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Donald trump card Jr. Has weighed right into the controversy over the future of The View after ~ Meghan McCain announced the she would be leaving the alphabet show.

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There"s growing speculation over who can replace McCain ~ she said previously this month that she would certainly leave the present to stay in Washington, D.C., whereby she moved prior to the bear of she daughter, Liberty.

The daughter of the late GOP Arizona senator man McCain, she was the many conservative voice ~ above the program, i m sorry she join in 2017.

She would regularly get into heated debates with her much more liberal colleagues, Whoopi Goldberg, happiness Behar, clear Hostin and Sara Haines.

Although she provided a Republican voice, she was an essential of former President Donald Trump and backed chairman Joe Biden, who was a close friend of her father"s.

In reference to her notice period and the clashes she engaged in through her co-hosts, McCain said: "If you males want to fight a small bit more, you have actually four much more weeks."

Meanwhile, the son of the previous President Donald Trump mutual a daily report saying that the gyeongju is top top to uncover a "Trump Republican" to change McCain, for this reason the present can appeal come a more comprehensive audience.

LOL, hey ⁦
ABC⁩ even I’d track in to check out ⁦
kimguilfoyle⁩ do this. Kim vs the various other 4 doesn’t seem prefer a fair fight though. You might need a couple of more libs. Chaos behind the scenes at The check out as the display scrambles to uncover a 'Trump Republican'

— Donald trumped Jr. (
DonaldJTrumpJr) July 22, 2021

The Mail reported that this quest for a conservative has raised involves behind the scenes that the show"s presenters may have to tussle with someone additional on the right.

In tweeting the article, trumped Jr. Responded to rumors the his girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle, a previous co-host top top Fox"s The Five, to be being considered.

"LOL, hey ⁦
ABC⁩ also I"d song in to view ⁦
kimguilfoyle⁩ do this," trump Jr. Tweeted.

"Kim vs the other 4 doesn"t seem favor a fair fight though. You may need a few more libs," that added, introduce to free voices.

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The Mail likewise reported that The View had tried 3 times to hire Guilfoyle if she to be at Fox News. Other popular conservatives reportedly in the frame incorporate Megyn Kelly and the controversial Candace Owens.

While the speculation mounts end what could happen ~ McCain"s final present on august 6, Page Six reported the her leave will be complied with by a number of guest hold appearances in the fall.

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An insider in ~ the present told Page Six that the guest master will incorporate conservatives, "some well-known, some not," and that producers will certainly be "taking time to find the right human to to fill the seat."

An abc spokesperson called in a statement the the network to be "looking because that a conservative voice and also will take some time to discover the right person to to fill the co-host seat.

"Any particular names in ~ this allude are simply speculation and also rumor," the explain said, "we will be sharing plans because that the new season including celebrating our historical 25th season in the comes weeks."


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