When we talk around infrastructure, we can’t forget about the civilization who do it happen: numerous Americans who construct skyscrapers, assemble cars, dig mines, and also clean hotel rooms. They work-related in several of the many physically demanding tasks in our country.

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After decades of backbreaking labor, many of this workers’ bodies break down. They uncover themselves in their 50s or at an early stage 60s, unable to continue to work. Fortunately, they have actually been contributing to social Security.

The Social protection benefits we earn with every paycheck administer protection when we are no much longer able come work. In enhancement to old age benefits, society Security offers insurance against the ns of wages in the occasion of disability, and also the fatality of a family breadwinner. Since the body of human being in physically demanding jobs frequently malfunction before they reach retirement age, they are an ext likely to claim Social Security handicap Insurance (SSDI) benefits.


These workers, the backbone of our country, worthy to get the services they have earned together quickly and also hassle-free as possible. But Social security Commissioner Andrew Saul and also his deputy David black color — who salaries room paid indigenous the Social defense contributions of American workers — space doing precisely the opposite. Because taking office, Saul and also Black have actually put roadblocks in the method of the hardest functioning Americans, making that more challenging for lock to claim the benefits they’ve earned.

Not surprisingly, both Saul and Black were handpicked by previous President Donald Trump

Donald TrumpHillicon valley — State Dept. Employees targets of spyware Ohio Republican Party meeting ends abruptly over anti-DeWine protesters Jan. 6 dashboard faces new test as first witness pleads the 5th MORE. Even though trump card is gone, they are continuing to carry out his agenda instead of chairman Joe Biden’s.

Despite his rhetoric, Donald Trump to be an foe of our Social security system. He once wrote a publication calling Social security a Ponzi scheme and also advocating for its privatization. While he hid his true beliefs once he made decision to run for president, he surrounding himself v Social security opponents. His budget plan director, Mick Mulvaney, said that Social Security handicap Insurance no really part of social Security. Moreover, these anti-Social defense ideologues insist, with no evidence whatsoever, that SSDI is complete of fraud.

In fact, SSDI and also its companion program, Supplemental Security income (SSI), have among the strictest eligibility criter of any kind of disability program in the world. Over 60 percent of applicants are denied. The incidence the Social defense fraud is tiny — much much less than exclusive insurance providers experience. Republican allegations of social Security handicap “fraud” are just as baseless — and an in similar way motivated — as their insurance claims of voter fraud.

Saul and Black are reduced from the same cloth as Trump, Mulvaney and also the other anti-Social defense ideologues. They room waging a battle on world with disabilities, making the more an overwhelming to case SSDI and SSI and easier to take the services away. And also they haven’t quit just because the human being who picked them, Donald Trump, is no longer in the White House.

Quite the contrary. On April 2, 2021, a brand-new regulation entered effect. The regulation provides it more tough for world with “musculoskeletal impairments” to claim disability benefits. It is a sophisticated sounding term provided to obscure who is gift targeted — civilization whose bodies offered out ~ 30 or 40 year of working construction, clean hotel rooms, or digging mines and also contributing to social Security.

The regulation that just went into impact reverses our Social defense system’s longtime acknowledgment that world who space unquestionably unable to continue to work should not need to jump through time-consuming and also unnecessary hoops to get their benefits. The new regulation says, no so fast. Now, these employees who gave so much to our country will be at threat of bankruptcy, homelessness, and also even death while castle prove to Saul and Black’s satisfaction the they truly can’t continue to assistance themselves v work.

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Charles T. Hall, a north Carolina lawyer who has actually represented human being with disabilities since 1979, explains that “there was never any allude to the other than come deny much more claimants. Any kind of other reasons Social defense has provided for these alters have to be nothing much more than window dressing."

This devilish rule adjust is in direct opposition to chairman Biden

Joe BidenPfizer CEO states vaccine data because that those under 5 could be easily accessible by finish of year Omicron coronavirus variant uncovered in at the very least 10 states Photos of the Week: Schumer, ASU protest and also sea turtle MORE’s agenda of protecting and expanding society Security. He requirements to turning back it immediately and also make sure that the society Security management is functioning for the American people, not versus us.