"One must either create ruthlessly what one to trust to it is in the truth, or else shut up."

Arthur Koestler

Tuesday, august 7, 2012 in ~ 5:00AM

While in Branson, Missouri last month we decided to walk to the Dixie Stampede. The Dixie Stampede is a dinner show where the audience is split into two groups which represent the 2 sides in the polite War. My household rooted for the South.

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Our team was the finest in the various equestrian events, together was only proper as our side, the glorious South, was far better than the North. Barrel racing, lining wagon racing, and also a relay gyeongju were among the events. Our Southern children were much far better than the it s not enough ability Northern youngsters in chicken herding—we winner the gold medal! our side’s pigs even won the pig racing contest, twice. “Our pigs were better than her pigs” to be our exclamation.

The food to be good, but a indigenous of warning—they do not offer you silverware, therefore take her own.

While they walk the disappearing fake audience member magic trick, I started to think. Reasoning is most likely a mistake in together a venue.

As us pounded our feet as we cheered our side on, i was thinking around the obligatory American Indian tribute we had seen earlier. When the North and South had numerous disagreements, the North and South go agree top top one thing. The Indians must be destroyed. We required the land. Ns pounded my feet with a little less vigor.

As we cheered ours pigs come victory, I began to think. Does that really issue which pig wins? i cheered a small softer.

Was the really appropriate to take it a battle that eliminated 600,000 people and turn it right into chicken herding or a three- legged race? (Where did they gain those uncoordinated Northerners?) ns did no participate lot in the shouting contest.

Toward the finish we had actually the common Branson patriotic number sung on video clip by Dolly Parton. It to be the same tape I saw at a ahead Stampede 10 year before. This was prior to Dolly had ruined her looks through botched plastic surgery. I wondered how much longer our national plastic surgery might go on? Our nationwide plastic surgery, the elections, will most likely fail and we will end up worse than before.

Yes, the Civil war was bad, yet now we deserve to join with each other as Americans! Hurrah. Instead of killing every other, now we can kill various other people.

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I quit cheering.

Does it really issue which pig will win the race? Does that really matter which overlord we elect? space we, Republicans and Democrats, and yes also Libertarians, cheering meaninglessly for our side? also if our side naturally won, are we for this reason vain to think that matters?

If you vote for the lesser of two evils, aren’t you gift evil?

Even if “our” pig is much better than your pig, does the really issue whose pig wins?