Notorious New York billionaire, playboy and also politician, Donald Trump has had actually his fair share that gasp worthy moments and whether friend love or dislike him, yes sir no doubt he (and his past wives) know exactly how to throw a soiree!

Hold top top tight, because we’re taking you ago through the three notorious Trump weddings.

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Wedding #1

Let’s start from the top; Czech beauty beauty Ivana (Zelnícková) Trump gained hitched in 1977 to she socialite fiancé. The two showed up as a power pair and had a joint score to build an empire together. This very secretive wedding was kept private, with not so much as a solitary photo gift released come the media (oh, just how times have actually changed, Don!). Although, yes no pics, we have no doubt the twosome would certainly have commemorated their marriage in major style. The marital relationship lasted a total of 14 years until they had actually a very public divorce over Trump’s affair with his second wife…

Wedding #2

This glamorous 1993 wedding was nothing short of a lavish to work (no pun intended), through the mrs Donald cheated top top his first wife with… Marla.

Marla Maples looked breathtaking in she timeless white silk long-sleeve Carolina Herrera wedding gown together she lugged a small pink bouquet of roses and also wore a “borrowed” 2 million dollar tiara. The seven-tier wedding cake was a standout among the wedding feast the caviar, exhilaration fish, lamb, beef, tuna and also turkey.

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Wedding #3

The young bride Melania (Knauss) Trump wed her husband in early 2005 and the pair are still going solid ten year on. This million-dollar wedding was spanned by every major media outlet and also included a guest list of much more than 350 social and also political powerheads (including Bill and also Hilary Clinton).

Melania wore a custom sleeveless hand-beaded duchesse-satin Dior gown. The dress was covered thorough embroidery which take it 550 hours’ come hand apply! However, beauty is ache Fairies and poor Melania might barely go in her gown, so for the poolside after ~ party, she readjusted into a body-hugging Vera Wang silk tulle dress slit approximately the knee. Fairly than lug a bouquet, Melania hosted a collection of household rosary beads. The wedding cake is tho the 2nd most high-quality in the world and each guest was given their own cacao cake to take it home… have to we say 3rd time lucky, Trump?