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TRANSCRIPT:Bruce Dickinson.....Christopher take walk Eric Bloom.....Chris Parnell Buck Dharma.....Horatio Sanz Alan.....Chris Kattan Bobby.....Jimmy Fallon Gene Frenkle.....Will Ferrell

Announcer: after ~ a series of staggering defeats, Blue Oyster Cult assembled in the record studio in so late 1976 because that a conference with famous producer Bruce Dickinson. And, luckily because that us, the cameras to be rolling.

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< dissolve to recording studio >

Bruce Dickinson: Alright, guys, ns think we"re ready to lay this first track down. By the way, my name is Bruce Dickinson. Yes, the Bruce Dickinson. And also I gotta call you: fellas.. Girlfriend have acquired what shows up to it is in a gunpowder sound!

Eric Bloom: comes from you, Bruce, that method a lot.

Buck Dharma: Yeah. Ns mean, you"re Bruce Dickinson!

Alan: This is incredible!

Bobby: ns can"t believe Bruce Dickinson digs our sound!

Bruce Dickinson: Easy, guys.. I put my trousers on just like the rest of friend -- one leg in ~ a time. Except, when my pants space on, i make gold records. < the group laughs > Alright, right here we go. "Fear... Don"t fear the Reaper" -- take it one. Role it < he exits right into the control booth >

Eric Bloom: Alright! One, two, three, four...

< The team starts the song: "All our times have come…Here yet now they"re gone..." -- Bobby slaps the drums, Eric jams his guitar, and also Gene bangs top top a cowbell. >

Eric Bloom: < distracted through Gene banging the cowbell > Okay! Wait! Wait! Stop! < the team cuts turn off their instruments > Um, Bruce, might you come in right here for a minute, please?

Bruce Dickinson: < stepping the end of the booth > That... The was gonna be a great track. Guys, what"s the deal?

Eric Bloom: Uh, room you certain that was sounding okay?

Bruce Dickinson: I"ll be honest.. Fellas, it to be sounding great. But.. Ns could"ve used a little more cowbell. So.. Let"s take it it again.. And, Gene?

Gene Frenkle: Yeah?

Bruce Dickinson: Really explore the studio room this time.

Gene Frenkle: You obtained it, Bruce.

Bruce Dickinson: ns mean, really.. Explore the space. I like what I"m hearing. Role it.

< the team starts the song again, as Gene bangs an ext wildly ~ above the cowbell, gyrating his exposed belly. In the booth, take walk is laugh to save from laughing. Prior to the conference is interrupted, Gene misses a to win on his cowbell.>

Eric Bloom: Okay, wait! Stop! Stop! Bruce, I"m sorry, could you come back in here, please?

Bruce Dickinson: < stepping the end of the booth > Fellas.. Now, we just wasted two great tracks! This critical one to be even better than the first!

Eric Bloom: Well, it"s just that I uncover Gene"s cowbell playing distracting! i don"t know, if I"m the only one, I"ll shut up.

Buck Dharma: Nah, it was pretty rough.

Gene Frenkle: friend know, I can pull it back a little, if you"d like.

Bruce Dickinson: Not as well much, though! I"m telling you, fellas -- you"re gonna desire that cowbell top top the track!

Gene Frenkle: You know what? It"s fine. Let"s simply do the thing.

Bruce Dickinson: Okay, roll it.

Eric Bloom: One, two, three, four...

< the tape starts the song once more, with Gene banging the cowbell right alongside Eric"s ear until Eric pushes him, knocking over the microphone and causing Horatio Sanz to fall >

Eric Bloom: < preventing the tune again, fighting Gene > COME ON, GENE!!

Gene Frenkle: NO, you COME ON!!

Bruce Dickinson: < running the end of the booth again > Guys, y’ know…that…that…it doesn"t work for me. I gotta have much more cowbell!

Alan: < take away Gene"s shirt > Don"t blow this for us, Gene!

Bobby: < crack up > Quit... Quit gift so selfish, Gene!

Gene Frenkle: have the right to I just say one thing?

Bruce Dickinson: Sure, baby! just say it!

Gene Frenkle: I"m stand here, staring at rock legend Bruce Dickinson!

Bruce Dickinson: The prick of the walk, baby!

Gene Frenkle: and also if Bruce Dickinson wants an ext cowbell, we should probably provide him more cowbell!

Bruce Dickinson: say it, baby!

Gene Frenkle: And, Bobby, you are appropriate - i am being selfish. But the last time ns checked, us don"t have actually a totality lot of song that function the cowbell.

Bruce Dickinson: ns gotta have more cowbell, baby!

Gene Frenkle: and I"d it is in doing myself a disservice -- and every member that this band, if i didn’t do the HELL the end of this!

Bruce Dickinson: assumption: v what? I obtained a fever! and the only prescription.. Is an ext cowbell!

Gene Frenkle: thank you, Bruce. Yet I think if... Ns think if I simply leave... And also maybe I"ll come earlier later, and we have the right to lay down the cowbell. < start to leaving the studio >

Bruce Dickinson: Aw, come on, baby..

Eric Bloom: Gene, wait! Why don"t you lay down that cowbell right now. V us. Together.

< long pause when Gene looks roughly at the tape >

Gene Frenkle: execute you mean that, Eric?

Eric Bloom: Oh, yeah.

Buck Dharma: He speaks for every one of us.

Gene Frenkle: thank you.

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Bruce Dickinson: Babies.. Before we"re done here.. Y"all be wearing gold-plated diapers.