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Born:July 23, 1940RiversideCalifornia...(Show more)Died:December 27, 2019 (aged 79)College StationTexas...(Show more)

Don Imus, in full man Donald Imus, (born July 23, 1940, Riverside, California, U.S.—died December 27, 2019, college Station, Texas), American radio talk-show host best known for his long-running country syndicated present Imus in the Morning. That debuted in 1971 and also continued, through a couple of breaks, till 2018. Imus was regularly referred to together a “shock jock” for his outspoken, inflammation style and coarse, controversial humour.

Imus was raised near Kingman, Arizona, wherein his household owned a cattle ranch. His adolescence and young adulthood were markedly tumultuous. ~ his parental divorced once he to be 15 years old, Imus adjusted schools frequently and was frequently at odds with authority. He served in the naval Corps indigenous 1957 come 1959 and in subsequent years worked irregularly in ~ labourers’ jobs (such together uranium and also copper mining) when experiencing durations of poverty and homelessness. His job in broadcasting started in 1968, once he came to be the morning key jockey for a tiny radio station in Palmdale, California. He functioned at several other California stations throughout the next 24 months. During this early duration of his career, his antics sometimes expense him his task but constantly enhanced his marketability. Audiences chosen his audacious on-air personality and impudent pranks, among which involved ordering 1,200 hamburgers native a regional fast-food restaurant.

In 1971 Imus moved to brand-new York City to job-related for WNBC, whereby he released his popular talk show, Imus in the Morning, i m sorry galvanized his career and national reputation. Over the next six years, he released three successful document albums based upon his show. Together his popular grew, however, therefore did his dependence on alcohol and also drugs, which ultimately led come his termination in 1977. He returned to WNBC in 1979, yet his addictions ultimately forced him come seek skilled treatment in 1987. That same year WNBC went off the air, and also Imus’s show started airing ~ above another new York station, WFAN, coming to be nationally syndicated over the CBS network in 1993. In 1996 the 24-hour cable television news channel MSNBC started simulcasting the program.

As a result of his more comprehensive reach, Imus got multimillion-dollar contracts, and also his bigger audience provided his attack remarks better notoriety. In April 2007 his present was canceled through both CBS and also MSNBC after he made derogatory on-air comments about the Rutgers university women’s basketball team. Eight months later Imus’s display returned come the nationwide airwaves on new York’s WABC radio, spread nationally by Citadel Broadcasting, and in 2009 the show started to it is in simulcast on television from the new York studios of the Fox service Network (FBN), affiliated through the Fox broadcast Company; it quit airing top top FBN in 2015, and also the program became available only on radio. In January 2018 Imus announced the he would certainly be retiring, and also the last episode of Imus in the Morning was broadcast on march 29.

In enhancement to his job in radio, Imus specialized himself to a variety of charitable causes, consisting of the Imus Ranch in brand-new Mexico, which assists kids with cancer.

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