What ‘Daddy’ is aboutDolly Parton states the males who influenced ‘Daddy’ ‘are just chasing your youth’Dolly Parton writes song for various other people

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Dolly Parton‘s song, “Daddy,” came out in 1969. It speak the story of a guy who decides to leaving his mam for a younger woman. Though the Queen of nation wrote the track over 50 year ago, she says its blog post still ring true. To this day, the story in the track is a common problem that Parton has actually seen in her own life time and time again.

What ‘Daddy’ is about

“Daddy” is about a 23-year-old girl who talks to her father around his selection to leaving her mommy for a younger woman — “Your new love is also younger than me.” She tries to to convince him to stay by reminding him what he’d be providing up. “Your brand-new love won’t love you favor my mama does. You’ve take away her ideal years, for this reason don’t leave her now. Please, Daddy, say that you won’t let her down.”

The track came the end in 1969, ~ above Parton’s My Blue Ridge mountain Boy LP. It got to No. 40 ~ above the charts.

Dolly Parton says the males who influenced ‘Daddy’ ‘are simply chasing your youth’

Even today, Parton thinks “Daddy” still ring true in its message.

“‘Daddy’ is nothing however the truth,” Parton composed in she 2020 book, Dolly Parton, Songteller: mine Life in Lyrics. “When I created it, ns knew that so countless men desire to go chasing younger women. Mine mama offered to say, ‘They are just chasing your youth.’ and I think that’s true. They can’t be afflicted with the truth that castle are obtaining older.”

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Parton thought writing the tune from the daughter’s perspective would certainly be an especially poignant.

“That song regarded so plenty of things I’ve seen within my own family members and amongst my friends,” she wrote. “I created it from a child’s standpoint: ‘After all the Mama’s been to you, how have the right to you execute this, just throw her over because that a younger girl?’ Addressing that from a child’s allude of see works since everybody suffers as soon as there is an to work or a divorce.”

Dolly Parton writes song for other people

I had actually a gift the rhyme and a huge imagination and that’s just how I began … and how ns still a-goin’ ❤️ pic.twitter.com/35ypXCtNfl

— Dolly Parton (

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DollyParton) September 8, 2021

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While the “Light the a clean Blue Morning” singer has actually written countless biographical songs or songs influenced by her very own life, she additionally writes quite regularly from the view of other people. She puts herself in various other people’s pair of shoes to tell your stories.

“There is other of me in whatever I write,” she wrote. “I have to know my very own emotional self, however I need to write around other people’s feelings, too. A the majority of times, world can’t express themselves in the same method that ns can. I try to come to be them. I experience for them, since I treatment for them. That’s what ns did in the song.”