Don"t autumn in love through a girl that loves to travel, since she is nothing prefer the rest of them. She is different, one action closer to finding her objective in life. And also I know since I"m among them. Girls like me are high maintenance, and the ride"s no going to it is in easy. Right here are some factors why you need to never date a girl that is bitten by wanderlust.

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A simple dinner date won"t suffice. Wining and also dining is other she loves, but not in ~ a restaurant. She"d quite sip on alcohol while sitting beside you, under the stars, enjoying the sound of flow flowing nearby.

Life v her is uncertain. So you favor to have your ducks in a row; know precisely when you will acquire married and also even recognize the name of her kids. Well, she couldn"t treatment less around this stuff. She loves a life the uncertainty and also simply goes wherever life take away her. Treatment to go along?

She won"t work out for the same ole. She loves new places, cultures, cuisines and also adventures. A well-travelled girl loves come try new and amazing things and does whatever she have the right to to break away type routine. Therefore if you are a creature of habit, you"ll have to say goodbye come her.


There"s no such thing as a lazy weekend through her. Every weekend will be booked because that a destination. You don"t have come worry around planning the though, due to the fact that she will certainly take care ofeverything!

She"s free-spirited and also won"t hesitate come speak her mind. She will not shy far from saying points that can hurt you. She will certainly disagree and fight and also make certain her allude is put forward. Introduce her to your parents and you will find her having actually a conflict over global warming and social issues.

She could know an ext than you. Your college stories are simply going to bore her since she has actually so countless other amazing stories that her own to share. And also yes, she could all the fist at parties due to the fact that of them.

It"s not all around money because that her. Her savings room her memories, she stamps or she coins the she built up from all her many travels.


Nothing will ever be same. Just mental that date a girl who loves to take trip will adjust your life forever. She will certainly be turn off chasing rainbows and will mean to check out you at the end of them, wait for her. If friend can"t perform that, climate she is not expected for you.

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She appreciates the tiny things. She won"t sweat the small stuff in a relationship. Little things make a distinction to her and also she is quite laidback. Too straightforward going for you?

Settling under is not in her vocabulary. Even after ~ you space married and also have kids, she would desire to travel and also will execute it, through or without you. Image courtesy ShutterstockMore ~ above >> Relationships