Through the linked talents of songwriterKris Kristoffersonand silky-voiced singerRay Price, "For the an excellent Times" quickly came to be one of nation music"s many impactful enhancements to renowned culture. Composed by Kristofferson in 1968, the song ended up being an American pop conventional in early out time, thanks largely to it gift Price"s only Top 40 crossover hit.

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Beginning with the line "Don"t look therefore sad...," Kristofferson wrote one of the most heartbreaking love song from a genre that, cliche or not, is widely associated with heartbreak. Per RollingStone, it ranks 18th amongst the40 saddest country songs of all time, edged the end byKeith Whitleytribute "Go remainder High on the Mountain," one more Kristofferson original in "Sunday Morning coming Down" and a few other all-time greats.

Its seminal recording remains a 1970 fight by Price. The voice of theNashville Sound wrung every drop of pain indigenous its lyrics for his fifth No. 1 nation single. His recording winner the Academy of country Music (ACM) tune of the Year award, v the studio album bearing its name lauded as the ACM Album that the Year. Price"s hit additionally netted a Grammy.

"For the good Times" and also B-side "Grazin" in Greener Pastures" made for a jukebox-friendly record, developed for Columbia records by producer Don Law. An early "70s operation of success followed, consisting of a wire of 3 No. 1 singles ("I Won"t mention It Again," "She"s acquired to be a Saint" and also "You"re the ideal Thing That ever before Happened to Me") in three years.

Over time, "For the great Times" came to be a country standard, extended by Willie Nelson, Chet Atkins, Kenny Rogers,Glen Campbell, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Lynn Anderson, Anne Murray,Dolly Parton,Johnny Cash, Joe Diffie and Jamey Johnson. It"s additionally been interpreted by Perry Como, Frank Sinatra, Al Green,Elvis Presley, Andy Williams, Jerry Lee Lewis and others.

Today, it"s a reminder that the Nashville Sound that hosted back much more ballyhooed outlaws wasn"t always a bad thing. It provided a platform for dynamic singers like Price to take the functions of Kristofferson and also other songwriting giants come a mainstream audience, transforming worthy talent into household names.

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This article was originally published in 2018.

"For the great Times" Lyrics

Don"t look therefore sadI recognize it"s overBut life goes onAnd this old worldWill keep on turning

Let"s just be gladWe had some time to invest togetherThere"s no should watch the bridgesThat to be burning

Lay her head upon my pillowHold your warm and tender bodyClose come mineHear the whisper of the rain dropsBlowing soft against the windowAnd make think you love meOne an ext timeFor the an excellent times

I"ll get alongYou"ll find anotherAnd I"ll it is in hereIf girlfriend should find you ever before need meDon"t say a word around tomorrowOr foreverThere"ll be time enough for sadnessWhen you leaving me