Dolly Parton’s Coat of countless Colors is she most an individual song come date. It speak the story the the singer’s upbringing in rural Tennessee and also how a coat she mother made for her out of miscellaneous rags and scraps had end up being her most prized possession. Though she considers Coat of many Colors to be one of her favorite songs, Parton struggled to perform the track after her mother’s fatality as that reminded her of how close castle were and also the love they had actually for each other.

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Dolly Parton | Samir Hussein/Redferns via Getty Images

‘Coat of numerous Colors’ stop a special place in Dolly Parton’s heart

Parton and her 11 siblings were raised in the an excellent Smoky hills of east Tennessee. While farming up, Parton and her family were an extremely poor. They lived in a one-bedroom shack with no power or to run water.

Since they didn’t have money for a the majority of things, Parton’s mother and father used numerous of the resources approximately them come ensure the their youngsters were well taken treatment of.

In her track Coat of many Colors, Parton speak the story of how her mother, Avie Lee Caroline, made her a coat the end of scrap piece of material to save her warm at school.

“In order to make me proud the that tiny coat, I understand now, she called me the story around Joseph from the Bible and his cloak of many colors,” the singer recalled in she 2020 book, Songteller: my Life in Lyrics. “So ns thought, ‘Well, if it’s indigenous the Bible, and also Joseph was critical person, it needs to be really special and important."”

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As the track goes, once Parton acquired to school with her coat, her classmates made funny of her for it. At first, Parton was angry at her mommy for making her think that her jacket was special. However after her mom assured her of the definition of the coat, the singer to be proud that it as soon as again.

When Dolly Parton’s mother passed away in 2003, she had actually a tough time performing ‘Coat of many Colors’

Early on in her career, Parton regularly performed Coat of plenty of Colors on phase as it’s among her favorite and also most personal songs she’s ever written. However, after she mother died in 2003, the singer couldn’t bring herself to song the track as her emotions frequently got the far better of her.

“When she passed away I could not song that track for probably three to 6 months there is no crying when I was singing it,” she told WENN, per nation Rebel. “Seriously, I could not song that song without reasoning of everything my momma had ever done come make us all feel loved. “

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Though it’s to be years because her mother died, Parton admitted that she still find it daunting to song the song at times.

“Every time ns sing that song it counts on what type of place I’m in ~ in my life,” she shared.

Dolly Parton admits the ‘Coat of many Colors’ still renders her emotional

Though it’s gotten simpler for her to song Coat of countless Colors, the song still reminds Parton of she mother’s love and legacy whenever she performs it.

While the singer has actually been may be to gain through the tune without crying over the last few years, that wasn’t the situation when she and also her family an initial watched the Coat of countless Colors movie.

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The household had a personal viewing prior to the film was released, together Parton knew that she would be an emotionally wreck as soon as watching it because that the first time.

“We simply cried our eyes out,” Parton said. “When we acquired out the the car and walking increase the steps we were thinking, ‘We’re going in below to clock ourselves, clock our family, mom and also daddy."”

There’s no concern that Parton still misses she mother very much, but thanks to Coat of plenty of Colors, she memory and also legacy will certainly live ~ above forever.