"No, i am no Don Lemon’s ex-girlfriend,” a reporter indigenous the CBS affiliate in brand-new Orleans stated after she was spotted through the CNN anchor on brand-new Year"s Eve.

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CNN anchor Don Lemon invested another new Year's eve drinking in brand-new Orleans together co-host Brooke Baldwin.Read moreAlice Stewart / Twitter / Alice Stewart / Twitter

CNN anchor Don Lemon is understand for the alcohol-heavy new Year’s night broadcasts he co-hosts together Brooke Baldwin in new Orleans.

While ringing in the brand-new year in 2017, Lemon downed shots while having his ear pierced. In 2018, he suck the head of a boiled crawfish handed to him by a stranger. His yearly liquor-fuel antics have actually earned the Baton Rouge indigenous the yearly hashtag #DrunkDonLemon.

This time around, the one-time NBC10 reporter assumed he spotted an ex-girlfriend called Michelle in the group at The Spotted Cat in the French Quarter during CNN’s live brand-new Year’s coverage.

“I provided to date her,” Lemon said, waving to the mrs in the crowd. “Oh mine god! Mom, if you room watching in ~ home, perform you remember Michelle?"

"Are friend serious?” Baldwin responded. “And she"s just randomly in the group at the Spotted Cat?"

As it turns out, the mrs wasn’t “Michelle” from the openly gay anchor’s previous — it was actually Caresse Jackman, a reporter because that WWL-TV, the CBS affiliate in brand-new Orleans. Jackman described the strange mix-up top top Eyewitness News Tuesday night.

“No, ns am not Don Lemon’s ex-girlfriend,” Jackson said, explaining that she was just hanging the end at the Spotted Cat with number of co-workers once she do eye contact with the CNN anchor and began waving.

“I’m like, ‘Hey, Don Lemon. Hey, just how are you doing?’ ns did not understand … he to be saying to Brooke Baldwin that i was his ex-girlfriend from college,” Jackson said. “Natalie Shepard, my colleague, texted me and also said, ‘Did you know Don Lemon called you his ex-girlfriend Michelle from college?’ ns was like, what in the world?!’”

Jackman claimed her phone has been blowing up due to the fact that Monday night, however she has yet to hear indigenous Lemon.

“It has actually been crazy,” Jackson said. “What can you do but laugh?”

In addition to mix up Jackman with a former flame, Lemon invested the night singing, dancing, and cradling puppies when downing copious quantity of alcohol.

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“Everyone desires to see Don Lemon obtain lady lit!” Baldwin joked.

“I’m no drunk, however whatever,” Lemon said. “So listen, carry out you like Mexico?”

Jan. 2, 2019

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