Donald, Katherine, and William perform the freestyle; ours Cheesehead lastly gets a 10 native Len in the season 14 finals



We’re down to three! Katherine Jenkins, Donald Driver, and William levying performed a “judges’ choice” routine and Tom Bergeron’s favorite — the freestyle! — in tonight’s finals. This is something i cannot say every season: I’d be thrilled if any of these 3 sparkaliens winner season 14. William is a sweet, down-to-earth guy and the an interpretation of sex, Katherine is a sheer delight whether she’s speaking, to sing (!) or dancing, and also Donald just slayed the freestyle and presented sparkly Cheesehead hats come the ballroom. Is there any much more perfect encapsulation the Dancing through the Stars 보다 a gem-studded plush wedge the cheese? (Plus it’s a hat — truly the an essential accessory of the season. Long live Gavin DeGraw and Mini Driver! never ever forget.)

Let’s gain on v the bloody-mouthed show — us don’t have actually time to put band-aids top top things!

Oh my. I simply needed the scores, really. However sure, you could do that instead. It’s the FINALS!

Katherine Jenkins and Mark Ballas: 30 paso doble + 30 freestyle = 60 out of possible 60 I assumed these two looked like similar boy soldiers marching down the procedures at the beginning of the show, however ended increase glad that Katherine’s black gown v a dramatic red underbelly to be so thick and complicated. “There’s gotta it is in big, solid shapes,” their an individual coach for the week, Len Goodman, reminded them. The DANCMSTR proceeded come marvel in ~ the stamin in Mark’s calves and his “firm buttocks” seemingly out of nowhere. Considering Len was likely with castle much longer than the 20 seconds or for this reason that us were shown, this was a rawther hilarious edit. It more than comprised for the absence of the DANCMSTR patent plate, which in ~ this point could simply be a figment of mine imagination.

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Len’s season 14 transformation into Bruno Tonioli ongoing post-paso. “It was like a buffet the Spanish tapas, complete of tasty tidbits come tickle her tastebuds!” that cried. Wait, space there calves and also buttocks in tapas? yet of course! Tapas room anything you want them come be.

One of my favorite parts around the FINALS is that the couples must twirl right by the desire mirrorball trophy every so frequently so it deserve to brutally taunt them. Mine favorite part of Katherine and also Mark’s paso was simply after their brush v MBT glory: Katherine’s series of whirling dress swooshes high over Mark the knee-walker. That course, then Katherine (the cape) had to crouch an extremely still top top the floor as the large trumpet solo announced greatness (Mark’s solo tricks).

Is mark “a male who have the right to wear a hat,” together Tom suggested? The jury’s still the end on the one.

Katherine’s freestyle — a combo plate of quickstep, jive, Lindy hop, and tap — would have actually been therefore much an ext dazzling if she hadn’t been wearing clunky white nurse shoes. I’m i m really sorry to be so superficial but that’s just exactly how it is. Resolve it! I’m the worst! No, really though, aside from the shoes i didn’t think this to be a perfect dance — it was simply too fast for her in some parts and they slipped increase a times on the countless impressive lifts. I did love the staging, v Katherine headlining she own display as “The Welsh Wiggler” — and singing in the beginning. She to be so “on” in ~ the start and gradually shed momentum as she struggled to save up. Walk the dance have to be for this reason challenging? The males would have actually been much more lost here than Katherine.

NEXT: Is Peta the Edyta? A study in near-total nudity Donald Driver and Peta Murgatroyd: 29 Argentine tango + 30 freestyle = 59/60 v that knockout imperial blue “full-frontal only” number, Peta coagulation her duty as The Edyta. (Blasphemy, i know, but Lady Legwarmer is never coming back, y’all.) Peta to be “wearing many of a totality dress,” according to Tom, who was being means too generous. Peta had taken my previous characterization of all DWTS costumes — “practically naked on one side” — to an entirely level. Both sides were empty! The gloves were like legwarmers!

Nope, tho no 10 from Len top top Donald’s Argentine tango. He assumed the setup to be “a tad careful” and also that Donald could have “gone in ~ it a tiny bit stronger.” Carrie Ann emitted one “angry cat” sound here that ns hope to never hear again. “He’s really beginning to annoy me,” Tom remarked around Len. No kidding! I understand that this wasn’t the most chock-full-o’-content A.T. We’ve ever before seen, but I think that was deliberate and also it really worked for Donald in regards to intensity and intimacy in the dance. I wanted a couple of more kicks and flicks too, however I wouldn’t desire Peta and also Donald to delete any kind of of the slow, dramatic elevator or beautiful, sluggish yet super-smooth angle they made. If noþeles I’d just have liked the program to it is in longer. You understand Peta’s left cheek (the bottom one) would have actually welcomed the extra time to shine.

Donald FINALY acquired his 10 native Len after the couple’s country-music freestyle, a spinoff of and Cheryl’s “Save a Horse, drive a Cowboy” routine from season 2. (Thank God Len acquiesced — the ballroom floor/football field emblazoned with ’10’s at each yard line would have actually been for this reason embarrassed had he no obeyed that command). This was definitely the right route because that the native Texan to take — as Donald had actually predicted, William would certainly shake his target Latin-style and Katherine would come out big-swinging. For this reason why not differentiate themselves v a completely different run style, environment-friendly Bay Packers cheerleading outfits, and also cowboy hats?

Donald to be 100 percent in his aspect with all the under ‘n’ dirty moves, powerful stomps, and incredible, endless lifts. It yes, really did look favor he was DRIVING the plot of the dance through his confident enthusiasm — and it just got much better and better. I hosted my breath as they went because that a stunning collection of lifts in the last seconds and also still regulated to pull off the final flourish — similar to Donald and also Peta had actually done on threesome night with Karina and that stunner leap! they both made the look easy.

“In football, records win matches and also chances success dances,” Len said. Ah, there’s our Len again. And also here’s ours Lady of sexual Allusion: “Oh Donald. Donald. You understand I cannot resist a journey in the Wild Wild West, and as rides go, this to be a country-inspired triumph!”

Our Bruno make a sharp comment throughout his an individual training session v William Levy: “The guy has actually talent, however the other two are just as good.” There to be no shades that grey in that comment/warning come voters, yet Bruno exuded around 50 shades that gratitude as our long, high drink the mojito cubano a.k.a. “Sex ~ above Legs” scooped the up and also twirled him roughly to welcome him come the rehearsal studio.

NEXT: wilhelm Levy place the ‘tail’ in ‘cocktail’ William Levy and also Cheryl Burke: 30 cha cha + 29 freestyle = 59/60 Is it feasible to sweat with your shiny, purple, outdoor tablecloth that a half-shirt? Survey claims yes. I’ll drink come that! Cheryl collection the couples judges’ choice routine — the cha cha — in a seedy joint presumably referred to as The Mirrorbar so the William can get a good buzz on and shake his hips in such a dazzling method that Christmas streamers would need to explode at the end. DWTS Trouper Sasha Farber really had actually his game face on tonight together the bartender! There would be NO rash in the offer of those fake martinis. He would make sure of it.

I chosen this cha cha better than William and Cheryl’s much more frantic freestyle. The slower pace and reasonable “tricks list” allowed us to William’s perfect feet, posture, power level, and butt. Len dubbed William’s effort “as great as I’ve ever seen in 14 periods of cha cha cha,” and Bruno (obviously) dubbed it “an intoxicating person COCKtail that natural, flow moves.” The best part of all: baby Levy was awake because that this one! method to go, friend adorable zesty fried pork bite the a toddler. One appetizing human tiny plate that natural, waking moves!

For your freestyle, Cheryl had adopted Pink’s approach from your cha cha song, “Raise your Glass” — don’t be fancy, just acquire dance-y. It to be basically all of the Latin dances infused right into one open-shirted, wind-enhanced fireball. There was no gimmick. That’s why I thought Len would choose it! yet surprise: Len wanted more. “It was as well predictable — all you perform is shake her butt and also get the women screaming,” Len said. “I didn’t desire a salsa through lifts.” “BUT EVERYBODY rather DID!” Carrie Ann countered, revving the crowd back up to its normal fever-all-through-the-night pitch.

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“There’s naught like flexibility in life,” the tasty Cuban income reminded Brooke ~ the freestyle. Previously he’d expressed worry to Cheryl around all their facility footwork up and also down the stairs. “Anything goes wrong, we’re f—ed. It’d it is in like obtaining to a boat in Cuba and also not gaining to America.” The takeaway from every one of this the if friend don’t poll for william Levy, you will certainly be responsible for sending out him back to Cuba. Room you ready for that?

Who will win? who will head home first tonight? to be Brooke Burke Charvet acquiring married again or simply channeling her inner Helena Bonham Carter? comment on the finals below!

Hidden Gem Hunters: Watch listed below for a unique shout-out indigenous Tom Bergeron in ~ the very end that our video clip from may 8. The loves us practically as much as us love him! Tom yes, really “gets it” — gem-wise and in all other facets the life.