford, who I know. If ns was president, I’d say, “Congratulations. I understand that you’re structure a quite $2.5 billion automobile factory in Mexico and that you’re going to take your cars and also sell them come the United claims zero tax, just circulation them across the border.”

And you say to yourself, “How does that aid us,” right? “How walk that help us? wherein is the good”? It’s not.

So I would certainly say, “Congratulations. That’s the good news. Permit me offer you the negative news. Every car and also every truck and also every component manufactured in this plant the comes throughout the border, we’re walk to fee you a 35-percent tax, and that taxes is going to it is in paid simultaneously with the transaction, and that’s it.

Now, here’s what is going to happen. If it’s no me in the position, it’s one of these political leaders that we’re running against, girlfriend know, the 400 human being that we’re (inaudible). And also here’s what’s going to happen. They’re not so stupid. They know it’s no a good thing, and also they may also be upset by it. However then they’re walking to get a call from the donors or most likely from the lobbyist because that Ford and say, “You can’t do that to Ford, since Ford takes treatment of me and also I take care of you, and you can’t execute that come Ford.”

And assumption: v what? No problem. They’re going to construct in Mexico. They’re walking to take it away thousands of jobs. It’s really bad because that us.

So under chairman Trump, here’s what would happen:

The head of Ford will speak to me back, I would certainly say in ~ an hour after i told lock the negative news. Yet it could be he’d want to it is in cool, and also he’ll wait until the following day. Friend know, they desire to it is in a little cool.

And he’ll say, “Please, please, please.” He’ll beg because that a little while, and I’ll say, “No interest.” then he’ll call all species of politics people, and I’ll say, “Sorry, fellas. No interest,” since I don’t require anybody’s money. It’s nice. Ns don’t need anybody’s money.

I’m making use of my very own money. I’m not utilizing the lobbyists. I’m not utilizing donors. I don’t care. I’m yes, really rich. I (inaudible).

And by the way, I’m not even saying that’s the sort of mindset, that’s the type of thinking you need for this country.

So— due to the fact that we acquired to make the country rich.

It sounds crass. Somebody said, “Oh, that’s crass.” It’s no crass.

We obtained $18 trillion in debt. We gained nothing but problems.

We got a army that needs tools all over the place. We acquired nuclear tools that room obsolete.

We’ve gained nothing. We’ve acquired Social protection that’s going come be destroyed if somebody like me doesn’t carry money into the country. All these other people want to reduced the hell out of it. I’m not going to cut it in ~ all; I’m walk to carry money in, and we’re walking to conserve it.

But here’s what’s going to happen:

After I’m dubbed by 30 friends of mine who added to different campaigns, after ~ I’m dubbed by every one of the one-of-a-kind interests and also by the— the donors and also by the lobbyists— and they have zero chance at convincing me, zero— I’ll gain a speak to the next day from the head the Ford. He’ll say. “Please reconsider,” I’ll to speak no.

He’ll say, “Mr. President, we’ve determined to relocate the plant back to the joined States, and also we’re no going to build it in Mexico.” That’s it. They have actually no choice. They have actually no choice.

There are thousands of things favor that. I’ll give you one more example.

Saudi Arabia, they make $1 exchange rate a day. $1 exchange rate a day. Ns love the Saudis. Countless are in this building. They do a billion dollars a day. they have problems, we send over the ships. We say “we’re gonna protect.” What room we doing? They’ve got nothing yet money.

If the right person asked them, they’d salary a fortune. Lock wouldn’t be there other than for us.

And think me, friend look at the border with Yemen. Friend remember Obama a year ago, Yemen was a an excellent victory. Two weeks later, the ar was swollen up. Everybody obtained out— and also they retained our equipment.

They constantly keep our equipment. We ought to send supplied equipment, right? They constantly keep our equipment. We need to send some genuine junk, because, frankly, it would certainly be— we must send our surplus. We’re constantly losing this gorgeous brand-new stuff.

But look at the border with Saudi Arabia. Execute you yes, really think the these human being are interested in Yemen? Saudi Arabia without us is gone. They’re gone.

And I’m the one that made every one of the best predictions about Iraq. Girlfriend know, all of these politicians that I’m running versus now— it’s so nice come say I’m running together opposed come if ns run, if ns run. I’m running.

But every one of these political leaders that I’m running versus now, they’re trying to disassociate. Ns mean, you looked in ~ Bush, it took him 5 days come answer the inquiry on Iraq. He couldn’t answer the question. He didn’t know. I said, “Is the intelligent?”

Then i looked in ~ Rubio. He was unable come answer the question, is Iraq a good thing or bad thing? he didn’t know. He couldn’t prize the question.

How room these world gonna command us? exactly how are us gonna— exactly how are us gonna go earlier and make it an excellent again? us can’t. Castle don’t have a clue. Lock can’t command us. Castle can’t. Lock can’t also answer basic questions. It was terrible.

But Saudi Arabia is in big, large trouble. Now, thanks to fracking and other things, the oil is almost everywhere the place. And also I used to speak it, there room ships at sea, and this was during the worst crisis, that were loaded up through oil, and also the cartel maintained the price up, because, again, they were smarter than our leaders. They to be smarter 보다 our leaders.

There is so lot wealth out there that can make our country so wealthy again, and also therefore make it good again. Since we require money. We’re dying. We’re dying. We need money. We need to do it. And also we require the ideal people.

So Ford will come back. They’ll all come back. And also I will say this, this is walk to be an election, in mine opinion, that’s based upon competence.

Somebody claimed — say thanks to you, darlin’.

Somebody stated to me the various other day, a reporter, a very nice reporter, “But, Mr. Trump, you’re no a nice person.”

That’s true. But actually i am. Ns think i am a quite person. Human being that recognize me, choose me. Go my family like me? i think so, right. Look at my family. I’m proud of mine family.

By the way, speak of my family, Melania, Barron, Kai, Donnie, Don, Vanessa, Tiffany, Evanka did a great job. Did she carry out a an excellent job?

Great. Jared, Laura and also Eric, I’m very proud of my family. They’re a great family.

So the reporter said to me the various other day, “But, Mr. Trump, you’re no a quite person. How have the right to you get world to poll for you?”

I said, “I don’t know.” i said, “I think the number one, ns am a quite person. I give a lot of money away to charities and also other things. I think I’m in reality a really nice person.”

But, i said, “This is walk to it is in an choice that’s based upon competence, since people are exhausted of this nice people. And they’re tired of gift ripped turn off by everybody in the world. And also they’re tired of spending an ext money on education than any nation in the human being per capita, than any nation in the world, and we space 26th in the world, 25 nations are better than us in education. And also some that them are like third world countries. But we’re becoming a third word country, since of our infrastructure, ours airports, ours roads, everything. So among the things I did, and also I said, you know what I’ll do. I’ll do it. Due to the fact that a many of people said, “He’ll never ever run. Number one, that won’t desire to provide up his lifestyle.”

They’re right around that, however I’m act it.

Number two, I’m a private company, so nobody knows what I’m worth. And also the one thing is that once you run, you need to announce and certify to every sorts of governmental authorities your net worth.

So ns said, “That’s OK.” I’m proud the my net worth. I’ve excellent an exceptional job.

I started off— give thanks to you— I began off in a tiny office with my father in Brooklyn and also Queens, and also my father said — and I love my father. I learned so much. He to be a great negotiator. Ns learned for this reason much just sitting at his feet playing with blocks listening to him negotiate through subcontractors. But I learned a lot.

But he offered to say, “Donald, don’t go into Manhattan. That’s the large leagues. We don’t know anything about that. Don’t carry out it.”

I said, “I gotta go into Manhattan. I gotta build those huge buildings. I gotta execute it, Dad. I’ve gotta perform it.”

And after 4 or 5 years in Brooklyn, ns ventured right into Manhattan and did a lot of an excellent deals— the grand Hyatt Hotel. Ns was responsible because that the convention center on the west side. Ns did a many of an excellent deals, and also I walk them early and also young. And now I’m building all over the world, and also I love what I’m doing.

But they all said, a many the pundits ~ above television, “Well, Donald will never run, and also one that the main reasons is he’s private and he’s most likely not as successful as anyone thinks.”

So I claimed to myself, girlfriend know, nobody’s ever going to understand unless i run, due to the fact that I’m really proud of mine success. Ns really am.

I’ve employed— I’ve employed tens of thousands of civilization over mine That method medical. That means education. That means everything.

So a large accounting firm and my accountants have actually been functioning for months, due to the fact that it’s big and complex, and they’ve put together a statement, a jae won statement, just a summary. However everything will be filed ultimately with the government, and also we don’t extensions or anything. We’ll be filing it right on Us don’t require anything.

And it was even reported erroneously yesterday, since they said, “He had actually assets of $9 billion.” So i said, “No, that’s the not correct number. That’s the dorn number. No assets.”

So they put together this. And before i say it, I have to say this. I made the the old-fashioned way. It’s actual estate. Girlfriend know, it’s genuine estate.

It’s labor, and it’s unions an excellent and some bad and also lots of world that aren’t in unions, and also it’s all over the place and building all over the world.

And I have actually assets— big accounting firm, one of the most extremely respected— 9 billion 240 million dollars.

And I have actually liabilities of about $500 million. That’s long-term debt, really low interest rates.

In fact, among the huge banks concerned me and said, “Donald, you don’t have enough borrowings. Might we loan friend $4 billion”? i said, “I don’t need it. I don’t desire it. And I’ve been there. Ns don’t want it.”

But in two seconds, they offer me everything I wanted. So I have actually a complete net worth, and also now through the increase, it’ll be well-over $10 billion. But here, a total net precious of—net worth, not assets, not— a net worth, after every debt, after all expenses, the greatest assets— trump Tower, 1290 path of the Americas, bank of America structure in mountain Francisco, 40 wall Street, occasionally referred to together the Trump structure right opposite the new York— plenty of other places almost everywhere the world.

So the full is $8,737,540,00.

Now I’m not doing that…

I’m no doing that to brag, because you understand what? i don’t have to brag. Ns don’t have to, think it or not.

I’m doing the to say the that’s the type of thinking our country needs. We require that thinking. We have actually the opposite thinking.

We have losers. We have losers. Us have people that don’t have it. We have civilization that are morally corrupt. We have human being that are offering this country down the drain.

So I placed together this statement, and the only reason I’m informing you around it today is due to the fact that we yes, really do have to obtain going, due to the fact that if us have an additional three or four years— friend know, we’re at $8 trillion now. We’re soon going to be at $20 trillion.

According come the economists— who I’m not big believers in, but, nevertheless, this is what they’re saying— the $24 trillion— we’re very close— that’s the suggest of no return. $24 trillion. We will certainly be over there soon. That’s as soon as we become Greece. That’s once we become a country that’s unsalvageable. And also we’re gonna it is in there an extremely soon. We’re gonna it is in there really soon.

So, simply to sum up, I would do assorted things really quickly. I would certainly repeal and also replace the huge lie, Obamacare.

I would develop a an excellent wall, and nobody build walls much better than me, believe me, and also I’ll construct them an extremely inexpensively, ns will develop a great, good wall top top our southerly border. And I will have actually Mexico salary for that wall.

Mark mine words.

Nobody would certainly be tougher ~ above ISIS than Donald Trump. Nobody.

I will find — within our military, i will discover the general Patton or ns will uncover General MacArthur, i will find the right guy. I will uncover the man that’s going come take that military and make it really work. Nobody, nobody will be pushing united state around.

I will avoid Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. And also we won’t be using a guy like Secretary Kerry that has actually absolutely no ide of negotiation, who’s make a horrible and laughable deal, who’s just being tapped along as they make weapons ideal now, and then goes right into a bicycle race at 72 years old, and also falls and also breaks his leg. Ns won’t be doing that. And I promise i will never be in a bicycle race. The I deserve to tell you.

I will immediately terminate chairman Obama’s illegal executive, management order top top immigration, immediately.

Fully support and ago up the 2nd Amendment.

Now, it’s really interesting. This day I heard it. Through stupidity, in a very, very hard main point prison, interestingly called Clinton, two vicious murderers, two vicious people escaped, and also nobody knows whereby they are. And a mrs was on television this morning, and she said, “You know, Mr. Trump,” and she was telling other people, and I actually called her, and she said, “You know, Mr. Trump, I always was against guns. I didn’t desire guns. And now due to the fact that this happened”— it’s up in the prison area— “my husband and I are finally in agreement, due to the fact that he want the guns. Us now have a pistol on every table. We’re all set to start shooting.”

I said, “Very interesting.”

So safeguard the 2nd Amendment.

End— end usual Core. Usual Core should— the is a disaster. Shrub is entirely in donate of typical Core. Ns don’t see exactly how he deserve to possibly obtain the nomination. He’s weak top top immigration. He’s in donate of common Core. Just how the hell deserve to you poll for this guy? You simply can’t do it. We need to end education and learning has to be local.

Rebuild the country’s infrastructure.

Nobody deserve to do that favor me. Believe me. It will certainly be done on, top top budget, way below cost, method below what anyone ever thought.

I look at the roads being developed all end the country, and also I say ns can construct those points for one-third. What they perform is unbelievable, how bad.

You know, we’re structure on Pennsylvania Avenue, the Old post Office, we’re convert it right into one of the world’s an excellent hotels. It’s gonna be the best hotel in Washington, D.C. We got it native the general Services administration in Washington. The Obama administration. We got it. It was the most very sought after— or one of them, but I think the most highly sought after job in the background of general Services. We acquired it. Human being were shocked, Trump got it.

Well, I acquired it for two reasons. Number one, we’re yes, really good. Number two, we had actually a really an excellent plan. And I’ll include in the third, we had actually a great financial statement. Due to the fact that the basic Services, that are fantastic people, through the way, and also talented people, they wanted to carry out a good job. And they want to make certain it obtained built.

So we have to rebuild our infrastructure, our bridges, our roadways, ours airports. You come into La Guardia Airport, it’s favor we’re in a 3rd world country. Friend look at the patches and also the 40-year-old floor. They throw under asphalt, and they throw.

You look at at these airports, us are prefer a third world country. And also I come in native China and also I come in native Qatar and also I come in from different places, and they have actually the many incredible airports in the world. You come to earlier to this country and also you have actually LAX, disaster. Friend have every one of these destructive airports. We have to rebuild our infrastructure.

Save Medicare, Medicaid and Social protection without cuts. Have to do it.

Get rid the the fraud. Get rid of the waste and abuse, however save it. Human being have been paying it for years. And now plenty of of these candidates desire to reduced it. You conserve it by do the united States, through making united state rich again, by taking ago all that the money that’s gift lost.

Renegotiate our international trade deals.

Reduce our $18 trillion in debt, because, believe me, we’re in a bubble. We have actually artificially low interest rates. We have actually a stock market that, frankly, has actually been an excellent to me, but I still hate to view what’s happening. We have a stock industry that is therefore bloated.

Be cautious of a bubble due to the fact that what you’ve watched in the past can be small potatoes compared to what happens. So be very, really careful.

And strengthen our military and take treatment of our vets. So, so important.

Sadly, the American dream is dead.

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But if i get elected president i will lug it ago bigger and far better and stronger than ever before before, and also we will certainly make America an excellent again.