NEW YORK ( — A brand-new York mrs has died while undergoing plastic surgery in the Dominican Republic, the 3rd such fatality involving one American in a month.The Dominican wellness ministry is currently opening one investigation, yet CBS2’s Tony Aiello reports a grieving household is worried they won’t obtain answers and also wonder if others are at risk.

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Maxine David’s phone call is filled with images of she sister Alexandra Medina.

“Savvy, smart, vibrant, passionate,” David said, describing her sister.

New Rochelle resides Alexandra Medina passed away while undergoing plastic surgery in the Dominican Republic top top July 5, 2019. (Credit: CBS2)

But the brand-new Rochelle resides was also unhappy with her appearance.

David says physicians in the United claims told her sister she essential to lose weight before getting liposuction body reshaping.

A Dominican physician Medina contacted v Facebook, however, had actually a different opinion, according to David.

“This physician was like, ‘No problem. We have the right to do it. We can handle it. We’ve dealt with bigger women, therefore come here. We’ll carry out it.’ and also it to be obviously likewise cheaper,” David said.

Friday, during liposuction in ~ a Santo Domingo clinic, Medina stopped breathing and died.

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The fatality certificate blames a fatty tissue embolism, or blood clot.

Medina is the 3rd American to die in a month while undergoing cosmetic surgical procedure in the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican health minister claims a complete review will now take place.

Aiello: “The health and wellness minister states an examination is underway. As that process starts, what are your concerns?”David: “That lock gonna gain away with it, that they’re gonna, girlfriend know, finagle it come it seeming as if it to be accidental and that we’re not going to get justice.”

Doctors at the Dominican clinic say there was no malpractice, simply a tragic complication, but the Centers for condition Control and Prevention alerts Americans of risks linked with plastic surgical procedure in the Dominican Republic.

Manhattan plastic operated doctor Dr. Henry Spinelli has actually a warning as well.

“There room reasonable framework in Europe, southern America, et cetera, yet they are usually topic to the same set of criteria we have actually here. Come indiscriminately choose some location on the communication of finances is a tomb mistake,” the said.

“Women space going end there for these surgeries, this elective surgeries, and also not coming out alive,” David said.

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David says her sister’s cheap surgery came in ~ a destructive cost.

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News media in Santo Domingo report the clinic where Medina died had just recently reopened after being closed because that “irregularities.”