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Over the years, Marlena Evans has been v so much on work OF OUR stays that it seems choose she’s unstoppable. From adversary possession to aircraft crashes come mind control, she’s been through it all and also come out the various other side also stronger! The character was introduced in 1976 once Deidre room joined the soap, and also aside indigenous a couple of quick breaks, she has actually played the duty ever since!

Dr. Marlena Evans first appeared as one of Mickey Horton’s psychiatrists at university Hospital in Salem. She fell in love v Don Craig, yet her jealousy twin sister, Samantha, had actually Marlena institutionalized and impersonated her to shot and steal her man. It no work, and also Marlena and also Don were at some point married. Your son, DJ, to be born premature and died that SIDS which caused a rift between them that caused his cheating on her and also later, divorce.

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After beginning her own radio show, Marlena to be stalked through the Salem Strangler, which brought about her meeting Detective roman inn Brady. The Salem Strangler eliminated Samantha, believing her to be Marlena, and Roman put a stop to the serial killer. As soon as the pair became engaged, his estranged wife, Anna, led to trouble yet eventually granted that a divorce. Marlena and also Roman were married and she gave birth to pair Eric and also Sami Brady. Tragically, roman was believed dead after being shot by Stefano DiMera.


Marlena dropped in love through her brand-new patient, an amnesiac named John Black who she eventually thought to it is in Roman ago from the dead. After practically dying indigenous a loss while trying to talk under a suicidal jumper, Marlena and also Roman remarried however the villain Orpheus took revenge on roman by kidnapping her and also faking her death. Roman took under Orpheus, but before he could rescue Marlena, she was killed in a aircraft crash.

In reality, Marlena survived and also was hosted captive by Stefano DiMera on one island. She found her way back come Salem and reunited through Roman, but then the real roman returned, and it rotate out john Black was a brainwashed pawn that Stefano’s. Although Marlena and also Roman reunited, she couldn’t withstand her feelings because that John, and their affair led to the bear of a daughter, Belle. Upon discovering the truth, roman divorced Marlena and also left town. Her personality began changing drastically, and it to be revealed that Stefano had offered Marlena mind-altering drugs and also she was now possessed by the devil! John, that was a priest at the moment (don’t ask!) helped carry her earlier to normal. A jealous Kristen DiMera did everything she might to come in between John and Marlena, but even bringing Roman ago into the picture didn’t work and John and Marlena were finally married in 1999.


John to be shocked when the serial killer nicknamed The Salem Stalker to be revealed to be Marlena, and also she to be shot dead by police. Thankfully, she and all her “victims” were discovered alive top top a deserted island and it turned the end she had been brainwashed by Andre DiMera into committing the “murders.” Marlena rejoined with John, but then learned she was pregnant through Roman’s child, having actually slept v him while stranded ~ above the island. A autumn down the stairs no just reason a miscarriage, it offered Marlena amnesia, and also she fell in love through specialist Alex North, who claimed to it is in her very first husband, presumed dead in Vietnam. Thankfully, John found the reality that Alex was planning to death her and also rescued his love.

Marlena was devastated when John passed away after being hit by a car, yet it turned out Stefano had actually abducted him come brainwash him right into being a super-soldier. After his rescue, Marlena aided him to remember his past and also they found that the Brady/DiMera feud to be sparked since John is the kid of Colleen Brady and Stefano’s father, Santo DiMera. Distressed at John’s obsession with the DiMera empire, Marlena left him. Dr. Charlotte Taylor claimed to be helping John recuperate his memories, however she really want to kill Marlena. In his rescue attempt, john was gravely hurt by Charlotte and also though he regained his memories, he found he to be paralyzed. Marlena reunited with John and also they left because that Switzerland in 2009 for this reason he can seek treatment.


When John and Marlena went back to Salem in 2011, the was totally recovered however then was framed for embezzlement. Marlena helped clear his name, but then they learned their marriage was invalid since John had actually married hope Brady when brainwashed. Marlena was wary once Kristen went back claiming to have reformed and tried to prevent her from marrying Brady. However the ice cream they played at the wedding of Kristen cheating ~ above Brady revealed the other male was Marlena’s son, Eric!

Marlena reconciled with John however they had some tension once her grandson, will certainly Horton, cheated top top his husband, Sonny, through John’s son, Paul Narita. While in Italy, Marlena ran into Kristen and when the two dealt with with each other, it turned physical, and Kristen fell out a home window to she presumed death. Marlena’s look-alike, Hattie Adams, had actually Marlena cursed to Bayview Sanitarium and also tried to take over she life, however thankfully she to be rescued prior to receiving electroshock therapy.

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John and Marlena planned come remarry in a romantic ceremony yet Sami’s unforeseen appearance, adhered to by that of Kristen, led to a standoff where Marlena was accidentally shoot while Eric make the efforts to get the gun the end of his sister’s hands! She endured surgery, yet septic shock afterward left she in a coma. Once Belle found her mother had actually a DNR, she insisted that despite everyone else’s protests, they respect Marlena’s wishes and take her off the ventilator. Everyone was relieved once they unplugged the machine and Marlena woke up, but only John, Kayla, and also Roman knew that they’d swapped Marlena v Hattie to give her time to recoup on she own!

While Marlena eventually got far better and official re-tied the knot v John, the honeymoon duration came to an abrupt end with the return of his ex, Diana Colville. Figured out to get John back, Diana poisoned Marlena and also left she to die! After an additional near-death experience, Marlena bounced ago and continued to law Salem’s troubled like Claire and Ben.

After a year went by in the blink of an eye, she was worn down of expect making moves on John, but then learned the she had actually been as soon as again brainwashed right into being Princess Gina! Worse, Steve Johnson make an unexpected return to Salem, however with Stefano’s brain running the show! Eventually, “Stevano” abducted Marlena and forced Dr. Rolf to download a microchip in her brain so that she would become his ready slave!