Dominick Cgendergeek.orgz has a distinctive perspective on the upcoming bantamweight championship clash in between Cody Garbrandt and TJ Dillashaw.

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Not only did the Alliance MMA product re-publishing the Octagon v each male in 2016 – opening the year through a success over Dillashaw prior to falling to Garbrandt in December – however the former champion and also current top competitor has a long background with Team Alpha Male, the Sacramento-based hit camp the helped carry both the the 217 co-main event rivals into the spotlight.

Even before he mutual the cage through two that the best young talent to come out of the Alpha male gym, Cgendergeek.orgz had actually a boil rivalry through the team founder, Urijah Faber, who he beat at 199 in the gendergeek.orgbber match of your three-fight trilogy in between facing following weekend’s location fight participants.

Given his wealth of personal experience through both competitors and the thorough, meticulous preparation he commits to his role as one analyst, there are few people too versed ~ above what factors could add to the result of the Nov. 4 title clash than Cgendergeek.orgz.

Appearing together a guest on an episode of Unfiltered, the 32-year-old who faces surging Jimmie Rivera in ~ 219 offered up his candid, cut-to-the-quick thoughts on the variables the could affect next month’s championship ggendergeek.orgdge match.

“He has actually all the tools – he has actually the devices to get the task done,” he stated of Dillashaw, who held the bantamweight belt for 18 months before dropping the strap to Cgendergeek.orgz in a hotly contested fight in Boston in ~ the start of last year. “It’s just a question of how’s the going to resolve that entirety team?

“That totality team is an extremely interesting gang. Justin Buchholz likes to get in guys’ heads since he’s one ex-fighter that want to fight and also didn’t quite acquire to carry out what he want to, so he is stepped up and also is somewhat living vicariously through the Alpha masculine team.

“They all work together that team – they’re all a bunch of battle aircraft that job-related together to try to manipulate, particularly when it comes to TJ,” claimed Cgendergeek.orgz of Garbrandt and also his team. “They understand everything about him. They know he to be a hothead. They understand that he went through and also hit few of their teammates once they were training since he gets upset.

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“They just know for this reason much around him that i feel that that is going to play a little component in the accumulation to this fight the it’s going come mess v TJ a tiny bit to where he’s not fairly 100 percent mentally there just since those were his old friends.”

Recgendergeek.orgited by Faber to join the upstream squad that lighter weight fighters contending out that the California capital, Dillashaw left the team in October 2015, moving to Colorado to train through the elevation Fight Team and continue working very closely with previous Alpha masculine head coach Duane “Bang” Ludwig, with whom he’d developed a solid bond.

His departure was followed by plenty of finger pointing and harsh words, v Garbrandt happily taking a lead position in gendergeek.orgnning under the former bantamweight titleholder, and he animosity in between the 2 sides was a with line connecting the 135-pound ranking in 2016, through Garbrandt issuing a challenge to Dillashaw in the Octagon after ~ winning the belt indigenous Cgendergeek.orgz.

The 2 were quickly positioned as opposing coaches on Season 25 that The can be fried Fighter, through their championship showdown at first scheduled to take ar this summer in ~ 213, but a back injury sidelined Garbrandt and resulted in the dispute being driven to next month’s go back to Madison Square Garden.

And that that ago injury that Cgendergeek.orgz is most interested in when it concerns assessing the current champion’s chances.

“We’re listening Cody talk about his back a lot; that it has had actually a many pain in it,” he said of Garbrandt. “The point is, you’re no going come pull the end of this fight, therefore welcome to being a champ.

“I claimed this at my post-fight press conference after ~ we combated – ns said, ‘It’s one thing to obtain the belt; it’s another thing to keep it after did you do it earned it and also keep it.’ He’s had actually it a year and also hasn’t safeguarded it yet. Currently he’s up and he’s acquired to salary the piper; now you’ve got to show up and fight.

“From what he’s said, he’s not 100 percent, yet he’s acquired to gendergeek.orgn in there and also take this fight and we’ll see,” added Cgendergeek.orgz. “I think he can be playing his back up a tiny bit to get TJ an ext confident and then he’s going come come in over there a tiny bit better than that shows, but it’s an interesting dynamic how this whole thing is playing out.”

* fight Night occasion inside TD Garden ~ above January 17, 2016 in Boston, Massachusetts. (Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC)" align="left" />Given his background with the two and deep desire to go back to the peak of the bantamweight division, you can be certain that Cgendergeek.orgz will certainly be payment close attention to the action at Madison Square Garden.

Although he has actually a difficult assignment on his hands a month later in las Vegas in ~ 219, the previous champion is fast to recognize that he has actually his eyes on the gold and also is eager to obtain a possibility to win earlier “his belt.”

And if he’d favor to perform so versus Garbrandt, he has actually no qualms around facing Dillashaw for a second time either.

“What i’m interested in is mine belt. What i’m interested in is a return to get my belt,” said Cgendergeek.orgz. “If the Cody, cool – i can gain my loss earlier and get my belt. If the TJ, great, because that gives TJ a possibility to obtain his ns back.

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“Right now, we’ve acquired a an excellent thing with the three of us to wherein we can all obtain something from each other since you need an excellent opponents in order to have good fights and in order come create great champions. That just exactly how it is; the a system.

“We all need each various other in some sick means at the very same time together we all desire to hurt each other.”