English gibbs Dominic Cooper is finest known because that his duty in the film Mamma Mia! the course, pan of the movie understand that actress Amanda Seyfried of Mean Girls fame starred as Sophie, who gets engaged to Cooper"s Sky. Mamma Mia! come out in 2008 — and Cooper and Seyfried would day for the following three years after meeting on set (via People). 

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Believe the or not, it to be the blonde beauty who obtained hurt in the end, through Seyfried saying, "I got my heart damaged pretty hard. After that, it"s really difficult to open myself as much as a new person. Really hard" (via People). She additionally admitted the partnership ended because Cooper might still have had feelings for someone else.

Seyfried would likewise share that falling for a co-star is "one that the easiest things in the world," adding, "you"re put in a case where you need to make out v each other. It"s simple for things to get brought away."

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Seyfried would date well-known actors after her split with Cooper — namely, the star was attached to Ryan Phillippe, josh Hartnett, and Justin long post-breakup through her Mamma Mia! Co-star (via Ranker). Then, in 2016, Seyfried met thomas Sadoski and the 2 made things official, marrying in 2017. The pair welcomed a daughter shortly thereafter, and also in 2020, became parents come a baby young (via Marie Claire).

Meanwhile, Cooper dated his co-star Ruth Negga from your film Preacher. Your relationship finished in 2018, and also he is currently rumored to it is in dating other English gibbs Gemma Chan, that is finest known because that her function as Astrid in Crazy rich Asians (via Daily Mail).

Although things finished romantically with Amanda Seyfried and also Dominic Cooper, they still had to work together again

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Seyfried and Cooper to be thrown earlier together as soon as they starred in the 2018 sequel to Mamma Mia!, Here us Go Again. The actress admitted she husband had actually some misgivings around her working through an ex, through Seyfried saying per People, "I think he has the exact same kind of worries that ns would have actually if we were hanging out v his ex-girlfriend from long ago. Ns think it"s always like, "I"m so in love with this person, for this reason that human being must be so in love through her too."" She likewise added, "I"d rather he be jealousy than completely fine through it."

Meanwhile, regardless of Cooper admitting the instance was "delicate," he likewise said about Seyfried that it to be "nice to spend time" with her on set (via ET Online). Perhaps complicating the former couple"s dynamic is that in the sequel, Sophie and Sky are now married. Yet Cooper assured naysayers the his off-screen relationship with Seyfried, "She"s a friend. It was constantly going to it is in OK."

Cooper likewise noted, "She"s married now and also has a beautiful child. Us knew we were going to be working with each other on a set, going ago to a component which was certainly going to remind us of 10 years earlier, however I recognize her family, I understand her mum, that was there a lot."