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Good advice for all those wannabe rappers the end there trying to develop their street cred by shooting up purchase malls and firing top top police. You can recall comparable incidents happening in recent years in the Charleston area involving gang affiliated self-proclaimed “rappers” shoot up Northwoods Mall, Citadel Mall, gas stations and Chuck E. Cheese’s. Lock don’t care who gets caught in the crossfire as long as they deserve to remedy any kind of perceived “disrespect” by gunning down their rival.

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The most recent incident taken place in Charlotte, NC at the Northlake mall on Christmas Eve. Two groups who had been “feuding” (according LE) ran right into one one more at the journey shoe store. Those who store up v the news already know there space some things law enforcement administrators don’t prefer to speak about. Thinks like gang violence, gyeongju based attacks on whites (think las Vegas) and also terrorism frequently see those administrators, and also politicians interested just in maintaining the tourists coming, participating in verbal gymnastics to avoid telling the totality truth.

As a result of this “feud” a struggle ensued in the shoe store. Together is usually the case, the gang-bangers who were acquiring the worst of the fight traction guns and started shooting. One officer working an off-duty security job at the mall responded to the scene with time to check out a doubt pulling a handgun indigenous his waistband together he exited the business. There space reports the suspect fired top top the officer. Either way, the officer walk what he had actually to after quickly weighing the aspects of the ability, opportunity and jeopardy gift by an armed suspect in a to buy mall complete of people. The officer fired to stop the threat and also put the doubt down.

I understand what you are thinking and also the prize is – yes, Northlake shopping mall is a asserted “gun-free zone”. Liberals favor to think make those kinds of declarative statements and also posting indications on doors will prevent everyone from entering while transporting a firearm. Unfortunately, the only people disarmed in this “gun-free” zones room the legislation abiding CWP holders. As confirmed by the video below, the criminals will constantly be armed.

Update – a reader has actually advised me the company which own Northlake does not restrict CCW/open bring in your facilities. Further information deserve to be found at this link listed by the reader. I evaluate the correction.

The suspect in that video was quickly figured out on the internet as Daquan Antonio Westbrook, 18, also known by his “rapper” name of “Donkey Cartel“. In the quiet shot below you can see Westbrook drawing his weapon together he exit the shoes store.

In the video above you can hear one according to shot adhered to by roughly eight shots v a reduced decibel level. In the video below the sound of gunfire room a little bit clearer.

Whenever a black color criminal is shooting by police a variety of things space guaranteed to happen. The an initial is usually insurance claims of innocence, frequently referred come by cynics together the “he dindonuffin” statements. Next, the media, black color lives issue (only once they fit the agenda) crowd and supporters that the corridor member, rapper, or every little thing start to call grown ass guys “children” or “teens”. If you monitor crime news ~ above a continuous basis friend should currently know only black criminals room afforded this courtesy by the media. White thugs who space eighteen or older are referred to as a “man”. I’m no sure, however that may also be in the AP style Guide.

Here is one example.

Note the native “gunning this kid down”. Vonkesha, prefer a many folks in she age and also ethnic group, appears to have actually a serve absence of knowledge of the principle of personal responsibility. That would show up she also watches a many CSI as evidenced by her analysis of the scene and bullet trajectories.

The next thing to occur shortly after these incidents is the media posting statements by family and also friends declare the deceased was a “good kid” and “was acquiring his life together” after part run-ins v the legislation when he was younger. Nobody of these journalists ever before bother come report the real facts concerning the criminal history of the “good teen”.

Here is a news post which perfectly demonstrates the over is true. Keep in mind the headline. “Parents of armed teen in ~ Northlake shopping mall speak out”.

Here is an additional news write-up from another media outlet as backup. Keep in mind the headline. “Friends, society media offer insight right into teen killed in Northlake mall shooting”.

Note the fact that no story bothers to provide all the pertinent details around Westbrook. The story claiming society media gave the reporter “insight” right into Westbrook never even attempts come give all of the understanding obtainable through social media.

That brings me to one more step in the procedure of deifying the collapse criminal and also that is the virtually immediate scrubbing that the previously mentioned social media accounts. In this situation the scrubbing to be done an extremely quickly. Fortunately, several of us managed to catch some of the real “insight” right into Westbrook.

For example, i was able to discover Westbrook to be a black color racist who preferred to take images with his firearms. Westbrook was barred through state and also federal law from possessing those firearms as result of his criminal history, but we all understand the law does not stop criminals from doing what lock want.

If you assumed the “journalists” who research Westbrook’s social media accounts because that “insight” would point out the two articles below you room ignorant of how the media works. Now, if Westbrook had actually been white this two posts would be in every news story around this incident and the media would find a reason to carry them increase again every few weeks.

As displayed in the news stories linked over the media willingly presents statements around the deceased criminal like, “Westbrook’s parents admit he obtained in the trouble v the law when he to be younger because that at the very least one break-in, yet said the was obtaining his life together”. Together I mentioned, the “journalist” never bothered to present the reality as he propagandized because that this “teen”. Among the articles did perform a fast drive-by and mentioned the Westbrook was wearing two (TWO) fishing eye monitors at as soon as for an unspecified period.

Shall we take a look at the facts? every one of this info was readily available on the web. It took me much less that 2 minutes to uncover it at the Mecklenburg county Jail website. Any type of “journalist” v a modicum the self-respect and a solitary iota of investigative skill could have found the very same information. To it is in honest, they more than likely did, however editorial policies in this day and age stop them from reporting the actual facts.

One break-in, huh? The graphic above represents Westbrook’s criminal background back to 2013, once he to be 16 years old. We understand from an errant news report the Westbrook has been committing crimes and getting arrested since he to be at least thirteen years old. I am going to run with the litany the charges native the arrests shown above.

7 July 2013 – charged with armed robbery with a fatal weapon one conspiracy come commit equipped robbery with a deadly weapon.

29 November 2013 – charged v carrying a covert weapon.

13 Deccember 2013 – charged through possession the a steal vehicle, hit and run and also resisting arrest.

1 January 2014 – charged v possession the a weapon through a judge felon.

16 January 2014 – charged with possession the a firearm and larceny.

10 July 2014 – charged with 3 counts of attack with a fatal weapon v intent to kill, 2 counts the discharging a firearm right into an populated property and also injury to personal property.

19 august 2014 – charged through forgery.

28 April 20015 – charged with reckless driving, possession the a firearm through a judge felon, possession of marijuana, possession that a firearm on educational property and fleeing to elude in a motor vehicle.

10 June 2015 – charged through a probation violation.

7 October 2015 – charged through felony larceny and aiding and also abetting felony larceny.

11 October 2015 – charged v possession with intent to distribute marijuana and resisting arrest.

Three conclusions deserve to readily be attracted from the information above. One – Daquan Westbrook was not “getting his life together”. In fact, he was proceeding his criminal activity undeterred through the regulation of multiple arrests. 2 – Mecklenburg county seems to have actually the same problem as Charleston county once it concerns keeping serial offenders behind bars. Westbrook has actually been arrested every pair of month (and periodically within job of one another) due to the fact that 2013. Three – just like in south Carolina, the politically correct prosecutors and judges will certainly bend end backwards to limit the number of black serial felons lock sentence to prison time and leave them on the street. Affirmative action for serial felons go exist.

That October arrest for marijuana distribution probably defines this photograph from Westbrook’s Instagram account. Lord knows the couldn’t possibly be making much money from his “rap career”. Seriously, have actually you listened to any of this stuff?

Here space some other interesting catches taken native Westbrook’s miscellaneous social media accounts before the scrubbing.

The very first Twitter post below, date 20 December, suggests Westbrook’s cousin was looking to handle his company with the other thugs he ran right into at Northlake mall on Christmas Eve. News reports indicate his brothers was shooting on Thanksgiving day and also the beef at the mall stemmed indigenous that. Black lives matter, right?

This next article from 22 December reflects Westbrook had at the very least a simple understand of projectile physics. Possibly this “good boy” was just engaging in some scientific research and chose Northlake Mall as his research laboratory.

For the uninitiated and also uninformed, a “chopper” is an AK-47 or one of it’s variants.

This short article from 21 December seems to suggest Westbrook was liven running native the police in ~ Northlake Mall.

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I invested a career bottling up frustration at the courts and also the media. Now I to be able to address these issues and don’t have to worry around whether my filter is turned on. I threw the filter away the day i left law enforcement. The require for an alternative news site willing to present the truth of a given incident is about as apparent as have the right to be. As result of this I will attempt to attend to the worries or research cases and also defendants and also publish a story every job or two. Store coming earlier for more and feel totally free to re-superstructure the site and the Facebook web page with friends and family.