Don Lemon has once again developed a society media frenzy by holding up a placard through the N-word spelled out on his display on Monday. Here are five times the the CNN anchor can have offended you. (The Washington Post)

Once again, Twitter is howling around Don Lemon. And also that’s a bad thing?

The CNN anchor whipped social media right into a frenzy — another frenzy — Monday night with a stunning stunt top top his program. Attempting to twin President Obama’s use of the N-word during a podcast interview v the very charged debate over the Confederate flag, Lemon hosted up the banner and a placard with the gyeongju word spelled the end in block letters. “Does this violation you?” Lemon asked.

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Social media answered swiftly: Don Lemon offends them. The anti-Lemon comments were copious and occasionally amusing, specifically a image in which the word on the placard was replaced by a collection of Photoshopped quips.

Lemon, 49, has been lighting up the plank this means for the previous two years, although not always because he has actually made people mad. Lemon has actually inspired as lot mockery together outrage because that his head-scratching questions and comments. The asked among Bill Cosby’s alleged rape victims critical year why she didn’t use her this to stop Cosby. In a discussion around corporal punishment, he contrasted spanking youngsters to maintain dogs.

He inquired the a panel of experts whether a black color hole can have swallowed the missing Malaysia air jet. The last question was in reality submitted by a viewer, yet Lemon took the lumps for analysis it, earning a significant place on Columbia Journalism Review’s “Worst Journalism the 2014” list.

The n-word
(Dave Sheinin, Krissah Thompson, Pamela Kirkland, Gabe Silverman, Seth Blanchard, Emily Chow, Roy Wilhelm, Emily Yount, Veronica Toney and also Jessica Stahl)

“Don Lemon has more in common with Ricki Lake than any kind of actual journalist,” Deadspin’s Greg Howard composed Tuesday. “He is, nonetheless, and against everyone’s much better judgment, presented together a legit reporter.”

Perhaps perversely, this has actually all been great for Don Lemon and CNN. Lemon may be a type of anti-Cronkite, a latter-day Burgundy to some, however it hasn’t pushed away viewers. Top top the contrary, Lemon might be watched, at the very least in part, for the surprising points he dares come say top top the generally staid CNN.

“Let me placed it this way,” CNN president Jeff Zucker said GQ in a file of Lemon in April. “There’s definitely a lot of interest in Don Lemon, and that’s a good thing for Don and also for CNN. Girlfriend know, Don is a tiny bit the a lightning rod. Frankly, we essential a little bit the lightning.”

On Friday, because that example, Lemon’s 10 p.m. Program, “CNN Tonight v Don Lemon,” beat Fox News’s Sean Hannity amongst the younger viewers seek by advertisers (and the kind of people likely to be deriding Lemon on social media). CNN’s live prime-time coverage of the church shootings in Charleston, S.C., likewise scored a ratings victory over Fox amongst those 25-to-54-year-old viewers, however Lemon’s program appreciated the biggest audience benefit of CNN’s shows.

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Although Fox remains far ahead a day-to-day basis, Lemon’s audience in ~ 10 p.m. Now rivals fellow CNNer Anderson Cooper at 8 p.m., an success given that Lemon has occupied the 10 p.m. Slot for only 15 months.

CNN said Tuesday that Lemon wasn’t obtainable for interviews, at the very least not come reporters exterior CNN. That was, in fact, everywhere CNN and its multiple platforms, doubling under on his recent Internet-shocker.

On Monday, he appeared on wolf Blitzer’s program, debating the use of the N-word with CNN legit analyst clear Hostin. “We need to not sanitize the word,” that said, and went ahead and uttered it, justifying its usage as a historical and journalistic fact. Come which Hostin sputtered, “I can’t believe, Don, the you as an afri American man are going to use that word so flippantly.”