It’s no secret that Dolly Parton is thought about by countless to it is in a nationwide treasure. From recording hit songs prefer “9 come 5” to motivating meme culture, to gift a successful entrepreneur, to using her wide range for good, the “Jolene” singer has actually garnered no shortage of positive publicity throughout the food of she career. However, the recent reimagining of her hit tune “9 to 5” isn’t have to receiving rave reviews.

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While Parton has actually plenty the hit song in her catalog, “9 to 5” is certainly one that her many iconic. The theme tune of the eponymous movie the Parton starred in back in 1980, the song is a testimony to how challenging traditional work culture could be. Recently, Squarespace collaborated through the Hannah Montana alum to reimagine her tune for a Superbowl commercial.

Dolly Parton reimagines she iconic tune ‘9 come 5’

In the new song, referred to as “5 come 9” Parton’s lyrics encourage world to do their side hustles and also after-hours job-related their permanent job with the aid of Squarespace, a website building/hosting platform. “Make her 5 to 9 full time at,” the subtitle for the accompanying video clip reads on YouTube.

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“Since its release in 1980, Dolly Parton’s iconic track “9 come 5” has become an anthem for every working human being who feels prefer there’s something rather they need to be doing v their life,” a declare on Squarespace’s website reads. “Now, by flipping it come “5 to 9”, the song has actually a brand-new life together a contemporary rallying cry for every the dreamers functioning to rotate an after-hours enthusiasm or project into a career v Squarespace. Get inspired to revolve your enthusiasm project into a thriving organization with a tiny help indigenous the legendary Dolly Parton.”

Some pan of the ‘Hannah Montana’ alum room outraged through ‘5 to 9’

While Parton may have simply been encouraging world to follow your dreams and also passions through her new song, “5 to 9” isn’t receiving all rave reviews. In fact, many civilization on YouTube, Instagram, and also Twitter are outraged through the ide of the commercial. Many believe it disclosure unhealthy work-life balance and burnout culture. Furthermore, people argue that the principle of the commercial appears to promote that civilization have to work-related a staggering quantity of hrs in order to discover success and joy in their careers.

There’s nothing the you can’t perform I’ve been working after hours on part passion tasks of mine own. Currently #5to9 now on her favorite platform:

— Dolly Parton (

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“Just terrible grim unintentional comment on the horrible state of the us economy. Working 8 hrs a work is no longer sufficient to survive; we have to be at job-related 24 hours a day, marketing ourselves come carve the end a meager visibility in this wealthy man’s world,” one human on YouTube wrote about Parton’s new song. “All the that work-related labor activists did in the early component of the 20th century, thrown out. This is the worst point I’ve viewed in a while.”

Does Parton’s new Superbowl commercial v Squarespace send the wrong message?

“Horrifyingly dystopian,” an additional person composed of Parton’s new commercial. “The just thing worse 보다 this advertising is the there space 1000 people in suits who signed turn off on it and also not one of them quit to think ‘holy fu*k this depressing and bad."”

Even longtime pan of Parton seemed to think the brand-new song was a miss. “I love Dolly Parton through my entirety life,” a pan began. “Now, the aside, this is terrible. It’s so dreadful to normalize and also commoditize the require to have actually side hustles due to the fact that your main job isn’t providing enough for a person to live. This is terrible. Ns promise that i don’t desire to perform my ‘side hustle’ ~ above the just day off that ns have, I’d love come rest. Yet I likewise love being able to salary bills and also survive. Perform not romanticise the truth that world are can not to do a sustainable and liveable wage v their major work.”

‘5 to 9’ most likely won’t have the same success together the singer’s other songs

Of course, no everyone took offense to Parton’s brand-new song. “It’s about finding what friend love external your everyday grind and converting her life come fit your passion,” a YouTube user shared. “Leave the grind and live her dream.” Clearly, Parton’s new song is far an ext polarizing than her original hit. However, that doesn’t seem choose “5 to 9” will have actually the longevity of its predecessor.