The endure lasts about 1.5 hours.

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admission price includes meal and also main show entertainment. appropriate for All eras Handicap Seating choices Available: Wheelchair Seating, Aisle Seating, limited / No stairs Seating Non-Flash Photography is allowed Gift Shop On-site Schedule check out Menu

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Dolly Parton’s Stampede Branson
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Magnificent riders, live buffalo, and also a delicious meal is just the beginning of the excitement available in Branson with this dinner display , the Dolly Parton Stampede . This event is certain to inspire and entertain. The is recognized for its delicious barbecue pork loin, corn cob, veggie soup, and also entertainment that has been a clip in both Branson , MO and also the an excellent Smoky hills . View an amazing mountain ruckus the next time friend visit this fun location in the Ozark mountain area in Branson, MO!About the vacation ShowEnjoy the standard thrills that Dolly Parton"s Stampede alongside vacation flair as the North and South Pole compete in familiar competitions and also fun. Several of the delightful features that you will certainly enjoy encompass an appearance from the street Plum Fairy, a live nativity step featuring genuine camels, and Santa himself. That course, you will be able to partake in all of the joyous funny while delighting in a very delicious homestyle four-course meal featuring whole rotisserie chicken, hickory-smoked pork loin, and all of the delicious sides.

The display features a fun and also friendly competition between the 2 sides that the theater, when you and also other guests reap a delicious four-course meal complete with beverages. It's an all-out evening of country entertainment the can't it is in beat. The production started as a dream for Dolly Parton , and also today it is just one of the many spectacular dinners and attractions in the country even earning the honor of being well-known as the 'most fun location to eat'. Special 32 horses, their skilled riders, Ozark mountain music, and also dinner seating because that 1,100 in a gigantic 35,000 square foot arena, this is an remarkable feat. Over there is right now no opened act(pre-show). The main present area is at 100% seating capacity. If girlfriend are fully vaccinated climate no masks space required. If you are not totally vaccinated, we imply you wear her mask at every times except when eating.

To start out the excitement, girlfriend will accomplish your fierce competitors and their beautiful steeds as they take it the stage throughout the Dolly Parton 's Stampede . Learn which next you will be cheering for as they are introduced, and also be all set to check out them in a number of challenges consisting of carriage racing, pig races, lumberjack relays, and barrel racing. Once you aren't the town hall the riders perform, you'll be suffering the comedy that the cowboy Skeeter or enjoy it a waltzing performance.


As if that wasn't enough excitement, you'll also get to check out a real buffalo stampede and other live pets . After the showtime adventure, the show's patriotic finale is themed in sparkling red, white and blue. Horses, riders, singers, and also dancers all fill the arena to develop a glittering tribute to life in America. In ~ the breathtaking finish, celebrate through the cool Patriotic Finale. Dolly Parton can't it is in wrong as soon as she cases that that is ' Branson 's many fun location to eat!' Be certain to book it throughout your next Ozarks vacation.

The world's most visited dinner attraction presents its many high-spirited adventure ever! This display comes alive with trick riders who perform amazing stunts, beautiful horses, pyrotechnics, impressive sound, a patriotic display screen celebrating the red white and also blue, and so much more all in Branson MO ! The 32 splendid horses and also a actors of top-notch riders will certainly thrill you with daring tasks of trick riding and competition. Endure the Stampede that the Buffalo, hilarious gyeongju pigs , pan favorite competitions, and also a cool Patriotic Finale come top everything off.

About the 4 Course Feast

Of course, the ticket price additionally includes a delicious four-course enjoy the meal that will certainly make her mouth water! served up by familiar waitresses through fun and also hospitable attitudes, girlfriend will reap a spread out with plenty of amazing food come try! The meal is composed of rotisserie chicken, hickory exhilaration barbecued pork loin, herb basted potato, the Stampede 's well known creamy vegetables soup , buttered corn cob, a homemade biscuit , every topped turn off with limitless soft drinks and a delicious dessert. Over there are likewise vegetarian meals and also gluten-free options accessible to those v special dietary needs do have actually a choice.


The vegetarian meal contains country garden vegetables pasta, corn, homemade biscuit , specialty dessert , and soft drinks, tea or coffee. The vegan enjoy the meal option includes steamed vegetable medley, corn on the cob, and also a dessert the snickerdoodle cookie. The gluten free meal consists of steamed vegetable medley, hot buttered corn, jug chicken and also pork loin, and snickerdoodle cookie dessert. A nut free option comes v the vegetables soup, rotisserie chicken, pork loin, and also the remainder of the traditional menu but with a snickerdoodle cookie rather of the turnover specialty dessert. No matter what her dietary requirements include, this awesome place to eat can accommodate you.

About Dolly Parton's Stampede

Created by the legend Dolly Parton, the Stampede has entertained numerous thousands of guests since its conception in 1987. By working v the directors, Dolly Parton to be able to produce an initial production that featured initial music native her own repertoire and also exciting elements perfect for delighting. Recognized for wonderful elements and also the well known touch that Dolly, this dinner attraction is just one of the most popular of its sort in the world. There space Dolly Partons Stampede Dinner display locations in Branson, MO and in the well known Smokies city the Pigeon Forge, TN.

About the Dolly Parton Stampede Arena

This enormous venue is fully equipped to house such a magnificent show! that arena-style seats enable utmost comfort and also the best views as you dine. Through onsite stables housing the horses and an opportunity to take it a leisurely stroll to greet the animals, this captivating endure truly come alive. The superior arena is an astonishing 35,000 square feet, giving plentiful an are for all of the remarkable stunts. V an immaculately-kept lobby, obtainable seating, and a advanced sound and also lighting device in place, your present will be convenient and awesome! Be sure to visit the gift shop after ~ the present to choose up a famed souvenir boot mug or other goodies come remember your time!

This dinner theater and musical journey is proudly offered with a fabulous four-course feast as the stage comes alive through dramatic lighting, gorgeous costuming, and also tons of funny . This is Branson 's most fun place to eat, and get your ticket today to watch why it is one of the most beloved dinner theater with locations that broaden from the mountain region of the Ozarks to the an excellent Smoky hill area of Pigeon forge , TN.

Be sure to visit some of the other amazing locations in Branson during your stay also such as Silver disagreement City and also the Branson Belle. Gain this attraction and also its phenomenal musical productions along with the live entertainment the Branson is recognized for at Dolly Parton's Stampede dinner attraction.

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The vacation season important comes lively in Branson, MO with the Christmas manufacturing at Dolly Parton"s Stampede. Beginning at the end of October each year, the Christmas experience enables guests to experience the true an interpretation of Christmas at Dolly"s famous arena. During the performance, guests will see the three monarchs ride top top camels, see stunning angels, witness a live nativity scene, check out the beautiful sugar plum fairy, and listen to great classic Christmas music from quiet Night come the Nutcracker Suite. There are so countless things to gain as this dinner theater concerns life with impressive costumes, sparkling lights, and also a holiday spirit to rival any type of other Christmas display in the unified States! Make your holiday memorable by including Dolly Parton"s Stampede to your wish list.