Life happens, which method dry spells happen, am i right? No biggie—unless that dry spell morphs into an ext of a, well, major drought.

Wondering why don"t I desire to have actually sex anymore? Well, “It’s regular for there to it is in an ebb and flow in sex-related desire in a marriage,” claims Ramani Durvasula, PhD, a license is granted clinical psychologist, and also author that Should I continue to be or should I Go?.

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Factors prefer stress, time, and also kids can seriously zap her sex drive. That said, you shouldn"t just provide up on her sex life forever. “Getting front of it is important,” Durvasula says.

Here are some of the most usual reasons why women shed their sex drives, to add what come do around it.

1. Birth control

“Because there space hormones in the birth manage pill, the reaction can vary from woman to woman, depending on your body chemistry and the type of hormone mixture in the pill,” states Jennifer Wider, MD.

This occurred to pagan J., 32, who suddenly stopped wanting to have sex through her BF: "The point is, every little thing was okay. I loved him completely and was super-attracted to him. It to be a the atmosphere thing. I ended up detect out i was emotion this way because the my birth control, and also once the physician took me off, ns felt far better and we started having a decent sex life again, law it around two to 3 times a week.”

If her libido seems to walk on a permanent vacation best after you begin a brand-new hormonal birth manage method, talk to your doctor. “There are loads of alternatives to pick from and also having her sex life impaired as result of medication can be quickly overcome for many people,” Dr. Broader says.

2. New Motherhood

Motherhood have the right to be rough on her sex life. “You’re tired, emphasize out, and may no feel sexy anymore,” Durvasula says. “Is the a formula? No. But for plenty of women it’s real.”

“Nobody speak you this once you’re a teen or in your twenties, however sex is method different after ~ you have actually kids," states Juliet M, 29. "Mainly since I’m constantly tired and also the last thing I want to carry out is obtain naked, present my husband my post-pregnancy body, and also have sex. Don’t get me wrong, i love him, and I love our life together. I just feel blah about my body, and also I’d also rather sleep as soon as the kids sleep than continue to be up and have sex."


Yeppp, gift a mom way constantly tending to the needs and demands the others, and at some point, sex have the right to feel like an additional demand. Try talking to your partner about the pressures you’re dealing with and also be open about how it’s affecting your sex life. Then, watch if castle can help with any of the obligations you’re handling on the regular, Durvasula says. That may aid lift your sex drive.

3. Body Image

That body image concern Juliet discussed is real. "If girlfriend feel great about yourself and also appreciate her body, you"re more likely to be open up to sex-related activities," states Janet Brito, PhD, a clinical psychologist and also sexologist in Honolulu. Shot these 7 means To start Feeling an ext Confident right Now.

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5. You’re put on Too countless Hats

A subset the stress, many women finish up playing multiple roles and fulfilling lot of obligations, Brito says, which have the right to feel overwhelming. Think: "being a partner and also a mother, while balancing your career and personal life," she says. It"s straightforward for the last one—personal life—to take it a earlier seat. Again, speak to your partner about how castle can help out!

6. Connection Boredom

Sex with the same human “can begin to feeling formulaic” ~ a while, Durvasula says. Or, as Linda B, 48, says: “I’ve to be married for over 23 years. I’ve had actually all the sex I need to in mine life, and also truthfully, I’m simply over it."

➡ sign up with WH stronger today and also get unlimited accessibility to digital content, exclude, workouts, and also more!Instead the looking at it as the same old, very same old, Durvasula proposal reminding yourself that this is something distinct that only you and also your companion share. That, and doing what you deserve to to spice points up. Shot taking a vacation together and having hotel sex, or working in some new positions. “Anything that can make sex feel new is great,” she says. And, if points still aren’t working for you, it might be time to take into consideration couples therapy.

7. Partnership Conflict

"Some people won"t be interested in having actually sex after ~ a fight, while others will use sex to fix the rupture," claims Brito. If you"re in the previous camp, you"re probs no so interested in having actually sex v a human being you"re feeling less than fond of—makes sense! The reality is, even if it is or not problem makes you wanna acquire it on, you"ll need to get to the root of your issues if you desire the relationship to proceed long-term. Facts!

8. Lack Of Time

When you feel stressed past belief, you may likewise feel choose you just. Don"t. Have. Time. Totally fair. This is whereby scheduling sex can really come in handy—and it"s not as lame as it sounds. “It"s no spontaneous, yet it’s more likely come happen," relationship experienced Terri Orbuch told WH in This Is the Right method to Schedule Sex. Who knows—scheduled sex can be hotter than you think: Planning for intimacy have the right to mean less distraction and more build-up!

9. Pregnancy

"A adjust in hormone levels and also body changes that occur during pregnancy may affect libido," states Brito. However this deserve to go either way: some women notice a higher sex drive throughout pregnancy, when others notification a decrease. One of two people is okay! however if a autumn in your desire is interfering with your pleasure or relationship, walk ahead and "discuss any type of concerns through your clinical provider, partner, and/or therapist," Brito says.

10. Crappy Sleep

"If you"re tired, the last thing you most likely want to execute is have actually sex," Brito says. "It"s finest to determine the best time the the day that you have actually the most power in order to maximize your possibilities of getting it on."

So, if you often tend to feeling zapped in ~ night, shot having morning sex instead. Or, walk to bed one hour earlier so you feel much more relaxed and less rushed to autumn asleep ASAP, leaving more time because that ~other things.~

11. Your sexual Orientation has Changed

“When I shed interest in having actually sex through my boyfriend, about two years into the relationship, I began investigating why, and also began to admit to myself that ns think I’m just changing my sexual preference and may have an attraction come females. I’ve been through females before, and I thought I was over it. I guess I’m not. I still loved my boyfriend, yet maybe an ext in a friend sort of way? ns told my boyfriend the truth, and also at first, he was completely taken earlier and a little offended. Us met each various other in the middle, and also now we have actually an open up relationship, which i feel is modern-day and most civilization understand.” —Sarah B., 24


While this have the right to work for part couples, it’s a tough thing to navigate, Durvasula says. “It needs a lot of communication, conversations, openness, and honesty,” she says. “Normal human being emotions like jealousy and safety all come into play here.” some couples can feel the an open relationship improves what they have actually together “but it’s not a systems for a most people,” Durvasula says. “Many favor to be in a monogamous union.”

12. Girlfriend Have new Kinks

Even if you"re still attracted to your partner, you may be craving different things in the bedroom than you used to. Probably you favored spanking year ago, but you"re not so right into it now. That"s okay! your sexual preferences may transition over time, and perhaps over there are brand-new things you"d like to try. The crucial is voice them to your S.O. Try: "Is there anything you"d like to shot in bed? I"ve been thinking around X (XX)."

13. Shame

Lots of human being are affected by restrictive views on sexuality, Brito says, a.k.a. Feel of shame or guilt. Did you prosper up believing sex to be shameful? That could easily affect your views on sex into adulthood, and also you could advantage from talking this out with a professional.

14. Anxiety

Welcome to contemporary life. Anxiety doesn"t precisely feel sexy, for this reason if you"ve been emotion anxious lately, it"s completely normal for her sex life to take it a hit. (See: Anxiety totally Ruined mine Sex Life—But climate It Made mine Relationship even Better). "Mindfulness and also relaxation techniques may help you relax and also increase your body awareness, two attributes necessary for boosting sexual drive," Brito says.

15. Depression

If you uncover yourself suddenly not wanting sex, Durvasula recommends checking in through your doctor to make sure everything is it s okay on the wellness front. Things like depression, hormonal changes, and particular medications have the right to all affect your libido, she clues out. In fact, low sex journey is a usual side impact of part antidepressants; speak to your doc around your options.

16. You’re not Orgasming

Look, I"m not saying one orgasm is the ~only~ factor to have sex, however it"s a large one...and plenty of women have actually trouble climaxing. Your companion wants friend to enjoy sex, so provide him/her a couple of pointers. "Identify what friend like, understand your body and what brings her pleasure, and learn to assert yourself," Brito says. Begin by suggestions among the 24 ideal Sex toys For Couples.

17. Your companion Is having actually Some...Issues

Lots of guys have trouble acquiring it up...even younger ones, explains sex therapist Brandy Engler, PhD: “I’ve seen a big influx in the past couple of year of young guys coming in because that this.” Anxiety, smoking, and also lack the exercise might all it is in culprits, therefore if this is an ongoing problem, it"s worth bringing approximately your partner. Engler says your finest bet is to have the convo *outside* the bedroom, not as soon as you"re both naked and feeling extra vulnerable.

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The bottom line: There are plenty of reasons because that a short sex drive. No issue the cause, have actually an open dialogue with your partner and also be honest about how you’re feeling. If friend still want to it is in close come them, hold their hand, kiss, and also touch them, those space all good signs, claims Durvasula. If friend don’t, it could be a authorize of a depths issue.

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