Played byDom DeLuise
MoviesThe Cannonball Run, Cannonball run IISimilarJJ McClure, Jackie, Pizza The Hutt, Itchy Itchiford

Captain Chaos is a fictitious character in The Cannonball operation movie series. That is the alter-ego that mild-mannered mechanic Victor Prinzim (Dom DeLuise). Anytime Victor or any kind of of his friends space being threatened, Victor is instantly compelled to don his satin cape and also mask to become Captain Chaos. Doctors have actually diagnosed Victor with multiple personality disorder, also though Victor is persuaded that the actually networks the true spirit of a living superhero who always arrives just in time to conserve the day.

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Author David Quinlan wrote of Cannonball run in The TV Times film and video clip Guide, stating "The ideal thing in the film is Dom DeLuise who, together the schizophrenic Victor, turns in moment of stress right into tubby superhero Captain Chaos!"


Characteristics and abilities


Captain Chaos appears to have magnified strength, perhaps fueled by Victor"s rushes of adrenaline in time of danger or need. His appearances are always prefaced by the vocal fanfare "Dun dun DUNNNN!!", to approximate Chaos" theme music.


When Victor transforms right into Captain Chaos, the speaks really dynamically and also deep prefer a stereotypical superhero. That laughs heartily once villains and also foes fall beneath his hefty hand that justice, and he stands triumphantly akimbo when the danger has actually passed. Captain Chaos also appears to be fearless and to possess superhuman an abilities at control an automobile.


In the event that his Captain Chaos uniform is destroyed, together was the situation when J.J. Rips off the costume at the finish of the first film after losing the race, he likewise has a second alter ego, "Captain U.S.A."



While Victor is a friendly, childlike character, when cases arise the he is too afraid to handle himself, he i do not care Captain Chaos. However the heroic Captain is seen an ext as an annoyance come Victor"s best friend, J.J. McClure (Burt Reynolds). Because of this, Victor is clearly forbidden from speak the name of Captain Chaos in former of J.J., hence the reason Victor constantly cautiously refers to the hero just as "...Him." (usually followed by a twinge of magical music).

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In the first Cannonball operation film, Pamela (Farrah Fawcett) asks Victor exactly how he came to know Captain Chaos. Victor describes as follows:


The personality of Captain Chaos as illustrated by Dom DeLuise has showed up in The Cannonball run (1981), Cannonball operation II (1984), and also his change ego, Victor Prinzim, showed up (in doll form) in the Robot Chicken illustration "Gold Dust Gasoline" (2005), voiced by DeLuise.