Trump has called O'Donnell a 'degenerate,' a 'slob,' a 'loser' and also most recently, a 'fat pig.'


As the very first presidential dispute drew come a nearby Monday night, Republican nominee Donald trump resurrected his nasty, decade-long feud v comedian and former "The View" co-host Rosie O"Donnell.

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During one exchange end Trump"s history of do sexist remarks around women ("pigs, slobs, and also dogs"), the real estate mogul reiterated a insurance claim he had actually made in a GOP primary debate this summer — that his insults were greatly directed at O"Donnell.

Wait... Did Trump whine around Rosie O"Donnell over there at the end? go he understand where that is? Am ns in the ninth circle the Hell?

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— john DeVore (

“Rosie O’Donnell — ns said an extremely tough points to her, and I think everybody would certainly agree the she deserves it and nobody feel sorry for her,” trump said.

RealDonaldTrump on Rosie O"Donnell comments: "she deserved it and nobody feels sorry for her" #DebateNight

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TRUMP:0 indigenous on "deplorables"0 native on Clinton Foundation0 indigenous on the wall25 native on Rosie O"Donnell

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To be specific, trump has called O"Donnell a "degenerate," a "pig," a “slob,” a “loser,” "dumb," "desperate," and also "fat."

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O"Donnell responded Monday, tweeting clip of the almost 6-minute segment from a 2006 episode of "The View" which spawned your dispute, proclaimed "he will never be president," and also called trumped an "orange anus." --- the 5 mins orange anus can"t it seems to be ~ to acquire over --- tell the reality - shame the donald #ImWithHer

— Rosie (

In the footage, O"Donnell goes on a rant around Trump complying with a dispute involving his miss USA beauty, beauty pageant and its reining winner at the time, Tara Conner. After ~ it to be revealed the Conner had abused drugs and also alcohol, Trump hosted a press conference in i beg your pardon he claimed he is a "believer in second chances" and also chose not to fire her.

O"Donnell impersonated Trump, dubbed him a "snake oil salesman," and — in a precursor of a line of strike picked up by Hillary Clinton and Democrats years later — criticize him for benefiting native a sizable loan from his father and also from advertising bankruptcy several times.

“He annoys me ~ above a multitude the levels,” O’Donnell said at the time. “He’s the ethical authority? Left the very first wife, had actually an affair. Left the second wife, had actually an affair. Had kids both times, however he’s the ethical compass for 20-year-olds in America?”

Ironically, the unique guest on the illustration on i m sorry O"Donnell launched her strike was climate Sen. Clinton.

The 2 celebrities have traded barbs both in public and over society media ever since, through the bulk of the ire coming directly from Trump"s cellphone.

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I feel sorry for Rosie "s new partner in love whose parents are devastated at the assumed of your daughter being with

Rosie O"Donnell just said she felt "shame" at being fat-not politics correct! She eliminated Star Jones for load loss surgery, just had actually it!

— Donald J. Trump (

And when O"Donnell, who has actually headlined a fundraiser because that Clinton, definitely may no be popular in Republican circles, Trump"s supporters were still stunned that their standard-bearer was dedicating precious conflict time come re-litigating their previous squabbles.

jpodhoretz: "By the finish of the 95 mins, trumped was lessened to a sputtering chaos blathering about Rosie O’Donnell"