Dolly Parton is among the most famous singers in the world. The Queen that Country is likewise a songwriter with an impressive brochure that has “I Will always Love You” i beg your pardon later came to be one that Whitney Houston’s best hits.

The “Jolene” artist wrotethe monitor in 1973 for she longtime service partner Porter Wagoner when she made decision it to be time to leaving his show. In 1982, the tune was used for the movie The Best tiny Whorehouse in Texas which starred Parton and also Burt Reynolds. The songbird played miss Mona and also belted the end the track while speak goodbye to Reynolds’ Ed Earl character. Ten years later on came Houston’s rendition the “I Will constantly Love You” for her film The Bodyguard. Parton has said she yes, really appreciated Houston’s powerhouse version and would have loved to have had actually the possibility to sing it v her also though that can have presented a tiny problem.

(L): Whitney Houston performing ~ above stage throughout the civilization Music Awards | Jason Kempin/Getty Images, (R): Dolly Parton performing at the 2021 ‘Kiss breast Cancer Goodbye’ concert | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Another artist was offered the song prior to Houston

Even though Parton composed the song and also sang that first, a many of civilization still combine “I Will constantly Love You” with Houston however it almost went to one more music legend.

Parton actually available it to Patti LaBelle first. On Watch What wake up Live with Andy Cohen, LaBelle revealed the she virtually covered the track. “Dolly Parton offered it to me before The Bodyguard,” LaBelle said Cohen. “And I stated to Dolly, ‘Oh, yes. I want to carry out that song, honey.’ that wouldn’t?”

She added, “Before I could say genuine yes , it remained in the movie and also Whitney killed it. So, I have not excellent it due to the fact that Whitney, yet I plan to placed it in my present one day.”

Parton was blown away as soon as she heard Houston’s ‘I Will constantly Love You’ and also would have actually loved to do a duet

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Parton spoke around how she reaction the very first time she heard Houston singing her song during an illustration of The Oprah Conversation on apologize TV+.

The country music legend explained that she was driving home from she office in Nashville one day once she heard it play ~ above the radio and couldn’t believe her ears.

“I to be shot so full of adrenaline and also energy, I had actually to pull off because I to be afraid the I would wreck, so i pulled over fast as I can to listen to that totality song,” Parton said Winfrey. “I can not believe how she walk that. Ns mean, exactly how beautiful that was that my little song had turned into that, so that was a major, major thing.”

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During an illustration on WWHL, Parton said that she was never ever asked to sing a duet version of the song with Houston but wishes they had actually collaborated. “I was never asked to do that through Whitney,” she shared. “I wish that could’ve happened, ns would have loved that, but I don’t think i could’ve come as much as snuff through her, though.

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She’d have out-sung me on the one because that sure.” 

Parton earn $10 million in royalties in the ’90s ~ Houston’s version of “I Will constantly Love You” was released.