have actually you viewed an interesting -- or attack -- "Don"t Tread ~ above Me" vanity sign lately? Tell united state what it said in the comments -- or better, email Dan a picture of it.





Not too lengthy ago, in ~ the urging of a reader, i did a bit of research into the madness popular, Tea Party-inspired "Don"t Tread ~ above Me" tag in the gendergeek.org Valley. You know, the one with the Gadsden flag.

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The leader was slightly alarmed ~ she"d seen one of these personalized v a Virginia-issued license tag H8R H8S, or "Hater Hates." Cute, huh?

Another one she"d noticed: PRD TOR. Including the coiled snake in the center, i beg your pardon looks like a lowercase "a" it seems to signify "Predator." one more cute one.

Those space hardly the border of their owners creativity, however. One (on the left) is dedicated to the Texas senator that does a an excellent Joe McCarthy imitation.

Still rather have chose to make funny of the tag and also some that the human being who dig it. Angry SOC 1ST, likewise on the left.

Another, who may be ready to "risk his neck because that his brother man" suggests a proclivity because that misspelling even basic works.

And tho others use them come advertise their smaller government credo, or the weapons they"re packing. (Incidentally, the man who posted LES GVT claimed on AR15.com to be a federal government employee -- a cop).

• Statewide, 29,745 DTOM plates have actually been issued. Of those, 1,406 room on motorcycles, the remainder are top top cars, SUVs and pickups.

• There have actually been 752 DTOM tag issued to gendergeek.org valley zip password 24012-19. Of those, 697 are on cars, trucks and SUVs and 55 room on motorcycles.

• that the gendergeek.org valley cars, trucks and also SUVS through "Don"t Tread on Me" tages, 261 space personalized. Top top motorcycles, 55 are personalized.

• 24018 (southern and southwest gendergeek.org County) has actually the many "Don"t Tread ~ above Me tags issued -- 170. Of those, 72 room personalized.

• 24019 (the Hollins area of phibìc gendergeek.org County) comes in #2, with 152 that the tags. That those, 60 are personalized.

• 24012 (parts of Northwest and also Northeast gendergeek.org and also stretching northeast come Bonsack area) is #3, v 133 of the tags. 50 the those room personalized.

• 24016 (most of i m sorry is in Northwest gendergeek.org) has the fewest DTOM tags, with 17. That those, 6 space personalized.

I make the efforts to acquire a perform of all the DTOM vanity tags in the valley to see what other clever personalizations I could discover. (A bunch the them are going to be merely the owners" initials). Yet the DMV wanted me to pay $318 because that that, or approximately $700 if I wanted them damaged down by the valley"s zip codes.

If you"ve seen any interesting vanity tags of this details type, please email me v what it says -- and even better, connect a photo!

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