CBS will certainly air Dolly Parton"s new holiday tv special A Holly Dolly Christmas in early on December.

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Dolly Parton Announces brand-new CBS Holiday distinct A Holly Dolly Christmas
Dolly Parton is coming house for the holidays once again, as CBS television Network has announced the legendary singer and actress will star in a brand-new Christmas tv special following month. Aptly called A Holly Dolly Christmas, the hourlong special will wait on Sunday, Dec. 6 on CBS and its streaming company CBS every Access. Per the press release, the one-of-a-kind will see Parton "performing native an intimate, candlelit set" and administer "much-needed joy and holiday cheer in ~ the end of this complicated year."

"I to be so proud to it is in a component of the CBS household this vacation season with my brand-new Christmas special," Parton stated of the news.

"When Dolly Parton calls and also tells you she desires to do a Christmas show, friend don"t hesitate," Jack Sussman, executive vice president of specials, music and live Events/alternative and also reality because that CBS, additionally said in a statement. "A special with the multi-Grammy Award-winning, prolific songwriting, epic live demonstrate of all time? She had us in ~ hello. There"s only one Dolly Parton, and also we space so excited to be bringing her to viewers this vacation season."

As because that what viewers deserve to expect to view in the A Holly Dolly Christmas special, one official description states the the famous singer will lug "both powerful, faith-filled hymns and light-hearted holiday standards to viewers, sharing an individual Christmas stories and faith-based recollections that the season."

Parton has actually been placed a lot of of focus on the holiday season in years past, however she"s yes, really going all out for the occasion in 2020. Just last month, she exit her first holiday album in 30 years, also titled A Holly Dolly Christmas. It serves as her third Christmas album, complying with the prior releases the Once ~ above a Christmas v Kenny Rogers and Home because that Christmas. The new album functions guest appearances from various other stars including Miley Cyrus, Billy beam Cyrus, Willie Nelson, Jimmy Fallon, and Michael Bublé.

Meanwhile, Parton will likewise star in a new Christmas movie because that Netflix which is collection to release on the streamer later on this month. Called Christmas on the Square, the movie stars Parton as an angel who helps guide a small town "Scrooge" (Christine Baranski) top top a musical trip of redemption top top Christmas Eve. In addition to featuring Parton in a lead role, Christmas on the Square will likewise include 14 original songs through the singer. The movie will begin streaming on Netflix top top Nov. 22, and an main trailer has actually previously to be released.

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In addition to she Christmas music, Parton has likewise appeared in numerous holiday tv specials. That consists of Kenny & Dolly: A Christmas come Remember v Kenny Rogers, A nation Christmas Story, and director Henry Winkler"s classic holiday movie A Smoky mountain Christmas. More recently, Parton starred in the NBC one-of-a-kind Dolly Parton"s Christmas of numerous Colors: one of Love, a holiday-themed sequel come Dolly Parton"s cloak of numerous Colors. A Holly Dolly Christmas will certainly air top top Sunday, Dec. 6 at 8:30 p.m. ET and 8 p.m. PT ~ above CBS and CBS every Access.