The university of California Irvine medical Center, where previous US president invoice Clinton has been admitted Robyn Beck AFP
Los Angeles (AFP)

Former united state president bill Clinton was recovering Friday after two days in a California hospital because that an epidemic not related to the coronavirus, a spokesman for the 75-year-old said.

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Clinton, who led the United says from 1993 to 2001, was responding fine to treatment at the UCI Medical center in Irvine, southern of Los Angeles, follow to doctors.

Clinton spokesman point of view Urena said in a statement that he to be admitted Tuesday evening because that "a non-Covid-related infection."

"He is ~ above the mend, in good spirits, and also is exceptionally thankful come the doctors, nurses and also staff providing him with wonderful care," Urena claimed late Thursday ~ above Twitter.

CNN, citing Clinton"s doctors, reported the a urinary street infection had actually spread to his bloodstream.

Photographs in united state media proved his wife, previous secretary that state and also presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, visiting the hospital in addition to her aide Huma Abedin.


Clinton, that was hospitalized this week through an infection, has a history of heart problem Martin office AFP/File

Urena released a statement native his doctors saying Clinton to be admitted Tuesday "for nearby monitoring" and also given antibiotics and fluids intravenously.

"After two days the treatment, his white blood cell count is trending down and he is responding come antibiotics well," they stated Thursday.

"We hope to have him go residence soon."

- Quadruple bypass -

It was the latest wellness scare for America"s 42nd president. In 2004, at age 58, the underwent a quadruple bypass procedure after doctors uncovered signs of comprehensive heart disease.

Six years later on he had stents implanted in his coronary artery.

Known because that a generosity appetite that taken on fried foods, notably french fries, Clinton go clean and adopted a low-fat vegetable diet.

Since climate he has actually lost comprehensive weight.

In 2010 Clinton said his decision to go vegan was no a daunting one.

"Not when you have actually quadruple heart bypass and also you want to live to be a grandfather," that explained.


one AFP correspondent in ~ the hospital claimed the scene to be subdued, v no sign of the VIP patience Robyn Beck AFP

The previous governor of Arkansas was chosen president at age 46, the third-youngest president in us history.

Garrulous, charming and also well-read, he to be a star for autonomous Party and well-liked among fellow civilization leaders.

He stayed popular also after his 2nd term in the White house was marred by one affair with intern Monica Lewinsky that snowballed right into his impeachment because that lying in relationship to an investigation.

But that stepped away from the limelight together his wife Hillary plunged into her own political career, winning election together a councilor from brand-new York and also training her own sights ~ above the presidency.

Despite his help, she lost the 2008 autonomous nomination to Barack Obama, who went on to be president for eight years.

Obama called Hillary Clinton secretary of state.

In 2016 she won the autonomous nomination for president however lost the choice to Republican Donald Trump.

- Criticism of trump -

Bill Clinton meanwhile gave speeches, led his nonprofit, the Clinton Foundation, and helped raise money because that the Democrats together he slowly ended up being just an additional of the now 5 ex-presidents still alive.


invoice Clinton with Hillary in ~ the inauguration the Joe Biden as president on January 20, 2021 plunder Carr GETTY images NORTH AMERICA/AFP

In 2004 he released an autobiography, and in 2011 an additional volume on how to recovery the economy.

And since 2018 he has actually written two thrillers in addition to best-selling novelist James Patterson.

He has made short returns to the politics limelight, helping his wife and others throughout election campaigns, and also traveling to north Korea in 2009 come negotiate the freedom of 2 Americans hosted by the North korean regime.

In January he and former presidents Obama, Jimmy Carter, and George W. Bush, came together to worry a strong statement condemning the January 6 attack on the united state Capitol, directly accusing then-president trump card of inciting it and of dispersing baseless lies.

But Clinton has likewise fought to protect against being pulled into the type of scandal that dogged his presidency.


4 ex-presidents: Barack Obama, George W. Bush, bill Clinton, and Jimmy Carter attend the opened of the George W. Shrub library in Dallas, Texas in 2013 ALEX WONG GETTY images NORTH AMERICA/AFP

His name surfaced in the sex smuggling scandal roughly late financier Jeffrey Epstein, v a previous aide and also a victim both saying Clinton had visited the Caribbean island where Epstein take it underage females for sex parties.

Clinton knew Epstein however denied ever before having saw the island.

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His White house scandal also returned in September v the beginning of mini collection "Impeachment," spanning the drama that his affair v Lewinsky and also the political eruption the followed.