JERUSALEM, Nov 25 ( - "I was Michal Sela," the dead woman says, feather straight right into the camera. "In 2019, i was murdered through the guy who to be my husband, the killer Eliran Malul. And today, after ~ I shed my life, I call on you: hear to my voice."

The video clip is part of one Israeli windy education campaign that uses artificial intelligence technology to lug five murdered women ago to life, to warn others just how to defend themselves from abusive relationships.

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The clips space made native photographs of the women prior to they died, using modern technology to animate them into videos that display them speaking, dubbed by actresses. Castle were created by the deep-learning start-up D-ID to note the international Day because that the removed of Violence against Women.

Among the ladies featured is Sela, 32 as soon as she to be stabbed to death by her husband in prior of their infant daughter in 2019. He was convicted the murder last month.

Sela's sister, Lili Ben Ami, claimed she was "speechless and also burst into in tears" in ~ seeing her brought ago to life.




Liron Ozeri, holds up his phone mirroring the listen to ours Voice campaign video which clues the worldwide Day because that the elimination of Violence against Women, and also shows the confront of his sisters Sagit Ozeri that was strangled to fatality by her companion after phone call for assist in Tel Aviv, Israel November 25, 2021. Kern

The goal of such projects is to create a "vaccine versus violence, which we are attacking from all angles," Ben Ami, that like various other next-of-kin authorized the videos, told Channel 13 TV.

Israel's Welfare Ministry reported 10% an ext calls come its domestic-violence helpline in 2021 contrasted to last year.

In her video, "Sela" advises women to seek aid if they room in a partnership with who jealous and obsessive.

"If you room afraid of his reaction to parting from you, re-superstructure it v a close person and also a residential violence expert, who will aid you separate safely and return to your light," she says.

"Listen to my voice. Hear to your voice."

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