Dolly"s lyrics have actually a true — and also heartbreaking — an interpretation behind them, yet it"s not what you could think.

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Although the text sound prefer they"re about the end of a romantic relationship, they"re actually around the finish of a skilled one.Dolly created the song once she decided to leaving Porter Wagoner"s show.

Of all the legendary songs Dolly Parton has written in her illustrious career, "I Will always Love You" remains among the many iconic. Dolly"s version hit No. 1 on the charts double in her career (when she an initial released the track in 1974, and again once she re-recorded it for she 1982 movie The Best tiny Whorehouse in Texas). And also of course, the ballad came to be popular anywhere again when Whitney Houston videotaped a version for the movie The Bodyguard in 1992.

Perhaps the reason that "I Will constantly Love You" has struck a chord v so many listeners v the years is that it has actually such strikingly simple, however heartbreaking, lyrics. It"s the straightforward passion behind the words the make the track so timeless:

If I have to stayI would only be in her wayAnd therefore I"ll go, however I knowI"ll think of you each action of the wayAnd ns will constantly love youI will constantly love you

And yet, Dolly walk not compose the song around a romantic breakup — it to be written about a experienced one.

In 1973, Dolly had hit a roadblock in her partnership with Porter Wagoner, her mentor and on-screen duet partner. She had actually agreed to star on his TV program, The Porter Wagoner Show, for 5 years and had done so with an excellent success — yet she was prepared to go the end on her own and make her very own career. Unfortunately, Porter wasn"t ready to watch her go, and they to be butting heads end the decision.


"There was a lot of grief and also heartache there, and he just wasn"t listening come my thinking for my going," Dolly said CMT ago in 2011. "I thought, "Well, why don"t you carry out what you execute best? Why don"t you just write this song?"... So ns went home and out of a really emotional location in me at that time, I created the song, "I Will constantly Love You.""

The following day, armed with her new song, Dolly walked ago into the office and asked Porter if he could hear her the end for minute. She sang "I Will constantly Love You" come him — and Porter was get rid of with emotion.


"He began crying," Dolly said the Tennessean in 2015. "When ns finished, the said, "Well, hell! If you feel that strong about it, simply go ~ above — offering I acquire to develop that record since that"s the ideal song you ever wrote.""

From there, the rest was history: Dolly eventually left the show, and Porter developed her next record, Jolene, v "I Will always Love You" ~ above the monitor list. The song came to be the multiple-time No. 1 hit we understand it as today, and Dolly and also Porter even went top top to execute it with each other at a special Grand Ole Opry show. She also reportedly sang it come Porter one final time, on the day the he passed away in 2007.

In the end, Dolly states "I Will constantly Love You" represents she desire to make it clean to Porter just how much she cared about and evaluate him, also though it was time for she to leaving the show.

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"It"s saying, "Just due to the fact that I"m walking don"t typical I won"t love you," she called CMT. "I appreciate you and I expect you do great and i appreciate whatever you"ve done, but I"m the end of here.""

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