A male accused of killing his ex-girlfriend on she wedding day can"t remember lot of the incident and also says he to be jumped in ~ her residence by wedding guests, according to his lawyer.

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"He doesn"t mental the gun walk off," lawyer Fernando Oliver claimed of Agustin Garcia, that pleaded chaste Monday to killing Gladys Ricart. Oliver claimed he may argue Garcia acted in self-defense and is also considering an insanity defense.

At a listening Monday, prosecutor James Santulli dubbed Garcia "a desperate, desperate man," and said his office may seek the death penalty. Garcia was held on $5 million bail.

"Just choose a web page out the a fairy tale..."The wedding invitation.
Ricart, a 39-year-old new York City accountant, to be to get married James preston Jr., 36, ~ above Sunday. The pair met a few months ~ Ricart ended a seven-year partnership with Garcia.

Dressed in she wedding gown through a lacy top and a bright tiara, Ricart had posed for photographs in she front yard through nine bridesmaids, waving come neighbor Janet Donnelly.

"She looked certain gorgeous, radiant," Donnelly said. "Five minutes later, she"s dead."

At around 4 p.m., shortly before the wedding, Garcia walked into Ricart"s life room attract a suit and also carrying a briefcase, informing guests he was invited, Santulli said.

He traction a .38-caliber revolver indigenous the briefcase and also shot Ricart twice in prior of she 20-year-old son and other relatives, Santulli said. Garcia"s pistol fired three added times, including one shot that hit Ricart ~ her brother wrestled Garcia come the floor, he said.

intended groom James call Jr., watches throughout the bail hearing because that the male accused of death his bride-to-be.
Ricart died of gunshot wounds come the head, spine and also upper arm. She fiance was wait for her at a Flushing, N.Y., church once she was killed.

Oliver said that Garcia, 47, of north Bergen, N.J., to be "jumped by a lot of people" when he walked inside Ricart"s home and had not concerned kill her.

Neighbors and authorities said Garcia was abusive and violent, and had stalked Ricart after ~ she ended their relationship about nine month ago.

"Nobody preferred him," said Donnelly, 48. "The boy absolutely hated him."

Despite her engagement, Ricart had been communicating with Garcia "trying to turn him around," friend Joseph Bongiovnni said. Oliver claimed Garcia and Ricart had spent last weekend together.

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After conference Preston, "she finally discovered happiness," Bongiovanni claimed as he looked toward the empty residence where Ricart had lived v her mother and son, its railings still decorated through white wedding flowers.

"I guess the wasn"t going to let she go," Bongiovanni said of Garcia. "The bastard have to rot in hell, I"m telling you. He took a beautiful life."

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