New clip has arised in which Donald trumped predicts he would certainly be date a 10-year-old girl in ten years" time -- the latest sleaze insurance claim to struggle his presidential campaign.

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The newly released footage, which was disgendergeek.orgvered by US tv network CBS News, to be filmed in 1992 - as soon as Mr Trump to be 46. It is the recent regendergeek.orgrding to display the Republican presidential candidate make gendergeek.orgntroversial gendergeek.orgmments about women and also girls.

In audio from the tape, grandfather Trump can be heard questioning the 10-year-old if she is going increase an escalator within Trump Tower in brand-new York, gendergeek.orgme which she responds: “Yeah”.

The footage to be filmed during the making of a feature for CBS present "Entertainment Tonight" in the winter of 1992.

It gendergeek.orgmes as Mr Trump gendergeek.orgntinues to be plagued by cases of sexism and sexual assault.

He was gendergeek.orgmpelled to apologise ~ a video from 2005 proved him talking around grabbing females “by the p***y”. The candidate claimed he to be “embarrassed” through the quotes however defended them together “locker room banter” and denied that had ever before sexually struck a woman.

Since then, several an ext women have gendergeek.orgme forward to allege lock were struck by the businessman.

Two stated Mr Trump had actually groped them, while four others claimed he had watched lock changing. More still claimed to have actually been assaulted by grandfather Trump during an interview and at a party.

Jessica Leeds, now 74, told the new York Times grandfather Trump had actually groped she while they were travelling in the first-class cabin of a flight to brand-new York over 30 years ago. They had actually not met before.

Ms Leeds alleges the billionaire groped her breasts and also tried to put his hand up her skirt.

“He was prefer an octopus”, she said. “His hands to be everywhere.”

Another woman, Rachel Crooks, told the document that grandfather Trump had actually kissed her on the mouth ~ she introduced herself gendergeek.orgme him in trump card Tower.

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Mr trump vehemently refuse the claims. The said: “None that this ever took place…I don’t perform it. I don’t carry out it.”

He then reportedly threatened gendergeek.orgme sue the brand-new York Times and told the reporter: “You are disgusting human being”.

What did Donald trumped say during the 2nd presidential debate?

On the leaked tape native 2005 wherein he talks around sexually assaulting women
“I"m really embarrassed through it, I dislike it, yet it"s locker room talk. It"s among those things. I will knock the hell the end of Isis”
“I dislike to to speak it yet if I win I"m going to instruct mine attorney basic to acquire a special prosecutor to look right into your situation. There has actually never been so plenty of lies, so much deception. You ought to be awkward of yourself.”
“What he"s excellent to women, there"s never ever been anybody in the background of politics in this gendergeek.orguntry that"s been so abusive to women.”

What did Donald trump say throughout the segendergeek.orgnd presidential debate?

On whether his alleged opposition to Iraq War had actually been disproven

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