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What will the accumulation be provided for? To finish the documentary of general Chuck Yeager’s life and service. Who will benefit? Students and the public will certainly benefit. Over there are countless life class in basic Yeager’s history. For details on exactly how to support, visit the gofundme page.

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Recent Articles about General lining Yeager

Remembering the little MomentsSpring, 2021, video game Trails (Dallas Safari society magazine), by Joe De Silva

We at Cape Town searching Safaris and also Tours had actually the pure privilege and also honour to have the late Brigadier general Chuck Yeager and his wife Victoria visit us twice in southern Africa.

During their visit in 2010, they spent two weeks v us hunting and also touring. This was basic Yeager’s very first time hunting and touring in Africa. However, the basic did mention to Nicole the he had “bombed” Libya (gunnery practice at U.S. Air basic there) numerous years ago while quiet on energetic duty yet guessed this did no count as a visit. Needless come say, that pilgrimage was not arranged by any type of tour company…

HQ&A: lining YeagerHQ 77 | feather 2012, Huntington Quarterly, by Jack Houvouras

This year point out the 65th anniversary the Gen. Lining Yeager’s breaking the sound barrier. Us sat down v the life legend to acquire his thoughts on do history, contemporary aviation, his scholarship regimen at Marshall and also the challenge of slowing under for a guy who has actually lived life at complete throttle.

Having simply turned 89, Brig. Gen. Chuck Yeager shows couple of signs of slowing down, yet that shouldn’t come as a surprised to the aviation icon once known as the an initial fastest guy alive. The Hamlin, W.Va., aboriginal earned that title on Oct. 14, 1947, when he did the unthinkable and also broke the sound obstacle in the Bell X-1, i m sorry he named Glamorous Glennis after ~ his very first wife. Yeager’s feat ushered in America’s gyeongju for an are and forever changed the human being of aviation…

Exemplary Yeager fan a lifetime of Gratitude because that ExceptionalismDecember 10, 2020, Newsmax, through Newt Gingrich

The death of lining Yeager in ~ 97 is a an excellent time to reflect on his exceptional life — and also on the nature that American exceptionalism at the separation, personal, instance level.

Yeager to be much more than the test pilot that flew faster than sound because that the very first time.

Yeager was an American patriot that graduated from high school and joined the U.S. Military at the start of human being War II. He operated hard and also became one enlisted pilot trainee and then ended up flying in three wars…

14 reasons Chuck Yeager might Be The biggest Military Pilot Of every Time

March 23, 2016, service InsiderAir pressure legend Charles Elwood “Chuck” Yeager rotate 93 this year…and what an remarkable life it’s been. Right here are a few reasons why the exclusive who increased to come to be a general just might be the biggest military pilot ever…

Bell X-1 “Glamorous Glennis”, November 2, 2015

Bell X-1 on the floor at the Smithsonian milestones of flight exhibit. Photograph Credit: Mike Flynn

Bell X-1 ~ above on the floor at the Smithsonian landmarks of trip exhibit. Photo Credit: Mike Flynn

On October 14, 1947, U.S. Air force Capt. Charles E. “Chuck” Yeager became the an initial human come fly quicker than the speed of sound, piloting this Bell X-1 study aircraft. Yeager called the aircraft “Glamorous Glennis” in tribute to his wife, Glennis Yeager. The aircraft has actually been on screen at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D. C., and also is currently temporarily top top the floor that the shopping mall location. Photos by Mike Flynn., November, 2014

Punch a hole in the Sky: one Oral history of The best StuffAs chuck Yeager freshly Tweeted: “Pretty an excellent article ~ above The right Stuff”, this article tells the story the the The appropriate Stuff movie which carried Tom Wolfe’s book to the huge screen in 1983, informing the story of test pilots choose Chuck Yeager break the sound barrier and also launching towards the exosphere. Philip Kaufman (The right Stuff writer, director) said that chuck Yeager personified “the best stuff”, therefore he envisioned a movie based roughly that main character. Together Chuck Yeager, who offered as a technological consultant for the movie, refers to the era, “Air force test pilots that were doing the nitty-gritty work. We weren’t getting complimentary houses or notoriety. We were working our tails turn off for $250 a month. Plenty of of us were dying in the process. Yeager likewise is quoted in the article revealing “Some of mine friends play extras, such together Korky Kevorkian, a pilot and also fruit farmer indigenous Reedley, California. I played a bartender.” read more.

Appeal-Democrat, January, 2014

Duty resulted in history: capturing up through Chuck YeagerGen. Chuck Yeager was interviewed by David Bitton of Gen. Yeager emphasized that Duty comes an initial and that doing his Duty was an initial and foremost in causing his successes. The Appeal-Democrat got to out come the life Legend to obtain his thoughts on nearby Beale Air pressure Base, to help reacquaint the public with critical part of military history, and to share his incites to the modern-day “Global hawk Era”. Read more.

Huntington Quarterly, May, 2012

Gen. Chuck Yeager to be interviewed by Jack Houvouras to mark the 65th anniversary the his breaking the sound barrier. Gen. Yeager shared his thoughts on make history, contemporary aviation, his scholarship regimen at Marshall University, and also the challenge of slowing down for a male who has lived life at complete throttle. Having actually just turn 89, Brig. Gen. Chuck Yeager shows few signs of slowly down, but that do not do it come as a surprised to those who recognize the aviation icon was once well-known as the fastest guy alive. Check out more.

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The Namibian, November 11, 2011, through Jana-Mari Smith

Yeager wows Namibians
The legendary test pilot, who has clocked much more than 19 000 flying hours throughout his illustrious career, demonstrates that he is tho young in ~ heart, fight ready and as passionate about flying and also life as ever. Review more.

URGENT: If you live in West Virginia, Alabama, or Georgia and also have purchased any aviation autographs from any kind of site other than “”, or if friend attended Maxwell AFB wait Command & staff College between 1982 and also 2000, the general Yeager structure needs your help. Please contact editor