In instance you didn’t know, Dolly Parton created “I Will constantly Love You.” In fact, she created it the same night she created “Jolene” due to the fact that she simply has the range. David Foster worked with Whitney Houston on producing the cover for The Bodyguard, every co-star Kevin Costner’s suggestion. However unbeknownst come them, the “I Will always Love You” covering that motivated Costner’s idea was various from Parton’s original version. And that’s when the country icon stepped in.

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Did Dolly Parton compose ‘I Will always Love You’ for Whitney Houston?

A typical misconception around the iconic tune is that Parton was just the songwriter. In actuality, Parton wrote the song about her very own life when she to be preparing to leaving The Porter Wagoner Show. Over there was another artist interested in recording a sheathe of the song before Houston, however. Ever heard that a guy named Elvis Presley?

Parton to be contacted by Colonel Tom Parker, Presley’s manager, questioning if Elvis might record a sheathe of the song. However there to be a catch: Parton would have had actually to authorize away fifty percent of the posting rights.

“Other human being were saying, ‘You’re nuts. It’s Elvis Presley. I’d provide him every one of it!’” she said, according to mental Floss. “But ns said, ‘I can’t perform that. Something in mine heart says don’t perform that.’ and I didn’t execute it and they didn’t carry out it.”

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Linda Ronstadt’s ‘I Will constantly Love You’ left out some of Dolly Parton’s original lyrics

“I Will constantly Love You” wasn’t the song Houston was initially going to song for The Bodyguard. Follow to Foster, the early idea was Jimmy Ruffin’s“What i do not care of the damaged Hearted.” yet Foster claimed it simply wasn’t working.

“I couldn’t do it fit because that Whitney,” the told entertainment Weekly. “I tried two demos. I didn’t choose it. She didn’t choose it.”

Costner said the Parton song, and also they supplied Linda Ronstadt’s cover as a reference from over there on out.

“The minute i heard that song, i knew what to carry out with it and how to make it perfect for Whitney,” Foster said. However he soon learned indigenous Parton herself the Ronstadt had changed the tune in she cover.

“Dolly was like, ‘Wow. Ns can’t wait come hear the 3rd verse,’ and I go, ‘What third verse? There’s no third verse,"” that told the outlet. But there was, indeed, a third verse.

Ronstadt’s version of the ballad omitted the lyrics, “I expect life treats girlfriend kind, and I expect you have actually all you dreamy of. And I wish you and also happiness, but over all this, ns wish friend love.” lock were added in immediately, and also the most epic an essential change of every time was included right after.

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How lot did Dolly Parton make from Whitney Houston?

Foster expressed his gratitude for Parton’s cooperation on the song.

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“She’s had, the course, tremendous success and also doesn’t require one an ext hit song,” that said. “But she was an extremely grateful to that. She made jokes, ‘I to buy my new house through that song."”

Indeed, Houston’s cover of “I Will constantly Love You” made Parton $10 million in royalties in the 1990s alone. Life most definitely did treat her kind in the regard.