Are you gift charged, in Palm beach County, Florida, through Aggravated Battery ~ above a Pregnant Woman? We room Aggravated Battery ~ above a Pregnant mrs attorneys situated in West Palm Beach. When you room arrested because that Aggravated Battery on a Pregnant mrs you desire a lawyer the understands and practices in this area that law. Don’t hire a lawyer the dabbles in criminal defense, rental a criminal defense attorney that has considerable experience in Aggravated Battery top top a Pregnant mrs cases. Your attorney requirements to have actually knowledge and also experience but likewise needs to recognize the players. Understanding the players comes from years the being inside the courtroom. Recognize the best criminal defense lawyer in Palm beach County, for your case, is difficult. You have to review their educational background, suffer in criminal cases, their reputation in the community, and their capability to communicate with you, the client. The top quality of the criminal defense attorney you rental to safeguard your Aggravated Battery ~ above a Pregnant Woman instance is extremely important. Us ask the you take into consideration our south Florida Criminal Defense Attorneys.

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Battery is committed whereby a person touches or hits an additional person against their will. This is sometimes called “simple” battery. Battery can be committed through a fist, yet it can additionally be committed through a baseball bat. The much more life-threatening baseball bat transforms the straightforward battery into an aggravated battery. Another type aggravated battery is whereby the defendant commits a battery ~ above a pregnant woman once the defendant knows or should have actually known the victim to be pregnant. The crime of battery is required to the “next level” because of the status of the victim, no the injury. The victim walk not need to be injured but just merely touched.

An individual may be charged with simply a an easy battery against a pregnant woman by the arresting police officer. As the state prosecutor starts talking to the victims, much more facts could come out that allow the prosecutor come “up-file” the simple battery charge right into an aggravated battery charge. The state prosecutor is not forced to charge the defendant through the most serious fee possible. ~ above the upper and lower reversal side, a human charged v aggravated battery on a pregnant person deserve to have their charge “down-filed” come the less serious charge of straightforward battery. Periodically the police walk not have actually the truth correct and misidentified the victim together pregnant. One of our attorneys can inform the prosecutor and also ask that you be appropriately charged.

Definition the Aggravated Battery ~ above a Pregnant Woman

For a defendant to be judge of aggravated battery on a pregnant woman under Florida state 784.045, the prosecutor should prove:

The defendant purposely touched/ fight the victim versus her will or the defendant led to bodily harm;The victim to be pregnant at the moment of the battery; andThe defendant knew the victim was pregnant or should have actually known at the time of the battery the the victim was pregnant.

The state prosecutor is going to be picking what charges space going to it is in filed versus you. The facts bordering the case determine what types of defenses space used. There room some defenses the are accessible to an aggravated battery charge. One defense is the the defendant did not recognize that the victim was pregnant since of clothes or she was early in the pregnancy.

Punishment because that Aggravated Battery ~ above a Pregnant Woman

Aggravated battery on a pregnant mrs is a major charge and also is a second-degree felony which has actually a maximum penalty of 15 year in prison and also a $10,000 fine. Basic battery is punished by a maximum of 1 year in jail and also a $1,000 fine. The is a significant thing to have a simple battery charge changed into aggravated battery charge. This crime is ranked together a level 7 under the Florida Criminal punishment Code.

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If you have been arrested and also charged with aggravated battery ~ above a pregnant woman in the Palm beach County or the Broward ar area, the is extremely vital that you call a Palm beach Gardens Aggravated Battery attorney at our law firm to discuss your defense options. Girlfriend will desire an lawyer who can handle her case and also aggressively defend you.