with the Biermanns ago home in Atlanta, the family unpack and also reflect on every the high, lows, and also unseen moment of your cross-country road trip. 21:52

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The Biermann’s epic shore to shore trip finally comes to an end on the clear beaches of Los Angeles. But as lock prepare come say goodbye come the RV, a visit come a psychic raises part eye-opening questions about Ariana’s future. 21:52

record a unique episode that “Don’t it is in Tardy” featuring added content and also road pilgrimage trivia. 21:52

Cha-Ching! ~ weeks the setbacks and also struggles, Kim lastly reaches her happy place - las Vegas. It’s a whirlwind night that gambling and much more gambling. The just thing that can possibly pull she away is the majestic see of the grand Canyon. 21:52


S8/EP12 Kroy Biermann: "It takes a very special crew come pull you yourself away for six straight weeks."
S1/EP8 Kim: "I wonder if anyone is every happy leaving vegas 'cause i don't feel prefer they would be."
S8/EP10 Kim states the cool Canyon is the many beautiful point she has ever seen "besides mine children."
S8/EP10 while Kim, Kroy, and Brielle pat -and win!- at the craps table, Ariana is stuck babysitting the littles.
S8/EP9 Kroy Biermann come Kim: "You've been such a trooper and you need to keep being a trooper."

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